Best Blender for Crushing Ice – 2018 Guide

Best Blender for Crushing Ice

One of the hardest tasks for a blender is crushing ice. Finding the best blender for crushing ice can be a little confusing because the overall opinions for a specific blender can vary. For example, a blender might do well at crushing ice but perform poorly at blending smoothies. In this guide, I list the […]

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5 Amazing Maqui Smoothies and Maqui Berry Benefits

Maqui Berry benefits and Maqui Smoothie recipes

By now a lot of people have heard of exotic super fruits like acai berries or goji berries, but very few people have heard of maqui berries. This South American superfood has been used for centuries in Chile and Argentina for its natural healing properties and as a coloring agent in local wines. In recent […]

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Best Vitamix Blender to Buy? The Ultimate Guide for 2018

Best vitamix to buy

If you’ve been looking to buy a Vitamix blender then I bet you are feeling a little overwhelmed. There are so many Vitamix reviews and articles comparing Vitamix blenders, but is there really that much of a difference between all the Vitamix models and other brands ? In this extensive buying guide, I will give […]

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Nutribullet 600 vs. Nutribullet Pro 900 vs. Nutribullet RX Review

Best Nutribullet

If you are looking for a complete comparison of the best Nutribullet blender models in 2018 then look no further. (We keep this post updated) We have personally used Nutribullet blenders extensively for over 4 years so we can offer our experiences in comparing the Nutribullet 600 vs Nutribullet Pro 900 vs Nutribullet RX 1700 […]

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Vitamix vs Ninja Blenders – A Complete Comparison for 2018

Vitamix vs Ninja Blenders

We already have extensive guides to Vitamix blenders and Ninja blenders where we review every model from each brand. However, a common question is “How do Vitamix vs Ninja blenders compare ?”  This detailed guide is focused on answering that question. In this guide, we analyze the most comparable models from each brand to help […]

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Hemp Protein Benefits and 7 Perfect Hemp Smoothie Recipes

Hemp Protein Benefits

Many people have never heard of hemp powder despite it being arguably the best vegan protein powder you can eat. It really is a true superfood. One area of confusion for many people is understanding hemp vs marijuana. Hemp is a variety of the cannabis sativa plant but hemp has little to no measurable levels […]

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Benefits of Baobab Powder and Baobab Smoothie Recipes

Healthy Baobab Smoothie Recipes

For centuries, different parts of the baobab tree have been used as folk remedy for helping with various conditions such as poor digestion, dry skin, and weak immune system. In fact, Baobab fruit has such a strong nutritional profile of important vitamins and minerals that is has recently been called a “superfood”. In this article […]

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Healthy Chocolate Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Chocolate Cacao Smoothie Bowl Recipe

There are a lot of smoothie bowl recipes online but many that I have seen are loaded with sugar so you might as well just eat ice cream. Personally I believe a smoothie bowl should be healthy and essentially be a thick green smoothie poured in a bowl. The main difference with smoothies versus smoothie […]

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