Nutribullet 600 vs. Nutribullet Pro 900 vs. Nutribullet RX Review

We have personally used Nutribullet blenders for over 7 years so we can offer our experiences in comparing the Nutribullet 600 vs Nutribullet Pro 900 vs Nutribullet RX 1700 to help you decide on the best Nutribullet to buy.

Nutribullet 600 vs 900 vs Rx Comparison

2024 Update – Since we originally wrote this post, Nutribullet has introduced multiple new models which we have reviewed on this website.

Despite all these new Nutribullet models, we believe that consumers should focus their decision making on the 3 Nutribullet models that we review below because they continue to be best sellers for Nutribullet with 1000’s of reviews. Our top Nutribullet choice (900 Pro) has not changed.

The reason why we continue to stick with the 900 Pro as our favorite Nutribullet model is because it offers a nice balance of size, power, and versatility for making not only smoothies but also dips, dressings, and grinding nuts and seeds. Also Nutribullet keeps introducing and discontinuing their new models in recent years which makes it very difficult to get replacement parts and accessories.  Whereas, the 3 models that we review below continue to be top sellers after many years and you can easily get replacement cups and blades. OK, let’s get to the reviews…

Nutribullet 900 Review – #1 Top Pick

Nutribullet Pro 900 Review - Comparison of Nutribullet blendersPositives: This model was designed to improve blending and pureeing that some felt the original Nutribullet 600w model lacked. It offers a higher strength 900 watt motor with higher RPMs allowing it to blend ingredients to a better consistency. The PRO Extractor blade design and higher 900 watts of power allow you to mill dry ingredients without the need for a separate milling blade.

Besides the higher strength motor, this model comes with the new PRO extractor blade that integrates the extractor blade and milling blade into one blade. Also the Nutribullet Pro has a larger 32oz capacity.

Negatives: There were some initial complaints years ago with leaking which was fixed with the new base/blade design. The added power makes it noticeably louder than the Nutribullet 600 model and it isn’t designed to blend ice without liquid.

Overall Opinion: After 7 years years of extensive use, the Nutribullet 900 remains our top choice for performance and price. It is the most popular Nutribullet model with very high review ratings among consumers. It continues to be a top choice in multiple independent blender tests for personal size blenders. 

While it isn’t the most powerful Nutribullet blender, the 900 compact size offers plenty of power and versatility for making smoothies, grinding nuts, and various food prep activities. It is a very versatile blender with a high-strength motor than can compete with larger, more expensive blenders. The 32-ounce container is a good size for holding enough raw ingredients to make larger, meal replacement drinks.

For ease of use, compact size, and versatility the Pro 900 blender is a great choice as a single serve blender and offers “the best bang for the buck”. Despite all the different new Nutribullet models, it is still our favorite Nutribullet blender model.

-> Click here for Nutribullet Pro 900 Current Price

Nutribullet 600 Review

Nutribullet 600 Review - Compare Nutribullet modelsPositives: Less noise than the other models but still offers a strong motor and adequate power for most uses. Slightly cheaper than the 900 Pro. It is the only Nutribullet model that comes with a separate milling blade for grinding dry ingredients like nuts, oats, and spices.

Negatives: The 600 watt motor is less powerful than the other Nutribullet models which can affect the consistency of some smoothies depending on the ingredients. It can have a harder time blending out blackberry seeds versus the stronger Nutribullet 900 or Rx models. It comes with a 24oz jar but the 32oz jar (not included) works fine on this blender.

Overall Opinion: The 600 model is the least powerful of the Nutribullet models and the lowest cost. Overall, it is a good model and an upgrade from the popular Magic Bullet blender series. The milling blade is excellent and this blender does a good job blending smoothies.

Some users prefer the stronger motor of the 900 or RX models but the 600 is stronger than other single serve blender brands and still has very good overall reviews. A good blender for the price. The only drawback for some users is the 600 model’s capacity is limited to 24oz. It is a great choice for making small smoothies(makes about a pint glass of finished smoothie) and food prep.

-> Click here for Nutribullet 600 Current Price

Nutribullet Rx Review

Nutribullet RX Review - Comparison of Nutribullet blendersPositives: Very powerful 1700 watt motor that can turn almost any raw ingredient into purified form quite quickly. Larger, heavy-duty build compared to the other Nutribullet models. Its power almost competes with the more expensive Vitamix personal blender S30. The key unique feature of the Nutribullet Rx is its built-in heater to create soups. The Rx uses a pre-programmed blend cycle.

Negatives: It is louder and we personally didn’t like the pre-programmed feature. We like having control of how long we want to blend it and only found the AutoBlend useful for specific smoothies. The Rx has plenty of power for smoothies but we don’t find it as useful for other blending tasks because of the size and autoblend settings. There are some complaints are about the blade gasket getting chewed up by the blade and some felt it wasn’t designed well for how strong the motor is. Also, the Rx model does carry a higher price.

Overall Opinion: The Nutribullet Rx model (Model N17-1001) was created to be a hands-free, high speed smoothie blender. Its blending power is intended to compete with more expensive blenders and some users might like the convenience of making healthy soups with it but not sure how effective the heating function is. Also we don’t like heating up ingredients in plastic containers.  It is very powerful for blending smoothies and continues to get good reviews but we prefer the 900 due to size, simple controls, and better versatility.

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Nutribullet 600Nutribullet 900Nutribullet Rx
Capacity24 oz32 oz45 oz
# of SpeedsSingleSingleSingle
Warranty1 year1 year1 year
Unique FeatureBasic model includes milling bladeLarger capacity and speed than 600 modelHeating function and has a pitcher.

Our Personal Choice?

We personally chose the Nutribullet Pro 900 due to its motor strength, reasonable price and the fact that it doesn’t have any preset blending functions that can break.  The Nutribullet 900 is our top choice among small blenders on the market based on performance and price.

The smaller Nutribullet 600 is also a great choice at a lower price with plenty of power for smoothies but a smaller 24oz container.

Reader Tip – We have never had a problem with our Nutribullet blenders but you can get a very low-cost 3-year appliance warranty plan on if you are concerned about your blender breaking.

Still trying to decide on the Nutribullet 600 vs 900 ? Watch our demonstration video :

YouTube video

For more details

Continue reading below to learn more about specific models…

Are Nutribullet Accessories Interchangeable Between Models ?

The cups and blades for the 600, 900 Pro and many of the newer models are all interchangeable EXCEPT THE Rx model. The cups and base for the Rx model are not interchangeable with the other models because the diameter of the Rx base is larger.

The Milling blade only comes with the 600 model because of the power of the 600. You can technically use the milling blade on the 900 but the Pro Extractor blade is designed to replace the milling blade. The Pro Extractor blade can be used on any of the standard size models like the 600 and 900.

Regarding the cups, the motor strength of each model will determine the cup capacity. The max cup size for the 600 model is the 24oz tall cup because of the 600 watt motor. Whereas the 900 watt models and stronger can all handle the larger 32oz colossal cups. The RX has a 45oz capacity.

New Blade Design

Nutribullet introduced the Pro 900 with a new Extractor Pro Blade which combines the functionality of the milling blade and the extractor blade (see picture below). The higher power of the 900 eliminates the need for a separate milling blade.

There are some old comments online about leaks and strength of blade on the original Nutribullet blade design from years ago. Nutribullet has refined its design and blade assembly over the years that addressed those potential issues but it is important to make sure you don’t overfill the cup and check that the blade base is screwed on securely to prevent leaks.

Nutribullet 600 vs 900 Pro blade

nutribullet 900 washer

Washer Blade Issue

Some users have experienced the Nutribullet blade washer coming out after use sometimes. The rubber washer fits snugly so it won’t usually come out on its own but sometimes it does when you remove the lid after using the machine. (See picture to the right)

Personally, it was never a problem for me because I would use a flat butter knife to take the washer out every so often to clean any potential dried food.

The picture on the right shows what our washer looked like after a couple uses before washing by hand. You can see the little green residue from vegetables after using it. It is no big deal and takes 5 seconds to clean it in hot water. TIP – If you rinse the blade thoroughly right after blending it usually removes the residue.

Consumer Reports Nutribullet Confusion

Consumer Reports conducted an test in early 2014 on the Nutribullet 900 where they broke the blade crushing ice and said do not buy it. In prior years the Nutribullet has passed the Consumer Reports durability tests with no issues and Nutribullet claimed they hadn’t received any broken blade complaints after selling them for years so they weren’t sure why Consumer Reports had issue with the blade. Also, Nutribullet emphasized that they don’t market their blenders for crushing ice without liquids or other ingredients.

In September 2016, Consumer Reports retested the Nutribullet Pro 900 doing a stress test crushing 7 large ice cubes 45 times to simulate rigorous use and found that the Nutribullet passed. They found that the newer Nutribullet 900 blades are thicker and improved.

Overall, the stress test is beyond what normal use would be for the Nutribullet blender but Nutribullet 900 passed. Nutribullet says that their blenders are not intended for crushing ice only and that ice should be blended with liquid and not be more than 25% of total ingredients (Make sure to read the user instructions when you get the blender).

Side note – If you are looking to buy a Nutribullet replacement blade later on, make sure you only buy authentic parts. Do not buy from a 3rd party company that makes a “Nutribullet compatible blade”.

For additional comparison of the 3 Nutribullet models(600/900/Rx) you can read through the details below.

More Questions ? visit our Nutribullet Questions and Answers guide

Click to read note about Nutribullet Lawsuit

November 2017 – There was news in 2017 about a lawsuit against Nutribullet from some users that we want all our readers to be aware off. The news says the Nutribullet containers caused ingredients to overheat which resulted in the jar bursting and injuring some customers. The articles state that Nutribullet claims it is from misuse and the company has sold more than 40 million blenders worldwide without this issue. Nutribullet commented this issue is “contrary to the hundreds of millions of uses by satisfied NutriBullet customers worldwide”. Since this lawsuit was announced nothing has changed from Nutribullet in regards to their product design and major retailers continue to sell them.

We will continue to use our Nutribullet blender and have always followed the usage guidelines without any issues after 6 years. If you feel that you want to evaluate alternative blenders then take a look at Ninja versus Nutribullet comparison article.

We will continue to update this post if anything changes. 

AUTHOR NOTE – For any blender you buy make sure you read the instructions and warnings for proper use. Blenders operate at high speeds which creates friction that results in heat. High powered blenders like Vitamix can even create hot soups from cold ingredients from this friction and therefore are designed to run for longer blending cycles. Many blenders state you should never put hot ingredients in the blender because it creates pressure. Also you don’t want to overblend which can cause overheating. Nutribullet’s instructions state to not run more than 1 minute consecutively and to never use any hot ingredients. 

Nutribullet 600 vs 900 vs Rx Comparison


1. Simple Operation : All three models have the same design and use the same procedure for blending. A slight difference with the Rx is that it uses pre-programmed hands free timing so you aren’t supposed to hold it(it made us a little nervous though).

To start off, put all your ingredients in the blending cup and seal it up by firmly screwing on the blade attachment.

To start blending, you have to push the cup down towards the base and twist to lock it in. As soon as you apply pressure on the cup, the motor starts spinning the blades. The blending stops as soon as you let go.

If you want to let the blender work on its own, press down and twist the cup to lock. If you want the blending to stop, simply twist the cup in the opposite direction to release the lock.

2. Powerful Blades: All three models have one speed setting but have different RPM (rotations per minute) capabilities.

3. Versatile: All Nutribullet blenders can shred, blend, grind and chop all kinds of food and ingredients.

4. Easy to Clean: All cups have a wide mouth and are dishwasher safe. The base can be hand wiped and blades, hand washed.

5. Leak Proof: The cups and lids are designed to prevent spillage.

6. Durable Material: The cups and lids are made of BPA-free plastic which is microwave safe.


1. Motor Power:

  • Nutribullet 600 comes with 600-watt / .8 horsepower motor than can produce 20,000 rotations per minute.
  • Nutribullet Pro 900 comes with a 900-watt / 1.2 horsepower motor that produces 25,000 rotations per minute.
  • Nutribullet RX comes with a 1,700-watt / 2.3 horsepower motor than can produce 30,000 rotations per minute.

The more number of rotations a blade can do in a minute, the finer and smoother the texture of the liquefied food will be. This can make a noticeable difference depending on the person’s taste and ingredients.

On the contrary, the higher the wattage, the greater the electric consumption will be. But, considering that blending only takes a few seconds, this factor is negligible.

Nutribullet 600 vs 900 Noise ? A common question we get is noise level. Generally, the more powerful the motor the louder the noise. The 900 motor has a higher pitch noise level versus the 600 but it isn’t typically an issue for users and is similar to other blenders with that power. Noise level starts in the high-80 DB levels for Nutribullet blenders.

2. Capacity:

  • Nutribullet 600 has a 24-ouce capacity.
  • Nutribullet Cup CapacityNutribullet Pro 900 has a 32-ounce capacity.
  • Nutribullet RX has a 45-ounce capacity.

In terms of capacity, the Nutribullet 600 was designed for a single serving. The Nutribullet Pro 900 as a double serving(or meal replacement smoothie). And, Nutribullet RX is family size.

3. Accessories:

The Nutribullet accessories that go along with the blenders differ from version to version. Here are the detailed lists.

Nutribullet 600 is a 12-piece set with all these things included in its box:

  • One Power Base with a 600-Watt Motor
  • One 24-Ounce Jar
  • One 18-Ounce Jar with Handle
  • One 18-Ounce Jar without Handle
  • One Milling Blade
  • One Extractor Blade
  • One Lip Ring with Handle
  • Two Lip Rings without Handle
  • Two Re-Sealable Lids
  • One User Guide and Recipe Book
  • One Pocket Nutritionist

Nutribullet Pro 900 is a 13-piece set with these things included:

  • One Power Base with 900-Watt Motor
  • One Extractor Blade
  • Two Flip Top to go Lids
  • Two 32-Ounce Colossal Cups
  • Two Handled Lip Rings
  • Two Regular Comfort Lip Rings
  • One User Manual/Cook book
  • One Pocket Guide containing glossary of few ingredients, detailing their nutritional content, health benefits, seasonality, and preparation requirements.
  • One Recipe Book
2022 UPDATE The Nutribullet Pro 13-Piece Set is the most popular (Click here for current pricing). Some retailers still sell other variations like the 9-piece set(model  NB9-0901), 13-piece set(model  NB9-1301), or 15-piece set(model NB9-1501) but the 13 piece set is the most popular.

Nutribullet RX is a 10-piece set with the following inclusions:

  • One High Torque Motor Base (1700-Watts)
  • One 45-Ounce Oversized Jar with Handle
  • One 30-Ounce Short Jar with Handle
  • One “SouperBlast” Pitcher with a 2-Piece Lid
  • One Extractor Blade
  • One Comfort Lip Ring
  • One stay-fresh Lid
  • One Lip Ring without Handle
  • One Blade removal tool
  • One User Guide
  • One Nature prescription Book containing Recipes

4. Controls:

Soup Making ModeOnly the Nutribullet RX has the autoblend and built-in heater for soups.

In this RX model, there is a “G” button located at the front of its base that will activate the heating function. Within seven minutes, it will turn your blended smoothie into a hot beverage.

5. Price:

The prices of these different versions of the Nutribullet blenders may fluctuate but, in general, the Pro 900 will be more expensive the Basic 600 model by about $30-40. And, the RX model will be more expensive than the Pro 900 by $30-50.

In regards to the Nutribullet vs Magic Bullet Comparison, the Magic Bullet suffers in blending quality with its 250-watt motor as compared to the weakest of the Nutribullet Models which at least has a 600-watt motor.

Final Thoughts

While the Rx has more power than the Pro 900, we don’t really have a need for the Rx autoblend function. Also we are not big fans of the “Heat” feature of the RX because you are heating up the foods in plastic cups. (This is different from a high powered Vitamix that blends so fast that it can literally make hot soup due to the blending speed).

Many consumers feel the price difference between the basic Nutribullet 600 and Nutribullet Pro 900 is negligible and they like the strength of the Pro 900 motor.

For the price difference between the Pro 900 and the RX model it is up to you how much power you need but the 900 Pro offers enough power for large personal smoothies. Also, Rx cups are not compatible with any other Nutribullet blenders because the Rx cups have a wider mouth.

We feel that the Nutribullet Pro 900 is the best Nutribullet blender because it has a nice balance of power, ease of use, and accessories for the price. Also the replacement accessories for the 900 Pro are easy to find..

2023 UPDATES – Nutribullet has introduced multiple new models in recent years which we have written extensively about(see links below) but we still like the 900 Pro model the best.

  1. The LEAN model was introduced in late 2016 which takes some some nice features from the 900 Pro and Rx (read our Nutribullet LEAN review) but we still prefer the Nutribullet 900 or 600 model if you are on a budget.
  2.  The Nutribullet Select is an updated blend of other models with the new variable speed/preset program controls. (See Nutribullet Select Review)
  3. The Nutribullet Prime is a slight upgrade to the 900 with similar price. In comparison to the 900 Pro, the Prime has 100 watts more power, extra to-go cup, and Auto-off program. (visit our Nutribullet Prime review)
  4. Nutribullet MAX is the same as the Prime blender with some different accessories. It has some nice features like the 1 liter pitcher but I don’t really like the auto-blend. (See Nutribullet MAX review )
  5. Nutribullet Balance Review- The Nutribullet Balance is essentially their 1200 watt blender with new technology at a high price. The app for measuring ingredients is time consuming to use versus just using a measuring cup. The recipes are already free to access online with Nutrition data. We honestly don’t see the need for the Balance model.
  6. Nutribullet Combo blender is the 1st full size blender from Nutribullet that is designed to also work with single-serve cups. The cups are not compatible with other Nutribullet models. For more details, see our full Nutribullet combo review).

FINAL THOUGHTS -We’ve researched them all and personally just stayed with our Nutribullet Pro 900, which we have used for years and it still works great after over 1,000 uses. Read more about the Nutribullet 900 and see current price .

Anna Powell

Anna is a blending expert that for years has researched, tested, and written about 100's of blenders and smoothie recipes.

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Thanks for your review. I am trying to find out more about the milling functionality. I have read that the extractor blade in the 900 series is supposed to be strong enough to mill. Do you have much experience with this? Is there a different setting to use for milling? I’ve only found 2 reviews that mentioned the lack of a mill blade in the 900 series and both reviews seemed to be disappointed. Do the attachments from each series all fit with each other?

    Anna Powell

    Hi Caitlin,
    That is a great question and I will add that to our review(My review was focused more on making Nutriblast smoothies) and didn’t get into the milling blade. The milling blade comes with the 600 which we have used and it works great with the Nutribullet 600. Yes, the 900 extraction blade works for milling flours and nut butters and grinding up spices because the 900 extractor blade design is different from the 600 extractor blade(I will add a side-by-side picture in the post). I found that I just put my nuts and seeds into my smoothies and the Nutribullet grinds them up enough without need a milling blade. Nutribullet states that with the extra power that the 900 has that it can do everything without the milling blade(here is forum discussion about it) and I found that to be true. Yes, the attachments work for both 600 and 900(not RX). The 600 works well but I like the 900 for higher strength and larger cup capacity. If you get the 900 and want the milling blade then I would suggest getting the blades from Nutribullet as I have seen some companies selling knock-off Nutribullet blades. Here is Nutribullet milling blade link (you can see they show it is compatible with both Nutribullet 600 and Pro 900). Hope that helps. – Anna


Do you think a Nutribullet 600 is sufficient for making nut milks with nuts that are soft because they have been soaked overnight mixed with an equal amount of water?

    Anna Powell

    Hi Z,
    Yes, you definitely can make nut milks with Nutribullet 600 or 900 after you soak the nuts. There are some Youtube videos showing people making nut milks with Nutribullet 600 and 900. Usually use a 2:1 ratio(2 cups water for 1 cup nuts) and use a nut milk bag or even a paint strainer bag to strain out the pulp. The pulp might be a little finer with 900 but should not be that noticeable if you soak the nuts long enough

Frank Frontis

The NutriBullet Extractors, like all blenders Do Generate Heat, correct? And
heat, of course, can be quite detrimental
to probably many of the important phyto-
nutrients found in plant foods.

Based on this logic, it might be worth-
while to consider that the blender with
the least amount of RPMs–the one which
would generate the least heat–would have
a less deleterious affect on delicate phy-

Also, in addition to heat, phytonutrients
may be adversely affected by electromechan-
ically generated vibrations which may dis-
rupt the energetic structures (keep in mind,
nutritional compounds are about more than
merely chemistry; they also contain, like
everything else, energetic properties)of them.

Consequently, any type of blender or electromechanical device is bound to have
an adverse affect on the natural, inherent
nutritional quality of fruits and vegeta- bles.

It shouldn’t take too much science to figure this out. After all, trapped inside
of a blender, nature-born food is being
instantly “traumatized” into a slurry.

If water is capable of responding to and retaining a memory of how it has been affect-
ed, seemingly, it shouldn’t be too hard to see how plant foods and their sensitive phy- tonutrients might behave the same way.

    Anna Powell

    Hi Frank, thanks for the thoughtful comment. I think everyone would agree that eating natural foods in their natural state is the ideal way to consume them although certain vegetables like spinach, asparagus, and carrots are better nutritionally cooked. I also juice and read a lot about blending vs juicing. I’ve seen the confusing claims about if masticating(slow juicers) is better than Centrigual(fast juicers) because centrifugal can “heat” up enzymes from friction and oxygen….but I did not find any studies that supported those claims. In fact, studies found that centrifugal and masticating juicers has similar nutritional yields. I wrote about Juicing and Blending which gives more details and sources.

    Regarding “heating” with blenders, take a look at “Juicing Science” website which shows lab test demonstrating nutritional yields using a blender for 60seconds(which is pretty common blend time for green smoothies) and showed some degradation but not conclusive. I personally wouldn’t overblend which is why I generally don’t like the weaker blenders because they have to work too hard to blend and I am not a big fan of preset programs on blenders because they can overblend.

    Overall, most people don’t get enough fruits and vegetables and very few people are going to eat them raw especially nutritional foods like beets so making healthy smoothies is a HUGE improvement to that problem. If more vitamins and minerals if the focus then juicing will yield higher % than blending per drink but blending allows for significantly more types of ingredients than you can do with a juicer. I think the Nutribullet is fast enough to blend ingredients without “over heating” them and there are endless examples of people who lost weight and fixed health ailments by drinking green smoothies so the positives are well worth it.

Adam B

“Reader Tip – We have never had issues with our Nutribullet blenders but you can get a very low-cost 3-year appliance warranty plan on if you were concerned about your blender breaking.”

If you’re paying £100-£200 for a blender and it breaks within that timeframe then I’d expect the Consumer Rights Act to cover you for the necessary repair/replacement!

    Anna Powell

    Hi Adam, I am not sure about UK consumer right laws but Nutribullet 1yr warranty is pretty standard among most manufacturers unless you pay up for a Vitamix(Vitamix has a 7yr warranty that even covers wear and tear_. Blenders have a lot of friction when blending so the motors can get worn out but Nutribullet has sold millions of blenders and they have held up. I just mentioned the extended warranty because they are less than $10 for 3 years and have no hassle/no deductible/no shipping fees so if you use the Nutribullet or any blender a lot then the warranty is probably a good idea (I don’t know if that same warranty is available in UK, the warranties are for sale on Amazon USA). I generally like to avoid the appliances with lots of electronics built in because they are the components that have most issues.


Any thoughts on the 1000 and 1200w series. Do the cups interchange? I’m looking to upgrade my 600w but would like to still be able to use my cups and lids.

    Anna Powell

    I am not sure about a 1000w series? They have the Original 600w / Pro 900w / Rx 1700watt……and now have added Nutribullet LEAN 1200watt. They also have a model called “Nutribullet Max” but I believe the Max is same blender as the Nutribullet LEAN but without the Lean program and the “Max” model I believe was created for the International market?

    The Max 1200 comes with 28oz container vs Pro 900w & Nutribullet Lean both come with 32oz container. The main difference in the new Max/LEAN models is they used the auto-blend technology that does pulses at first and then a long blend. This auto-blend feature is sort of like the Rx model so you push the button to start/stop and pulse.

    In summary, if you want to keep it simple with no electronic control then the 900 pro is fine and has the same size cup. If you want the new technology then the Nutribullet LEAN seems good. The LEAN is a little more in price(about $120) than 900 and comes with the Lean weight loss system but you would have to cancel the Monthly billing for LEAN protein that they sign you up for with the LEAN program. For blending quality, you might notice a slight difference in the LEAN 1200 vs Pro 900 since they use the same cup size and 1200watts is pretty powerful but I find that the 900w does good enough for me.

    Another option if you like the pre-programmed function is the comparable Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ BL482 which is about $90 and has 1000watts with 3cups(32oz/24oz/18oz) and customers love it.

    Let me know if you have any more questions.


Nutribullet RX. 150-180 uses and the drive socket that spins the blades broke internally. 30K RPMs doesn’t matter if the blade stops spinning because the plastic linkage crumbled. Piece of shit


Hi can you use the 32 oz cup and the max extractor blades on the Nutri 600?

    Anna Powell

    Yes technically you can but NutriBullet doesn’t want you using the large 32oz cup on the Nutri 600 model because of the weaker motor compared to the Pro 900 model.


I just want to know if I can use my 600 cups on a 900? My bullet finally bit the dust and am looking into the 900 but have so many pieces of like to keep. Are any of them interchangeable?

    Anna Powell

    Hi Myessa, Yes the cups and blades for the 600 and 900 are interchangeable. The colossal cup only comes with the 900 because of the stronger motor. The 900 is a nice upgrade from the 600.

John Winn

Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me if the RX motor is physically larger than the others? I want to order the carry case for it but can’t find anywhere if the RX will fit in the case. Thank you, John

    Anna Powell

    Hi John, The Rx is larger which is also why the Rx only works with the Rx cups and is not interchangeable with other Nutribullet cups/accessories. For carrying case, if you are talking about the NutriBullet To-Go Bag then NO it doesn’t fit the Rx.


why 600 is more expensive than 900? whether 900 is less long lasting with many problem than 600?

    Anna Powell

    Hello Ben, the 600 shouldn’t be more expensive than the 900. The 900 is typically about $20-30 more than the 600. There shouldn’t be a noticeable difference in how long the Nutribullet 600 vs 900 lasts. I think the 600 works very well but the 900 is the one that has been tested in most of the blender tests like Consumer Reports.


Is there and review on tge Nutribullet 1000 Watt ?

    Anna Powell

    Hi The 1000 watt Nutribullet isn’t sold in the USA but its essentially similar to the Nutribullet Pro. See Nutribullet Prime review for details. It works fine and very similar to the popular 900 model but adds the auto off


      Does it use the same cups as the 900?

        Anna Powell



I’ve noticed two things maybe you want to address: I don’t see anywhere any definitive information about the bottom blade assemblies being compatible between the 600watt and 900watt models. It seems from photos and such that they are, but I’d be curious to know if people have been able to purchase the pro 900watt model and still use their blade assemblies from the 600watt model.

Also, I went looking for information on replacement gaskets (the rubber “washer” that mates with the cup when screwed on to the blade base…) and ran across a really forceful statement on the Nutribullet site that users should NOT remove the dark gray rubber gasket from the inner groove of the blade base as it is factory pressed into place and designed to not allow contaminants to get underneath it. I had an original NutriBullet 600 watt model and the rubber gaskets were definitely NOT dark gray and pressed permanently into place but were a white/translucent color and easily removed for cleaning. It might be worth pointing out that generational difference between the earliest 600 watt models with their translucent easily removable gasket and current 600 and 900 watt models that appear to have matching blade bases with (as stated on the nutribullet site) permanently seated gaskets that should not be removed. Thanks!

    Anna Powell

    Hi, thanks for your feedback. Yes, we updated the post to address your comments.



      I ran across your site and ultimately posted because the 600watt base I owned just this week “blew up” if you will – it had bogged down while blending some frozen fruits and almond milk, and suddenly two grayish-black acrid smelling puffs of smoke blew out the sides! I quickly disengaged the cup to stop the motor, and started searching for a replacement. My searching led here for your excellent reviews!

      Fast forward to this evening and (thanks to Amazon next-day delivery!) received a new 900watt NutriBullet Pro model, and can confirm without a doubt that the accessories, cups, and blade assemblies are indeed compatible between the NutriBullet 600watt and the NutriBullet Pro 900watt.

      thanks again for the comprehensive reviews! I have one other experience to add which I’ll post separately.


I had an interesting and somewhat alarming pair of experiences with the NutriBullet 600watt kit, then separately with the NutriBullet 600watt motor combined with the newer NutriBullet Pro version of the blade base for the cups, and I think both experiences should be watched for if you happen to have the older 600 watt motor and have purchased newer bases from the 900watt version of the blender:

1) recently my original blending blade (not the milling blade that came with the old kit) did something strange: It seized up and would not move! My blade was one of the oldest versions (with the white/translucent removable gasket inside), and had never been thru a dishwasher and was always washed by hand. Of course I can’t say I ever check the blades by hand to see if they move freely, but I wish I had. When I placed this blade on the cup with fruits and liquid ready to be “blasted” and pushed down and in to start the motor, the motor clearly began to struggle and as I attempted to release the cup from the base to stop it, it managed to actually unscrew the base from the cup and force liquid out thru the gap it created! I was utterly shocked, and only barely managed to get the cup disengaged to stop the motor. There is apparenly enough “play” upwards and downwards in the spring loaded switches in the rim that the jammed up blades could unscrew and move downwards, pinning the cup to the rim by it’s three plastic wings that engage the switches, and by the time I got it apart to stop the motor (unplugging it would have meant leaning my body across the running unit to reach the outlet and that could have really been worse!) it made one serious mess!

After cleaning the base (and most of my kitchen) up as best I could I examined the blades and they would just barely move by hand. So as a cautionary tale I would advise those who own blade bases that have been in use for a while, turn the black rubber drive gear on the bottom (don’t grab the blades and cut yourself!) and be SURE your blades actually *turn* before you attempt to use them!

My second strange experience I relayed some of in a previous post, but after this crazy “seized up blades and self-unscrewing cup” incident I discarded the seized up blades and ordered new ones. The new ones of course are of the new design that combines a milling capable blade design with the old “blast” blade design, eliminating the need for the second specialized blade base. One particularly “gloppy” mixture of frozen bananas and strawberries and yogurt and almond milk seemed to really bog down the old 600 watt motor, perhaps due to the new blade design that is probably meant for the 900 watt motor exclusively. Another morning’s attempt at that same mixture is the attempt that “blew up” my 600 watt motor, with smoke ejections from the motor base and all.

So I would suggest to persons eeking a few more months if life out of their older 600 watt NutriBullet who may have had occasion to purchase replacement blade bases of the 900 watt NutriBullet Pro variety, be careful what you’re mixing and how much of it as this new blade design seems to really require the extra power of the newer 900 watt motor to push thru various thicker or heavier contents.


    Anna Powell

    Hi, Nutribullet suggests in the manual that comes with the blender to replace your extractor blade every 6 months. If you are a daily user and blending difficult ingredients then replacing every 6-12months is probably a good idea because the friction of blending can wear out the blade and blade assembly.

    The Extractor Pro blade that comes with the 900 and other models with 900 watts or more power isn’t designed for the 600 model. That is the reason that the 600 watt model still sells the milling blade separately as the power of the 600 watt isn’t enough to properly blend with the Extractor Pro blade.

    Thanks for the comments.

P. Morin Brown

I’ve used my NutriBullet 600 at least 4 times a week for over 3 years, 6 when I’m being conscientious with my morning health shake, and it’s still working. It’s beginning to stick when it starts and I used a few drops of vinegar and water on the insertion slots to loosen anything sticky and start the machine. I certainly have gotten my money!s worth. I’m about to buy a NutriBullet 900 for the extra power when I blend frozen fruit. I’m very excited. The few times something went wrong (e.g. a very old ring went bad), the company replaced whatever part I needed for a very modest price. They never tried to up sell me on anything and gave me tips to make my NutriBullet last longer.
The person who complained about exploding ingredients most likely tried to blend hot or too warm ingredients. The manual clearly states NOT to put hot items in the blending jar. I didn’t realize that until I’d overflowed the blender a few times and made a mess. Not their fault. Read the manual if you’re not sure about something. The NutriBullet is the single best kitchen appliance I’ve ever owned, and the most used. It’s on a par with my All Clad pans, which will last forever too. Thanks NutriBullet!

    Anna Powell

    Thanks for the feedback. I agree that Nutribullet blenders work great as long as you follow the directions and use it properly.


HI, i was wondering if you could make ice cream with the 600W Nutribullet, how is the performance of the 600 with dense smoothies and also with a bit of ice cubes/ice bananas . It would be nice if you could shed some more light on this,thanks.

    Anna Powell

    Hi Adin, The 600 does fine with thick smoothie using bananas or avocados and can ever make small amount of nut butter if you use some liquid. Like any blender you have to use enough liquid though to keep the ingredients moving around so it can blend it thoroughly. On the 24oz jar using the 600 watt model I typically would use only 1/2 cup to 1 cup of liquid rather than fill it to the max fill line if I wanted a thicker smoothie.

    I wouldn’t get the Nutribullet if you are looking to make ice cream. Nutribullet can crush ice but they are not designed to do so and you can break the blade or cause safety issues. With Nutribullet blenders you should always use liquid with the ice and ice should be less than 25% of your total ingredients.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.


      Thank you very much for your advice. I would like if you could speak about one big issue i see around, and thats the fake vs real, with many fakes. Do you have any advice on detecting the fake one when a person has no way of aquiring it through official supliers. Also with all that talk about new 900 series having those blade and leak issues fixed, can you tell us how to know if the 900w we’re buying is a newer series or the first one, is there a serial number or something. Thank you very much, I’m already dead-on buying the 900W after seeing this excellent review,Just need some help with these forementioned questions.

        Anna Powell

        Hello Adin, if you buy direct from any large retailer or on Amazon they sell the Nutribullet 900 directly(it says “Ships from and sold by”) then you should be fine. Otherwise you can buy direct from Nutribullet. I haven’t seen any issue with fake nutribullet if they are bought from legitimate retailers. The 900w blade has been the same for years so you should be fine.

Melissa Raposo

You mention newer models were fixed of the known issues, how will I k ot if I’m purchasing a newer model as opposed to the ones that had issues?

    Anna Powell

    Hello Melissa,
    You should be fine buying a new Nutribullet at any retailer (the issue was a while ago).


I bought the Nutri bullet 900 2 months ago and it leaks like a sieve. I only use it for a 1 cup smoothie with no ice or nuts.
Extremely disappointed. Taking it back in the morning. Looked online and there are myriads of complaints about leaking Nutri bullets. Very disappointing.

    Anna Powell

    Hello Grace. Thanks for the feedback. I haven’t experienced the Nutribullet leaking and many consumer test sites also went with Nutribullet as top pick with no issues about leaking. There have been complaints about leaking with their old blade design which they changed(Old blade has narrow slits in the metal base in the blade which were removed). I am not sure why you are experiencing leaking with a new Nutriubllet. It is leaking through the center of the blade or does it leak on the sides where the cup attaches to the blade base ? I have bought multiple new blades from Nutribullet since I originally bought mine(Nutribullet recommends replacing blades every so often after frequent use) and haven’t had any leaks. The only leaks I know of is when people put warm/hot incredients into jar which creates pressure or I have heard of people overfilling the jar.

    Anyways, sorry it didn’t work for you. It sounds like you got a bad blade.


Hi, I notice no mention of the Nutri bullet 1000 model. I am interested ho wit compares and if its accessories are compatible with either the RX or the 900?

    Anna Powell

    Hi Ian, We review the Nutribullet 1000 in another post which we reference in this post. The 1000 was discontinued(at least in the USA) and really isn’t much different than the 900. (The 1000 is compatible with the 900. The Rx is not compatible with any other models as it is larger diameter.


There is a New Nutribullet Pro called the Pro +, with a 1,200watt motor. I did not see any mention it on the review. Have you guys done a review on this product yet?

    Anna Powell

    Hi James the Nutribullet Pro+ is essentially the Nutribullet Balance but without the bluetooth connectivitiy and they changed the power button to a pulse button. It is fine and will operated like the Pro 900 but with slightly more power and has the added Pulse button.


What are the decibels of each blender and does the sound level make a difference?

    Anna Powell

    I was told by a reader who used a decibel tester that the 900 reached 110 decibels. I just used a popular Android app not a decibel device and the 600 and 900 were very similar so I will try it again soon, but the 900 has noticable higher pitch sound versus the 600. According to Nutribullet, the 900 motor spins about 25000 RPM’s vs 600 at 20,000 RPMS.

star Stern

NBR0801 compare NBR1201 whats the difference between these two 600 watts macinnes by nutri bullet ?

    Anna Powell

    Same blender but just different accessories.


Nice post!

Joe Mockaitis

How do you tell a 600 watt machine from a 900 watt machine. Does the serial number have a code to tell 600 from 900 machines?

    Anna Powell

    The easiest way is the color. As you can see in the product images in this post and our videos, the 600 is dark gray and the 900 is a gold “champagne” color.

Brenda Ferrell

Hi can you blend dry ingredients in the nutribullet pro+? I am thinking nuts, oatmeal etc.

    Anna Powell

    Yes definitely. Just don’t crush raw ice without liquid in a Nutribullet as the blades aren’t designed for it.

Joseph Mockaitis

Thanks, but that doesn’t answer the question. Consider this scenario: A yard sale with several Nutribullets for sale = how do I tell which ones are 600 watt and which ones are 900 watts?

    Anna Powell

    Actually the color is the best way to tell as they haven’t changed the color for the specific models but the model #’s on the blenders have changed for their blenders. The model #’s are normally are written as NB- and the Rx might say NB-1401 because 1400 watt motor but the 600/900 models NB-101 or NB-201 but there is no consistency for model #’s to tell you accurate answer.

rachaelle reid

I have the Nutribullet RX package; the base no longer works. I purchased it 3 years ago, therefore, I am past the warranty. If I purchase the Nutribullet 900 can I use the cups from my RX?

Thank you

    Anna Powell

    Hi Rachaelle, Unfortunately Rx is only compatible with Rx blades/jars as Rx is larger diameter than other Nutribullet blenders.

Vickie Good

What great information. I have the nutribullet 600. I’m confused by this entry:
“Maximum capacity is 24oz jar (Note- The 32oz jar works fine on this blender).” Appreciate a clarification on if I can use the 32 oz cup on the 600 model. Thanks!

    Anna Powell

    Yes, I use the 32oz colossal cup all the time with a Nutribullet 600 model. (Both the 600 and 900 Nutribullet blenders work with the 32oz Colossal, 24oz Tall, and 18 oz short cups)


Where can you get the milling blade for the Rx? Cheers, Sean

    Anna Powell

    Hi Sean, The flat milling blade works with the Nutribullet 600 and 900 Pro models not the Rx.


Hi Anna

Love your page here, good information. I wondering if I can make juice with fresh ginger ,beat roots carrots etc with Nutribullet 600

    Anna Powell

    Hello linda. It will do ok a blending those ingredients but it won’t puree it like a more powerful blender(like a Vitamix)

    Kyna Moore

    The RX will blend all of this into liquid.

Kyna Moore

I’ve only owned my Rx for 3 months but use it often. Sometimes 3x a day eating Nutritarian recipes including blending nuts for sauces and soups. Recently it started moving across my counter. Tonight it started spinning. The suctions aren’t holding. I also think it might be vibrating more than it did. Have you heard of this happening? I’ve contacted the company but we’ve not connected yet.

David Hall

I read everything I can find on the Nutribullets. Nowhere do I see mentioned that there is a second blender base that is not compatible with the many standard blender bases. I discovered this different base when I ordered the Nutribullet Blender Combo. Is the Blender Combo the only Nutribullet with this very different blade configuration?

    Anna Powell

    Hello David,
    The newer Nutribullet designs have the cup threads on the inside so the blade screws inside the cups versus the classic Nutribullet models like the Nutribullet 600 and 900 pro the cups have threads on the outside. That is how you tell the difference. We have mentioned it in our Nutribullet Combo review and FAQ page

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