Vitamix 6300 Review – New and Improved 5200 ?

Like Vitamix’s ever-popular 5200 model, the 6300 has many of the same features and appearance. The big questions are how does the 6300 really differ and is it worth the higher price ? (Updated for 2021)

In this Vitamix 6300 review, I will answer all of your questions and explain everything you need to know to decide if the 6300 is the best blender for you.

Vitamix 6300 Review


As part of the C Series, the Vitamix 6300 mixes the traditional design strengths of the 5200 with some of their newer program features and accessories.

The 6300 uses the time-tested 2 horsepower C-series motor with classic 64oz tall container. The C-Series blender design has been widely tested for years and continues to rank at the top for blending performance and reliability among professional chefs.

The key differentiating feature of the 6300 is the addition of three blending programs – smoothies, frozen desserts, and soups. The other difference is that the 6300 has a pulse lever whereas the 5200 does not.

Other than the addition of the three preset programs, the 6300 has the same variable speeds.

The 6300 measures 20.5 inches tall x 8.75 inches wide x 7.25 inches wide. It has the same 7-year full warranty that is offered on all Vitamix legacy blender models.

6300 Performance

The Motor

With its powerful motor, the Vitamix 6300 can handle pretty much anything you would expect from a high-speed blender, including frozen fruits, ice cubes, and even frozen meat. Whether one wishes to make a smoothie from scratch, nut butters, crush ice, or blend raw ingredients into a hot soup, this machine can handle it with ease.

The only downside of the powerful motor is the sound, which is significant but similar to other blenders with this power.

Preset functions

The three programs (Hot Soups, Frozen Desserts, Smoothies) work well but you need to follow a recipe in order to get the proper blending consistency as the preset programs don’t adjust for the amount of ingredients you are using. The presets programs are simply a timed blending sequence to allow for hands-off blending.

Other controls

The variable 10-speed control is one of Vitamix’s most popular features as the range in speeds is truly noticeable compared to other blender brands. The low speeds on a Vitamix allow for much more flexibility in various food prep tasks when you aren’t looking to purify everything. A nice control feature of the 6300 is the pulse lever for quick chopping and food prep.

The pulse function is also useful for cleaning. The start/stop switch is convenient when you want to adjust or add to a recipe.

Vitamix 6300 controls

What It’s Best For

The Vitamix 6300 is a powerful machine that can handle just about any ingredient. Whether it is frozen fruits or nuts that require constant blending without overheating, the 6300 has it covered.

What’s more, this blender can chop up vegetables in an instant, and all one has to do is add hot water and spices for a healthy raw vegetable soup. The same goes for smoothies, which is often the primary reason people buy a blender.

The Vitamix 6300 can be used for all traditional blender recipes be it sauces, milling flour, nut butters, smoothies or purees, and crushing ice.

The Vitamix 6300 C-series design will outperform many other blender brands for food prep because of the pitcher design, tamper, motor torque, and range of variable speeds.

The similar model 5200 (same blender but without the 3 preset controls) has won more blender comparison tests than any other blender. The 5200 still ranks near the top of Consumer Reports 2017 extensive blender tests.

Vitamix 6300 Demonstration

YouTube video

Vitamix 6300 Review

Vitamix 6300 ReviewPositives: The Vitamix 6300 has a proven design that will meet most users needs. The three pre-programmed settings are useful and many people like the addition of the Pulse toggle lever.

The 5200(same blender without preset programs) is continually a top performer in every blender test and the 6300 delivers the exact same performance as the 5200.

Negatives: The 6300 as well as all Vitamix C-Series blenders use the “Classic” tall container so it doesn’t fit under typical kitchen cabinets.

The only downsides of the C-series blenders(includes 6300) is they are a little loud compared to Vitamix’s newer blender lines and some people prefer the new shorter “low-profile” containers on the G-series blenders because they blend thicker recipes easier.

(NOTE – An advantage of the C-series tall 6300 container is that it blends small batches better than the new G-series “low-profile” containers, so many people with G-series blenders end up having to buy an additional container for small batches).

Overall Opinion: The 6300 is essentially the Vitamix 5200 with 3 preset functions and a different recipe book called “Savor”. The preset programs are a nice feature to have when you want hands off blending, especially for tasks that require a longer blending cycle like making hot soups.

The 6300 has extremely high customer satisfaction and the C-Series design has been in the market long enough to be thoroughly tested among the most demanding users.

Overall, the 6300 is a great choice if you want a powerful blender that will last and you don’t want any of the newer models that have a lot of electronics built into them.

New vs Reconditioned ?

The factory-conditioned blenders are “like new” and have gone through Vitamix’s stringent certification process. Really the only difference is that the certified reconditioned blenders come with a  full 5 year warranty (versus 7 year warranty on brand new blenders). Also, the model you receive might have a different model # on the front but it’s the same blender. (For example, the Vitamix 6300 is the same as the Pro 500, 1888, 1889, 1890, and 1891 with the only difference being the cookbook).

Vitamix 6300 vs Other Vitamix Blenders

We have written about every Vitamix model on the market, but here are the models that are most often compared with the 6300.

6300 vs 5200

The biggest difference between the two blenders is the preset functions. The 5200 lacks presets while the 6300 has three of them, one for making hot soups, one for frozen desserts, and one for smoothies.

The other difference is the pulse toggle, which the 5200 once again does not have. Also, the 6300 has the on/off master power switch on the front of the blender for easy access.

6300 vs 7500

The 7500 is a hybrid model in that it is part of the newer G-series product line but it is built on the C-series motor base. Therefore the 7500 has the same look and design as the 6300 but the 7500 uses the newer, stronger 2.2 horsepower motor versus the 6300 2 horsepower motor.

The other main difference is that the 7500 uses the new “low profile” wide container with longer blades compared to the 6300’s traditional “tall” container.

Both containers hold the same amount of ingredients but the “Low Profile” container can fit under cabinets and it can blend thicker recipes a little more efficiently. As mentioned earlier, many people who get the 7500 (or other G series blender) find that the Low profile container does not blend small batches as well as the traditional tall container so they buy a second “small” container.

The final difference is that the 7500 has no preset functions versus the 6300 has three. Both are good blenders. See our review of the Vitamix 7500.

6300 vs 750

The 750 is part of the G series lineup and is advertised as being 40% quieter than the 6300 and has a more powerful motor. The two blenders are close in terms of features, but the 750 has five preset options as opposed to the 6300’s three, which is another advantage of the newer design.

If you want the new Vitamix G series blender with low profile container, new motor design, and presets then consider the Pro 750 but it is more expensive than the 6300. (For more information, see our detailed Vitamix 750 review)

Vitamix 6300 vs Blendtec

Both Vitamix and Blendtec are excellent blender brands. They do have different design advantages and controls. Probably, the closest competing Blendtec model to the 6300 is the Designer 625.

The Blendtec 625 has similar preset and variable speeds versus the Vitamix 6300 but Vitamix feels a little sturdier and Vitamix can offer better performance for certain food prep like thick nut butters since it has a tamper and different jar design.

Blendtec might be worth considering if you do mostly smoothies or prefer the electronic controls of the Blendtec and like the sleek design. Although, the Vitamix is a reliable workhorse that excels at any blending and food prep job you give it.

I personally would give a slight preference to the Vitamix 6300 but the Blendtec is very powerful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: “Are the preprogrammed settings useful?”

A: Depending on what the user makes, the preset options are convenient and straightforward. They shorten preparation time and provide perfect ingredient density for the food or smoothie if you follow a recipe.

Q: “What happens if it overheats?”

A: The machine shuts off when it overheats, which seldom happens. On the rare occasion it does, the user must wait at least 10 minutes before turning it on again.

Q: “Can the machine handle hot water?”

A: The Vitamix 6300 can be used for making hot soups and can handle even boiling water.

Final Thoughts

The 6300 may not be one of the newest Vitamix blenders on the market, but it is perfectly capable of holding its own.

In fact, the Vitamix C series blenders generally get high overall user feedback than many newer models because they are reliable, easy to use, and proven to get the job done. The three preset options are enough for most users as they address the most common tasks done with Vitamix blenders.

Overall, the 6300 is an excellent blender with plenty of power and versatility that will last a long time.

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Anna Powell

Anna is a blending expert that for years has researched, tested, and written about 100's of blenders and smoothie recipes.

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Michelle Bui

Hi there , I have a gift of 6300 vitamix around 2014 . Use until now . Love this machine 6300 vitamix. But now have little problem is monitor got burn and smell when I do smoothies is smell burn in my smoothies very bad . What can I do now with this ?

    Anna Powell

    Hi Michelle, Typically any burning smell would be only if the Vitamix was overheating. Have you experienced the machine shutting off all(which happens when the overload circuit will trip to prevent motor overheating) ? I would contact Vitamix warranty support and see what they can do for you since you are still under the warranty period.

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