Best Battery Powered Blender – The Complete Guide 2018

If you are looking for reviews of battery powered blenders then you came to the right place. With the improvement in rechargeable battery life over recent years, I thought it would be good to analyze the different battery powered blender models on the market.

Battery Powered Blender Guide

If you are in a hurry, here are the top recommendations:

How to Choose a Battery Operated Blender

Before getting into more specifics on each of these cordless blender models, here is some criteria to consider when trying to decide on the type of battery blender to buy.

Your Intent

You need to evaluate what you are going to to need a battery powered blender for. If you just want a portable blender in the kitchen when cooking and don’t have easily accessible electrical outlets then a cordless immersion blender makes the most sense.

They range in price depending on motor strength and accessories. You will pay more for the rechargeable cordless blender capability versus having the conventional plugin-in hand blender.

If you need a battery operated blender for smoothies or making iced drinks then a stand-up blender is what you need. Battery powered personal blenders like the ProMixx have become popular for making protein shakes or simple smoothies after workouts or for meal replacement diets.

The 2 Types

Battery Operated Blender ComparisonThere are two types of battery powered blenders: Immersion blenders and conventional stand-up blenders.

Immersion blenders which are commonly referred to as handheld blenders are widely used in kitchens and work well for small blending jobs and can be used for smoothies with softer ingredients.

  • Positives: Portable and can blend in any bowl or container. Can easily blend soft ingredients and work as a milk frother. Very versatile with different attachment options.
  • Negatives: Immersion blenders aren’t intended to blend hard ingredients like ice, nuts, or frozen fruits.

A Stand-Up Blender has a separate motor base and the container sits on the base like a conventional countertop blender or personal blender.

  • Positives: Standup blenders are more ideal for blending hard ingredients and larger batches than a handheld blender.
  • Negatives: Typical stand-up blenders uses a lot of horsepower to blend so having a battery powered version won’t generally last as long.

Power Source and Charge

When comparing the various rechargeable blenders make sure to consider the type of battery it uses. Cheaper blenders will use conventional AA batteries and therefore have shorter battery life.

The more expensive, stronger blenders will have Ni-CaD or Litium Ion rechargeable battery packs.

Some battery powered blenders are not rechargeable so you need to consider the cost of replacing batteries. Whereas, the rechargeable blenders have various options like charging in a conventional 110v outlet or a USB plugin.


Blender capacity is an important factor and the container size will usually reflect the power source. This means that the smaller the battery then the smaller the container.

The larger rechargeable blenders like the Margaritaville can crush ice and blend a lot of drinks because it uses a full size 18V battery pack (like those used on full-size power tools).

Whereas, a rechargeable immersion blender only has capacity for a smallsize battery and can blend for about 20 minutes per charge.

Battery Operated Blender Reviews

Promixx 2.0 Blender Review

Promixx 2.0 is my favorite rechargeable battery operated blender for small batches and simple blending. It is intended as a mini blender with a 20oz cup and has very positive reviews.

It is perfect if you need a travel blender to make meal replacement shakes, protein drinks, or very simple smoothies. It is quite powerful at 16,000 RPM’s with a rechargeable USB. They offer a 1 year warranty and seem to support their product very well.

Do not get this if you intend on blending hard ingredients like ice as it won’t work well for that.

Promixx 2.0 is the most affordable portable rechargeable blender but they do have an older model called thePromixx 1.0 for about half price that has strong reviews and is a little less powerful.

Cordless Margaritaville Blender Review

The cordless Margaritaville blender is my favorite full strength, stand-up rechargeable blender but it is not cheap. If you really need a blender to crush ice and make blended drinks but have no power source at all then this is really your only option.

This blender is a workhorse and uses a powerful 18v rechargeable battery that is very similar to those used with rechargeable power tools.

The company states that the Margaritaville cordless frozen concoction blender can make up to 80 drinks on a single charge.  It has advanced features like pre-programmed settings for various drink types and manual settings just for blending.

It comes with a large 36oz blending jar and is the best battery operated drink mixer if you have no access to electricity. If you have access to a vehicle cigarette lighter then the next blender below is more affordable with good power.

Waring Tailgater Blender Review

OK, I know, the Waring TG15 Tailgater Blender isn’t really rechargeable but it does plug into a vehicle cigarette lighter making this the perfect full-size blender for tailgating, boating, or car camping.

It can make any frozen drink smoothies, dips, crush ice, and smoothies. The pitcher is made of durable, high-strength plastic(like high-end blenders) and has a 6 cup capacity.

It is a simple 1 speed motor for blending and that is it. Comes with a 14 foot cord and runs on conventional 12v power.

Overall, a solid blender from a reputable high-end blender manufacturer so you know it will last.

Cuisinart Rechargeable Immersion Blender Review

The Cuisinart Smart Stock CSB-78 is a high-quality rechargeable hand blender that offers versatility in the kitchen.

July 2017 Update = The CSB78 was discontinued and replaced with the CSB-300 rechargeable hand blender

It is my favorite battery powered immersion Blender due to its quality, look, and variety of accessories. Not only can it blend but it also comes with 2 attachments (whisk and chopper).

It comes with a wall mounted charger so you can have it out of the way when not in use. It will quickly recharge and a typical charge provides 20 minutes of run time.

It measures 13 inches in length so it can easily fit into deep pots and narrow containers.

I have always had good luck with Cuisinart appliances and this one comes with a 3 year warranty. Overall, a great immersion blender if you don’t want to deal with cords or don’t have convenient kitchen outlets.

If this model is out of stock then the alternative is the Cuisinart cordless CSB 300 which was chosen by Consumer Reports as their 2nd pick.

(NoteConsumer Reports Top-rated #1 Pick for cordless battery powered hand blender is the KitchenAid Pro Line Blender but it is not cheap !)

Cuisinart Smart Stick CSB-300 Demonstration

GSI Outdoors Votex Hand Blender Review

GSI Outdoors Vortex Blender
List Price:$99.95
Price Disclaimer
I added this blender to the list because it is the only manual crank blender.  The GSI Outdoors Vortex hand blender uses a 2-speed gear hand crank system to manually blend ingredients so no batteries or cords.

It uses a quality stainless steel blade that claims it can can crush ice and mix frozen drinks. It has a pitcher capacity of 1.5 liters(approximately 51 ounces) which is a good size.  Mounts to anything that can accommodate it’s C-clamp lock.

The reviews are mixed about its ability to crush ice. Some people say it crushes small ice easily and some says it didn’t work well.

Overall, the reviews are mixed for certain uses and depends on what you will be blending. It is really the only manual blender I know off and should be fine for certain uses. Otherwise, for smoothies you can just make one by hand.


In summary, rechargeable blenders do a decent job but you pay more for the convenience. The decision for choosing a battery blender really comes down to what you will be using it for.

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