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My name is Anna and I have been blending green smoothies for over 3 years. In fact, here is a picture of the drink I made with a Nutribullet blender.

nutribullet smoothie example

In the past, my only experience with juicing was trying wheat grass from a juicer at a health foods store. I guess wheat grass is really healthy for you, but it tasted awful so I never had it again.

I was a little intimidated by those expensive juicers. To be honest, I always disliked the taste of V8 vegetable juice, so I assumed that all vegetable juice from juicers tasted like V8.

Then I had a family member who was using a Magic bullet blender that they bought after watching an infomercial. They showed me what they were doing with the Magic bullet and how easy it was to use/clean.

The selling point for me was that the stuff actually tasted good.

I did some research and found the Nutribullet was stronger and offered more variety than a Magic bullet, so I bought one (Here is the Nutribullet model that I like).

Here is a picture of original blade after probably 1,000+ uses (It was wet in the picture because I had just washed it after using it)

nutribullet blender blade

Anyways, I was hooked on healthy smoothies and felt great. I also realized how many other uses there are for blenders besides just smoothies. Many people don’t realize how many amazing healthy recipes you can make with blenders. If you have never made a green smoothie then read my overview article.

I probably over-researched blenders (and juicers) and compared them all when I was trying to figure out what to buy, so I put together this site to share what I found. I now own and have personally tried multiple blenders and juicers.

If you want a solid, easy to use, and reliable solution for personal blender then go with a Nutribullet or Ninja.

If you want a countertop blender then take a look at the blender articles I listed below to help you decide based on your budget and blending needs. Blender prices will generally determine power, reliability, and what capabilities you can do with blender. High performance blenders will be able to handle making more than just smoothies like soups, nut butter, and frozen drinks.

No matter what blender you decide on, the best advice is to just get started. Blending is a great way to get healthy servings of raw vegetables and fruits that most of us don’t get enough of. This is especially true for kids that are picky eaters).

If you are looking for a blender, here are some useful guides:

Thoughts on Juicing – I eventually started juicing too but I prefer blending. I use this juicer which is easy to use and easy to clean. If you are trying to decide about juicing versus blending then read this Juicing vs. Blending article. In general, juicing is great for more concentrated greens and vitamins but smoothies(blending) is better for meal replacement, long-term weight loss, and has more versatility for ingredients.

Thanks for reading.

– Anna