15 Spectacular Green Tea Smoothie Recipes

Green Tea Smoothie Recipes

Many of us have heard of drinking green tea for its numerous health benefits including cancer fighting antioxidants, detoxification, improving brain function, fighting off bacteria and helping to stimulate fat burn. (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)

Green Tea Benefits

If you want to give your green tea an extra nutrition boost then use it in a healthy smoothie. Yep, instead of using water or other liquid in your smoothies just use the green tea that you brewed.

Many green tea smoothie recipes will talk about detox and weight loss so the ingredients in these recipes will vary quite a bit.  Below are 15 delicious,  healthy green tea smoothie recipes to get you inspired.

Green Tea vs Matcha Tea in Smoothies (Which is Better?)

Some green tea smoothie recipes will substitute Matcha power for brewed green tea. Matcha literally means “powered tea” because they grind the entire tea leaf into a fine powder. The difference in using Matcha is you are getting the entire leaf vs green tea discards the leaves after brewing.

Matcha is considered to have higher levels of key antioxidants like EGCG than steeped green tea so it is a great alternative(6).

You can either mix the Matcha green tea powder with hot water or just add the raw Matcha powder to your smoothie. Keep in mind that Matcha quality can vary greatly and can have other ingredients in it like sweeteners. Quality, pure Matcha is expensive so if you find a cheap brand then “buyer beware”. Also, lab tests have shown there are higher levels of lead in some Matcha because it uses the whole leaf vs brewed green tea so only buy reputable Matcha brands.(7) Generally, tea grown in China was shown to have higher levels of lead versus matcha grown in Japan.

A reputable Matcha brand that use quality Japanase Matcha is DoMatcha.

1. Beginner Green Tea Smoothie Recipe

A great, simple green tea smoothie recipe that uses banana and green grapes for taste and spinach for greens.

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2. Mint Green Tea Smoothie

A fun, refreshing green tea smoothie recipe that uses pineapple and pears for sweetness. I like the use of ginger and mint to give it a little lift.

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3. Raspberry Green Tea Smoothie

Raspberry, yum. A great tasting smoothie in the morning. You can always substitute the raspberries for strawberry or frozen mixed berries if raspberries aren’t in season. Throw in some nuts or superfoods for extra nutrition and protein.

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4. Turmeric Green Tea Smoothie

Turmeric Green Tea Smoothie recipe

Source: Veggie Chick

This is a delicious green tea smoothie recipe packed with nutrition through the use of avocado, spinach, and banana. I especially love the use of turmeric which of one of the most beneficial herbs on the planet.

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5. Peach Green Tea Smoothie

A tropical green tea smoothie recipe that mixes the sweetness of peaches and mangos with the earthy taste of green tea and maca. This is a very nutrient dense recipe that could work as a meal replacement since it yses hemp and buckwheat.

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6. Berry Banana Green Tea Smoothie

A simple traditional fruit smoothie recipe that uses Green tea. I would suggest adding in a cup of kale of spinach to to make it a green smoothie.

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7. Blueberry Green Tea Protein Smoothie

The berries and green tea in this recipe will give you a health dose of antioxidants. This is a simple recipe that shows you how easy it is to make a smoothie. Made with protein powder it will work as a meal replacement.

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8 . Ginger Peach Green Tea Smoothie

Ginger peach green tea smoothie

Source: garnishwithlemon

Easy green tea smoothie recipe with 5 ingredients. Unique in that it uses a peach flavored green tea but you can use any green tea. I like the use of ginger in it. (Something about ginger and peach just taste so good)

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9. Mango Green Tea Smoothie

A rich blend of bananas and mango with spinach and mint make this a wonderful health green smoothie. The additional of green tea and lemon juice give it a nice boost of antioxidants.

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10. Green Tea Chia Seed Smoothie

Green Tea Chia Seed Smoothie

Source: blommi

The creamy texture from almond milk and banana with the nutrient dense use of Chia give this green tea smoothie a good balance. A simple recipe to make in the morning for a breakfast smoothie.

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11. Raspberry Peach Green Tea Smoothie

Raspberry Peach Green Tea Smoothie recipe

Source: thebusybaker

Simple fruit-only smoothie that could easily be turned into a green smoothie by adding a cup of spinach. Add some nuts or flaxeed for protein.

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12. Peach Green Tea Smoothie

Peach Green Tea Smoothie

Source: reciperunner

This delicious recipe is another green tea smoothie with peaches. A rich texture with a sweet taste from the vanilla extract.

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13. Green Tea Detox Smoothie

Green Tea Detox Smoothie

A traditional green smoothie smoothie recipe with the added detox benefits of green tea and lemon juice. This recipe blends the creaminess of avocado and pears with the nutrient dense benefits of kale. Uses cayenne pepper for that extra kick.

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14. Good Green Tea Smoothie

green tea smoothie recipe

Source: eatingwell

A tasty, simple green tea smoothie that uses grapes, spinach, green tea, avocado and honey. You can substitute kiwi fruit for grapes and add in unflavored greek yogurt for extra protein.

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15. Green Tea Fruit Smoothie

Green Tea Fruit Smoothie

Source: eatingwell

A nice tasting green tea smoothie. You can thicken it up with a sweet banana. Add some quinoa, oats, or flaxseed for extra nutrition and thickening.

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If any of the recipes don’t list the nutrition information, you can put the ingredients into a recipe analyzer to calculate it for you.

Do you drink any green tea smoothies ? What is your favorite recipe or green tea brand?

Green Tea Smoothie Recipes

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I used to be among those that that think low carb and smoothies can’t work together not until I read this post. This article is really informative and educative. So smoothies and low carb can work together for weight loss, I gotta get a juicer and finally start implement this into my life.

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