Nutribullet Lean Review: Discover the Pro’s and Con’s

If you are confused when comparing Nutribullet blenders and trying to understand if the new Nutribullet Lean will help you achieve your weight loss goals, then this Nutribullet lean review is written for you.

We have used Nutribullet blenders for years and are interested in any changes they were introducing with the new Lean blender model and diet plan.

What is Nutribullet ?

In 2016 Nutribullet introduced its fourth variation of the popular Nutribullet blender product line called the LEAN model.

We have written about the other Nutribullet models in the past but this post will focus on the new Nutribullet LEAN blender and its lean 7 day transformation plan.

From the start, Nutribullet blenders have been popular (over 20million blenders sold) because they simplify how to make healthy smoothies. The biggest reason that many people repeatedly fail at losing weight is because the plan is either too hard to implement or it requires too much change.

In the original product line, Nutribullet successfully addressed the common diet failure issues with an easy to use product and easy to make healthy recipes that taste good.

The goal with the “LEAN” product was to try to simplify those steps even more by color coding the ingredient amounts on the cup, providing step-by-step meals plans, and adding extra accessories like portion control templates.

While there have been many people that have had amazing success with the original Nutribullet blenders, Nutribullet wanted to release a blender that has the best features of their existing blenders and combine it with a complete step-by-step program which it calls the Nutribullet LEAN system.

LEAN Blender vs. Other Nutribullet Blenders

Nutribullet lean reviewNutribullet lean reviewNutribullet originally started with its low price magic bullet blender. It then added the stronger Nutribullet product line based on customer feedback and to compete with the power of the more expensive blender brands like Vitamix and Blendtec.

The LEAN blender is a combination of popular features from their two prior top Nutribullet models, the 900 Pro and the Rx Model. The Lean blender’s 1200 watt power is between the 900 Pro(900 watt) and Rx Model (1700 watt) with the same 32oz capacity of the Nutribullet 900 Pro. The Lean blender removes the “Heat” feature of the Rx but kept the hands off autoblend technology.

The unique selling feature of the LEAN blender vs. other Nutribullet blenders is that the Lean has a new feature called Precision Nutrient Extraction which automatically does three short pulses and two regular pules followed by one long “extraction” blending period. The company said this feature unlocks the fullest potential of the ingredients.

What Is the Nutribullet LEAN Program ?

The Nutribullet team claims to have put together a team of health experts to figure out the optimal way to lose weight effectively and keep it off.

You can watch the infomercial but it talks alot about a “weight loss code” and that the code can tell your body to stop storing fat and start burning it.

Honestly, The “weight loss code” is just fancy marketing for saying you have to eat a proper diet with the right foods and portions to achieve optimal weight loss. Not sure if that is a secret but it is the right approach to losing weight vs. the majority of weight loss programs out there. The goal of LEAN program is to make healthy eating EASY To follow so people don’t quit !

The LEAN program starts with following their 7 Day Transformation Plan which is a little book that explains how the plan works and lays out all the Nutribullet lean recipes and specifics that you will need to follow the program.

The daily weight loss plan involves :

1. Drinking two “Microblast” smoothies a day which work like meal replacements. A microblast is like a green “super” smoothie that combines an optimal nutritional mix of vegetables, fruits, protein & fats(like nuts), and “boosts”. The “Macroblast” recipe is like their traditional Nutribullet blender recipes but adds the “Nutribullet Lean boost” powder.

The “LEAN” boost powder is a blend of 3 components that they claim helps with weight weight loss. The 3 components are: 1)organic vegan blend of plant proteins, 2) Thermogenic “fat burning” ingredients and 3) prebiotic fiber for digestion. (See ingredients image below)

2. Eat one “Portion perfect” meal using their plate portion template and following their Nutribullet LEAN recipes.

3. “Code-friendly” snacks up to twice a day. You can use the 18oz short cup that is provided to make snacks like hummus and salsa.

We all know that diet, not exercise, is the biggest factor for losing weight and keeping it off. In fact, the exercise component of the Nutribullet lean plan is just simply walking 20 minutes a day.

Lean Boost Ingredients & Nutrition Facts
Lean Boost Ingredients

What You get in Nutribullet LEAN

  • 2 32oz Macroblast cups with ingredient levels printed on outside of cup.Nutribullet Portion Control Plate
  • 1200 watt LEAN blender with automated Precision Nutrient Extraction function.
  • Reusable food portion divider for your meals.
  • LEAN App* for recipes and grocery shopping list (It will organize your meals and shopping list for the week).
  • NutriBullet LEAN book called “7-Day Transformation Plan”
  • Measuring spoons for 1.Healthy fats(like oils, nut butters, and seeds) and 2. Boosts like protein powders or Macroblast
  • 1 Month supply(2 tubs) of LEAN Boost : 1 tub is 30 servings so if you use 2 servings a day(1 scoop for each Macroblast) then you would need 2 tubs a month
    * The app is for LEAN program owners only-It will request the serial # from your LEAN blender to activate the app.
Nutribullet Portion Control Plate

                        Nutribullet Portion Control Plate

Negatives of Nutribullet LEAN Program

Yes, the infomercial uses fancy marketing jargon like “exclusive MacroBlast Technology and “Weight Loss Code” but the concept is similar to what you can already do with the other Nutribullet models.

The main negative is that you will get enrolled in an autoship purchase program for their LEAN Boost powder which costs $39 a tub and you could use up to 2 tubs a month if you use 2 scoops of Boost powder a day. That cost is higher than buyer typical protein powders but Boost powder does contain a wider variety of ingredients.

Overall, the initial cost of LEAN program with blender is a fair price for the features it offers in relation to the other Nutribullet models. The LEAN boost powder isn’t required and the cost of it is comparable to other supplements or diet programs that have monthly fees.


Nutribullet has taken all the feedback from past customers and they packaged up a complete weight loss system so that people have less chance of failing.

Honestly, it is a solid program and thousands of people have had success using nutribullet blenders for improved health.

Yes, the LEAN blender has a unique feature for automatically blending that their other blenders don’t have and you can do the same recipes with their other blenders. The big benefit of the LEAN program is that the simplified healthy eating plan they provide so that you can lose weight and keep it off.

Overall, if you already have a Nutribullet then you can replicate your eating to what they suggest with the LEAN program without the need to buy another Nutribullet blender.

If you are new to blending and making smoothies and want to lose weight then the LEAN program is a great start. You will get a solid step-by-step plan to follow for successful weight loss and a great blender for the price. You can always the cancel the autoship boost powder if the costs is too high for you.

For slightly less we still highly recommend the Nutribullet 900 that comes with a comprehensive recipe book with similar drinks to what is in theLEAN plan but is a slighly weaker motor with no autoblend feature that the LEAN blender has.

Overall, the Nutribullet LEAN is a great product with a solid diet plan that can help you realistically achieve your weight loss and health goals.

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