Nutribullet Replacement Parts – Where to Get Them ?

nutribullet replacement parts

If you are reading this post then I assume you already own a Nutribullet blender and just need Nutribullet replacement parts or new accessories.

In this article I explain the best places to buy each Nutribullet replacement part, how to avoid counterfeits, and which parts work for each specific Nutribullet blender model.

The common replacement parts that people look for are either Nutribullet rubber ring washers or replacement cups. If you need to replace the motor base then I would suggest checking first with Nutibullet about warranty. The current warranty on Nutribullet blenders is 1 year.

Where to Buy Nutribullet Replacement Parts ?

Most retailers only sell the entire Nutribullet blender set and not the separate Nutribullet parts. If you look online for parts, most websites say to only buy on Amazon because those websites get a commission for recommending Amazon.

While I also participate in the Amazon partner program and get a small commission, I don’t think Amazon is the best place to buy every part. In this article I explain the best place to buy each Nutribullet replacement part based on my research. Note – I don’t have any relationship with Nutribullet so any links to Nutribullet’s website is because they offer a better price on specific parts or they are the only one to sell an authentic replacement part.

WARNING – There are many non-authentic Nutribullet parts that are being sold online so you have no idea if they are made to Nutribullet’s safety standards or if they even fit properly. This is why I don’t recommend Ebay because it is hard to see actual reviews from customers who bought the products and many ebay sellers are based in China selling non-authentic Nutribullet parts which can be untested and made with poor materials.

Nutribullet Rubber Seals

Nutribullet replacement seals are the rubber rings found in the blade base assembly. You have to make sure you are getting the right seal because not all blade bases are the same size.

Unfortunately, Nutribullet does not sell the replacement gaskets without having to a buy a whole new blade assembly. I was told that the reason that Nutribullet doesn’t sell replacement gaskets is because rubber gaskets are not to be user installed and therefore they only sell the blade. It is kind of a silly statement because anyone who has a Nutribullet blender knows that they should remove the gasket every so often for cleaning.

Rubber gaskets are pretty simple to make so there are now companies that sell inexpensive Nutribullet replacement rubber seals. The reviews can be mixed about these replacement washers. The main complaint from reviews is the gaskets can be little tighter than original Nutribullet gaskets. To be fair, some of the negative reviews I believe were using the wrong washer with their blade assembly. See my explanation below.

The Nutribullet 600 and 900 pro models have the same diameter and base so the blades and cups are technically interchangeable. The gaskets can be different depending on how old your blender is. Nutribullet sells a 600 blade gasket with a rectangular shape and no lip on the gasket . Whereas the 900 Pro and some prior versions of the 600 have a gasket with a lip (Look at your washer/blade to determine what you need). See comparison picture below :

Nutribullet Replacement Rubber Gaskets

You can try getting a replacement gasket on amazon for a couple dollars or buy a new blade assembly from Nutribullet for about $15.

An even better option is a deal I saw on Amazon where Amazon is directly selling Nutribullet’s popular Deluxe Upgrade kit which includes 1 extractor blade, 1 24oz cup, & 18oz cup for the same price that Nutribullet is selling 1 extractor blade.

If you decide to buy the replacement gasket on Amazon, here are the best listings I could find based on user reviews and answers to customer questions :

TIP – Make sure you clean your gasket every couple uses to prevent food debris from building up under the washer. You can quickly pry the washer up with a butter knife. Some people complain about the RX model washer coming out but if you read the directions they explain you should use the tightening tool that comes with the blender to keep the washer firmly in place.

Nutribullet Replacement Cups

If you are buying Nutribullet cups MAKE SURE they are authentic. Nutribullet cups are made with a high-strength BPA-free Tritan plastic that is safety tested. I have seen knock-off cups being sold online and I recommend that YOU DO NOT buy those.

Understanding Nutribullet Cups

The Nutribullet cups are NOT all interchangeable among all models. The standard cups will work with the Nutribullet 600 and 900 Pro models but the 600 has a smaller blade so it is intended to work with the smaller 24oz Tall and 18oz Short cups. The 900 Pro has a stronger motor which is why they make a 32oz “Collosal” cup for the 900 Pro(You can also use the 24oz and 18oz cups with the 900 Pro). You can technically fit the Collossal cup on the smaller Nutribullet 600 model but the motor might not be strong enough to blend that amount of ingredients (depends on the ingredients).

Replacement Cups for Nutribullet 600 / Nutribullet 900 Pro **

  • The best deal for replacement cups is this one at Amazon which includes 18oz “Short” cup / 24oz “Tall” cup / 1 extractor blade and cup lips. This Nutribullet cup and blade bundle is sold directly by Amazon for a much better price than buying direct from Nutribullet. This is essentially the cup sizes you get with the Nutribullet 600 model but they work with the 900 Pro too.
  • Nutribullet 32oz Collossal Replacement Cup(intended for 900 Pro model but does work on 600 model)

** The above cups also work with Nutribullet Sport and Nutribullet University Pro models

Nutribullet RX replacement cups

Nutribullet RX cups DO NOT WORK with the other models because the Nutribullet RX has a more powerful motor than the other models so it has a larger blade and wider cups. (Nutribullet has authentic Rx replacement cups for the best price that I could find)

Rx 45ox Oversize cup

Rx Soupblast Replacement cup (doesn’t include base)

Magic Bullet replacement Cups –

2 Short Cups These are actual Magic Bullet cups on Amazon(not knockoffs)

Nutribullet Replacement Blades

Nutribullet recommends replacing your extractor blade every 6 months for optimal performance but that seems a little extreme to me. I have never heard any anyone complaining about their blades being dull ?

Personally, I have used the same blades for 3 years and never had a problem so it really depends on what you are blending. Buying a replacement blade is pretty simple and you just have to look at the blender model you have.

The main extractor blades look similar for the Nutribullet 600 and 900 because they have the same diameter but the 900 blade has the bent blades to work as both a blending blade and a milling blade. Whereas the Nutribullet 600 extractor blade is designed for blending and they provide a separate milling blade.

Compare Nutribullet replacement blades

The 600 and 900 motor base are the same diameter and 4inch diameter blades can work for both the 600 and 900 models but Nutribullet recommends only using the style blade that comes with the blender model you buy.

The 900 blade is meant to work with the 900 model’s motor but I doubt you would have any performance issues using the blades interchangeably between the 600 and 900 models. You might have a harder time milling some ingredients with the 600 model if you are trying to mill with the 900 extractor blade(shown in the picture above) rather than just using the milling blade that comes with the 600 model.

Nutribullet extractor blade Best deal is on Amazon because you get the blade with 2 cups for about same price as buying just the blade elsewhere. Works for 600 and 900 models.

Milling Blade – Works for Nutribullet 600 and Nutribullet 900 Pro. Best price I found was on Nutribullet website.

Nutribullet RX replacement Blade  (best price on Nutribullet website)


My intent with this article is to save you time and money searching around for authentic Nutribullet parts. I hope you found this article helpful and I will update this article if I see any changes in availability or pricing.

If you find any deals on Nutribullet parts or have any questions then please comment below.

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Arrie Percentie

I need the’s broken. I tried to breakup ice. It’s made ofplastic.
I just start to love it.

    Anna Powell

    Hello Arrie, sorry to hear about your problem. If you are talking about the connection disc in the base that is attached to the motor then you can’t replace that. I’ve never heard of that part breaking. If you just want a new blade base then get an official blade either from Nutribullet website or Amazon also directly sells the Nutribullet Blade and Cup as a package(here is link). In the future, don’t crush ice with a Nutribullet without liquid(They say that in all their directions).

Candice Lewis

Hi, the Base of my nutri bullet just makes noise, smokes and moves slow. Can I get it repair, replace or do I have too buy a new one? This is my best everyday kitchen gadget and I do miss it . Can you help me please?

    Anna Powell

    Hi Candice. If you have it longer than a 1 year then you might be out of luck as 1 year is Nutribullet’s warranty. Did you call Nutribullet and ask? From your description it sounds like it is the base making the noise and not the blade assembly that is attached the cup. Since it is smoking them I would stop using it. I am not sure it is worth the cost to repair.

    I usually suggest buying blenders with an inexpensive extended warranty as blenders overall(unless its a Vitamix or Blendtec which has long full coverage warranties from manufacturer) has one of the highest instances of problems since they are creating so much friction with the parts and motors when trying to liquifying ingredients.

    I would try Nutribullet directly and if they can’t repair it(out of warranty) then you will need a new one. (Try to get a low cost extended warranty if you can. Amazon has some cheap ones from SquareTrade).


I need help where I could get nutribullet rx parts motor side

    Anna Powell

    Hi Zaghi, I am not aware of anyone that sells motor parts for the Rx. You can see if Nutribullet will replace/repair it since its is the motor


Do you know if the top-loading blender attachment from the Max will fit on the Pro base?

    Anna Powell

    Hi Shelley, Yes I am pretty sure they are interchangeable but I would double check with Nutribullet on that.

Simone Schwartz

AWESOME info, thanks for yr effort in putting this together

Simone Schwartz

I went to link for replacement cups you suggested but way too many bad reviews, quite disappointed so I definitely wont be ordering as too far

    Anna Powell

    Hi Simone, which cup specifically had bad reviews ? thanks, Anna

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