Best Blender Food Processor Combo in 2017

Best Blender Food Processor Combo

We review a lot of blenders and noticed there has been a growing demand for blenders that not only puree but also offer food processing. Consumers like the idea of having an all-in-one blender food processor combo appliance that will save time, money, and take up less kitchen space. In this blender food processor review […]

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Best Personal Blender Review – 2017 Guide

Best Personal Blender

Welcome to our complete guide to finding the best personal blender for your needs. Personal blenders which are also commonly referred to as “Single-Serve Blenders” have become the fastest growing segment of the blender appliance category in the last decade due to the popularity of healthy smoothies. This is a comprehensive overview of the top […]

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5 Smoothies for IBS and Low FODMAP Smoothie Ingredients

Low Fodmap IBS Smoothie Recipes

Drinking healthy smoothies are a great to sooth digestion issues especially if you suffer from IBS. Using a smoothie recipe with specific low foodmap ingredients can improve nutrient absorption in the digestive system and improve overall digestive health. FODMAPs are a set of identified carbohydrates and restricting their use in diet gives relief to people […]

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Breville Boss To Go Review – Is It the Top Personal Blender ?

Breville Boss To Go Review

Breville makes some great kitchen appliance products and they entered into the personal blender market in 2016 with its sleek looking Breville Boss To Go BPB600BAL Kinetix Blade and Bowl System. It has a sleek design and solid feel to it, but the big question is how does the Breville Boss personal blender perform ? […]

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Hamilton Beach DrinkMaster Review – The Classic Mixer

Hamilton Beach Drinkmaster Review

Many people are drawn to the Hamilton Beach DrinkMaster because of its cool retro look, but the big question is if it provides good performance for the price compared to other blenders on the market?   In this Hamilton Beach Drinkmaster review, I analyze whether this drink mixer is a good buy or a pass. […]

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Finding the Best Mason Jar Blender in 2017

Mason Jar Blender review

You’ve probably seen an article or a Pinterest post about using Mason jars with your blender for small jobs or for taking your smoothie on the go. Yes, there are some blenders that will fit mason jars which I will get into in a minute. If fact, old Oster blenders used to include a mason […]

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Jamba Quiet Shield Blender Review 2017

Jamba Quiet Shield Blender review

The Jamba Quiet Shield Blender is advertised as “big on power and small on noise” but does it live up to its promise? It is a newer blender brand and seems to offer nice features for the price but how does it perform ? In this Jamba Quiet Shield blender review, I will detail all […]

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Best Quiet Blender on the Market 2017

Quietest Blender

Are there any good quiet blenders on the market ? As the speed and power of blenders has increased over the years, many people are having a hard time finding a quiet blender. Noise definitely is a concern if you live in an apartment or make smoothies early in the morning before others are awake. […]

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