Best Vitamix Blender to Buy – The Ultimate Guide

Yes, it can be overwhelming trying to decide on the best Vitamix blender for your needs. There are so many Vitamix reviews comparing Vitamix blenders, but is there really that much of a difference between the many Vitamix models ?

In this extensive buying guide, I will give you all the information you need to help you decide on the best model for your needs. (Updated).

Best Vitamix Blender

Best vitamix blender to buy

The goal of this article is to save you time. Some people spend months researching and comparing Vitamix blenders.

Short on time ? Here are the our favorite Vitamix blenders in 2023:

Best Vitamix BlendersModel
On a Tight Budget : Best ValueReconditioned C-series
Getting Started Model: Best rated Vitamix C-Series.5200
Updated Workhorse: 7500 or A2300
New model with full features: A3500
Best Vitamix Models for Smoothies: All models work but these are best for the money.Standard Reconditioned or 7500

How to Use This Guide -

This is a comprehensive 1-stop resource that answers all of your questions when comparing Vitamix blenders.

Completely new to Vitamix blenders ?

I recommend you read through this entire Vitamix review guide which will explain everything you need to know for deciding on which Vitamix is best for you.

Looking for a summary of the top Vitamix blenders ?

Skip to the “Which Vitamix To Buy” section.

Looking for a Specific Vitamix Model review ?

Click on a link below to skip to the model you are interested in:

  • S-Series Review (Models S30 / S50 / S55)
  • Explorian Blender Review (Models E310 / E320)
  • C-Series Review (Models 5200 / 500 Pro are main Models but variations of those models include TurboBlend, CIA Professional Series, Pro 200, Pro 500, 6000, 6300, Creations II, 5300, 6500)
  • G Series Review (Models 7500 / Creations Elite / 750 / Professional Series 300 / 780)
  • Ascent Review (Models A2300 / A2500 / A3300 / A3500)

This article is continually updated with new information based on new models, comparison tests, and feedback from readers. I also provide Vitamix blender reviews for every modelon the market. Please leave any comments or questions at the bottom if they aren’t answered in this article. Let’s get started !

Note on Vitamix Pricing

Note on Vitamix Pricing: I link to Amazon in this article for the various Vitamix models simply because they have lots of reviews about the specific models from customers who have used the blenders for a long time. Also, Amazon pricing is always competitive and they have deals/sales sometimes on Vitamix blenders. I am an affiliate of Amazon which provides a small referral commissions but doesn’t cost you. also has good prices on refurbished inventory that is in stock and sometimes you can find good deals at retailers like Costco depending on the models and accessories. If you decide to buy a used Vitamix be careful about the Vitamix’s terms of warranty coverage.

Vitamix History and Background

vitamix historyvitamix history vitamix-historyVitamix has a very loyal following and the company has really benefited from the smoothie and healthy eating boom in the last decade.

The family-owned company has been making industry leading blenders in the USA since the 1930’s and has always been know to have amazing quality. (Note: the Vitamix motors are made in Sweden now but the rest of the blender is made in USA)

In 1969 the company introduced its Vitamix 3600 and the model was improved over the years to eventually become the well-known 5200 model. They do have a commercial blender line used by restaurants and businesses which are different from the consumer models you see in retail stores. The 5200 has been in the market for about 10 years and set the standard for high-end blenders at home. In recent years the company has introduced new models and product lines including the S-Series and G-series “Next Gen” blender line.

The enthusiasm for Vitamix that people have is because of the reliability. They sell over 1 million blenders a year and make over 6000 blenders a day. With that many blenders it was amazing to read that they ONLY have 4 full-time employees in their repair department. That shows how few of problems they have with their products.(1)(2)

The company is also known for its amazing full coverage warranty guarantee (5 or 10 years depending on model).

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Vitamix Model Comparisons

vitamix S-series vs C-series vs G-Series vs AcentWhile the company seems to have lots of blender models(I’ve seen dozens), there are really 11 main models which are spread across 5 product lines. The product lines are:

  • The C Series is the Classic line
  • The Explorian Series is their new Value-priced blender model(new 2018)
  • The G series is their Next Generation Line
  • The S Series is the personal blender line
  • The Ascent series is their newest(2017) line

The reason that it seems there are so many models is because the main models listed below have variations like programming buttons, touchscreens, or other accessories. The other Vitamix models are just repackaged with different names for retailers so that the retailer has exclusivity.

S Series vs C Series vs G Series vs Ascent

Simply, the 5 product lines with their respective models are :

S Series: S30 / S55 (S-Series with preset programming)
Explorian Series: E310 / E320
C series:  5200  / Pro 500(C-Series with preset programming)
G Series: 7500 / Pro 750(G Series with Preset Programming)  / 780(G Series with preset programming and touchscreen)
Ascent: A2300 / A2500(3 presets) / A3300(Digital touchscreen) / A3500(Digital touchscreen with 5 presets)

When you see the other models in the market, you just need to know they are using one of the 7 base blenders models above and changing the color or adding accessories.

Just some of variations we have seen: S Series: S50 / C Series: CIA Professional Series, 5200 Super, 5200 Deluxe, Creations II, Creations GC, Turboblend VS 1732, Pro 200, 5300 / G Series: Pro 300, Creations Elite.

When comparing Vitamix blenders, all you really need to decide on is:
1) Types of controls you want
2) Design (size, containers)
3) Power

I didn’t list price as a factor when deciding on which Vitamix to buy because price fluctuates based on accessories, sales, and if you are considering refurbished or new. It is best to decide on features first before starting with price.

Now that we understand the basics let’s discuss the 3 deciding factors I listed above in more detail. Later on I will go into the details about each specific model as well as popular Vitamix comparisons.

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Which Vitamix Controls Do You Want ?

Compare vitamix controls

The Vitamix Control Options are:

  1. Two Speed (meaning No variable speeds, just high or low)
  2. Variable Speed Control knob (Classic control)
  3. Pre-programmed Blend Cycles
  4. Pulse Control

1. Two Speed (No Variable Speed)

2-Speed Vitamix models include C-series Turboblend 2speed, 6000(only has Timed speeds/no variable), Creations Turbo, CIA Creations

I don’t really see the point of not having variable speeds because it limits what you can do with a Vitamix. 2-Speed models are just for blending fast or slow. Really only good for drinks or soups where you want to puree the ingredients.

2. Variable Speed (No presets)

Vitamix Variable Speed

Variable Speed Dial

Base Models = S-Series:S30 / CSeries: 5200 / G Series: 7500 / Ascent A2300

EVERY Vitamix blender has a variable speed control except the models in the two-speed category.

A variable speed dial provides more choices of what you can make. You can manually control everything which is great when you are mixing different ingredients and different amounts. Once you use a Vitamix a few times it is pretty easy to use the variable dial to start blending with a low speed and manually increase as it is blending.

Most blending is pretty quick (30-60 seconds for smoothies, frozen, puree) unless you are making something like soup which can take up to 4-6minutes to heat up from blending.

If you are making your own recipes and varying the ingredients or amounts then the variable speed control is very useful. Whereas, if you follow specific Vitamix recipes and know that the preset you choose will match what ingredients you are using then you might like the preset.

The only disadvantage of variable controls is that you need to manually adjust the speeds and stop the machine when it is done which is why Vitamix introduced preset programs. Personally I like having variable control dial because I can adjust it quickly based on what I am blending.

3. Pre-Programmed Controls ?

Vitamix Pre-programmed settings

Pre-program Control

When comparing the variable speed models versus preset program models it can be a little confusing remembering all the models. The preset models have the 1-10 variable speeds but add the pre-set programs to do things like soups, frozen desserts, and smoothies.

To make it more confusing though is that not all Vitamix preset models have the SAME presets.

Vitamix Blenders with Presets
S50(2 Presets) : Smoothies, PowerBlends
S55(4 Presets) : Smoothies, PowerBlends, Spreads/Dips, Frozen Desserts
6300(3 Presets) : Smoothies, Soups, Frozen Desserts
6500 (3 Presets) : Smoothies, Soups, Frozen Desserts
Pro 500 (3 Presets) : Smoothies, Soups, Frozen Desserts
Pro 750(5 Presets) : Smoothies, Puree, Soup, Frozen Desserts, Cleaning
780 (5 Presets) : Smoothies, Puree, Soup, Frozen Desserts, Cleaning
Ascent Series:
A2500(3 Presets) : Smoothies, Hot Soups, Frozen Desserts
A3500(5 Presets) : Smoothies, Hot Soups, Dips & Spreads, Frozen Desserts, Self-Cleaning

With the presets you just select a program, turn it on, and the machine will automatically speed up to the appropriate level and then shut off when the cycle is done.

The preset programs are timed from a microchip in the blender so the program modes are not sensitive to what or how much you are blending.This means the program you choose will run through the same pre-programmed sequence whether you are blending 3 cups or 5 cups which can be a problem. Personally, I don’t mind manually controlling the speed with the traditional Vitamix dial so presets are not as important to me.

I found a discussion from someone that owned both the 750(Gseries with presets) and 300(same as GSeries 7500 base model without presets) and they had the same issue I have with presets. They found the presets on the 750 not as useful because it is just a timed setting and doesn’t reflect the ingredients being used or amounts. Despite presets, you still have to tamper frozen desserts and keep an eye on the liquid when making soups so it doesn’t overheat.

With presets you are giving up more control over how you blend. The preset run times can vary among blenders due to motor type, strength and capacities so if you read any reviews about someone’s experience with a Vitamix preset make sure you understand which model it is.

Some people who use the presets but might not using them for what they are intended for. Let me explain, you might be used to make a certain batch size of smoothies and find that the smoothie preset function runs too long and makes it too frothy so you just use the “shorter” frozen preset to make smoothies.

With vitamix recipes it seems many are based on using the tall traditional containers which might have different blending times with the presets.

Summary on Manual vs. Presets ?

Vitamix Manual Control vs Pre-ProgrammedPresets can be nice if you follow a recipe or do simple blending like smoothies where you can just let the blender do its thing. Understand that presets are just following a timed sequence and don’t reflect which ingredients or how much you are blending.

If you find a Vitamix with presets for a good price then go for it but I wouldn’t necessarily pay more just to get presets.

The variable speed(with no presets) on the C series 5200, G series 7500, or Ascent 2300 base models work great and can meet many people’s needs.

4. Pulse Control – Do You need it ?

The pulse control is used to quickly chop ingredients that you don’t want to puree.The pulse control is found on the new Vitamix models (All G-series, Ascent, and S-series models / C-series: 5300/6300/6500/Pro500).

The pulse switch control replaces the old pulse method of flipping the high/low control switch and using the using the on/off level to pulse.

The main advantage of the new pulse control lever is that you can pulse at any speed you want by using the variable control knob. Whereas, the old method is you can only pulse at 2 speeds (high and low).

My Thoughts – The original pulse method works fine and having the separate pulse function is nice to have but not a requirement. It shouldn’t be that important to your decision making.

Do you want a digital touchscreen ? One more control feature to consider is digital touchscreens. The new Ascent 3300 and A3500 models both have a digital touchscreen control with countdown timer. They are nice to have but not necessary and won’t effect performance.  We explain the Ascent series blenders farther down in this review.

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Comparing Vitamix Product Lines

Compare Vitamix BlendersSo far I have covered the basics on the different Vitamix product lines and various control options. A lot of people want to know what is the best Vitamix blender series: C-series vs G-Series vs Ascent because the S-series are not full-size blenders.

Honestly, each series and models have their pro’s and con’s but you will see they are pretty similar overall. Below I will cover a lot more detail on the design and model differences to help you decide.

First off, if blender size is an important deciding factor for you then here is a quick reference:

  • S-Series: 15.7” tall with 40oz container. Weight: 12.5 pounds
  • Explorian Series: 18″ tall with 48oz low profile container. Weight: 10.5 pounds
  • C-Series: 20.4” tall with 64oz standard tall container. Weight: 10.6 pounds
  • G-Series: 17.4” tall with 64oz low profile container. Weight 12.5 pounds
  • Ascent: Same size as the Gseries with the 64oz low profile jars. Weight starts at 12 pounds.

For reference, typical spacing for kitchen counter to bottom of upper cabinet is 18”

SIDE NOTE – The reason why I list and explain every single Vitamix blender model below is because many times you will find a specific model that is on sale at a store or online and is cheaper than the same base model(Just has a different model name on it). By explaining each model below you can quickly lookup which ones are the same.

View Image that summarizes different Vitamix blenders

Best Vitamix Blender Guide

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Vitamix S Series Review

Vitamix s30 vs s50 vs s55 review

Vitamix S30 reviewMost people who are researching Vitamix blenders are looking at the full-size countertop models and not at the S Series line. I will just quickly cover the S-Series personal blender line in case you were trying to understand how it is different.

Vitamix’s introduced its S-Series single-serve personal product line in 2014 with its S-30 model to compete with the popularity of personal blenders like Nutribullet and Nutri Ninja. The S-series blenders are smaller than the other Vitamix models and comes with a 20 ounce to-go smoothie cup. The S50 and S55 came out the next year and are the exact same as the S30 but with preset modes added.

The S-Series maximum capacity is 40 ounces vs. the standard Vitamix 64oz capacity.  It is hard for many people to justify the $400 price tag of S30 base model when people compare it to other personal blenders like Nutribullet and Nutri Ninja which are 70-80% cheaper. The S30 motor is 790 watts(1 Horsepower) compared to Vitamix G series 750 that has 1640 watts (2.2 Horsepower). For reference, the S30 blade can reach 37,000 RPM(revolutions per minute) vs. Nutribullet 900 has 25,000 RPM

Positives: Vitamix is more powerful than most other personal blenders and can purify anything for smoothies. The S series models have a 5 year warranty vs other personal blender typically have 1 year. Has variable speeds vs. other personal blenders typically have one speed. Comes with a nice 20oz travel container and lid. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Built to last.

Negatives: Expensive for a personal blender but it will last a long time. Only has 5 year warranty vs. Vitamix C series and G series blenders have a 7 year warranty. For those that want a travel blender, the Vitamix S-series is relatively heavy and isn’t that small(15.7 inches) vs. 20.5 of the Vitamix 5200 or 15.5inches for Blendtec.

Compare S30 vs S50 vs S55

S30 – Base level with Variable speed and pulse function. Comes in Black or Red. See S30 pricing/reviews
S50 – Same as s30 with 2 Presets. Comes in Black of Red. See S50 pricing/reviews
S55 – Same as s30 with 4 Presets. Comes in Stainless Steel. See S55 pricing/reviews
All 3 models comes with 20ounce to-go container/lid, 40ounce container, tamper, and cookbook.

S-Series Review Summary

Overall, The S-Series is a very solid personal blender with Vitamix’s reputation for quality and a smaller footprint size than a normal countertop blender. I am not sure if the $400+ price tag is worth it if you are only making single-size smoothies and small batches of soup or grinding flour.

I still think the Nutribullet is good enough as a personal blender. If you want a full size blender then I would consider a factory reconditioned full-size Vitamix 5200 for about the same price as a new S-series.

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Explorian Review

Vitamix Explorian E310 reviewIntroduced in late 2017, the Explorian E310 blender is Vitamix’s “Value Priced” high performance blender in that it has the same blending power as its C-series Legacy blenders but is priced below all of their other full-size countertop blenders.

For the Explorian series, Vitamix integrated some of the popular features from multiple full-size blender models to make a simplified high powered blender backed by Vitamix’s quality.

The E310 offers the same blending capability of the more expensive C-series blender models but the Explorian comes with a smaller 48oz classic narrow container. Whereas, the standard container size that comes with the other models is the 64oz container. The 48oz container works well for smoothies and small/medium size batches.

The Explorian E310 looks like the Next-Generation G series 7500 blender but the Explorian is built with the C-series 2 horsepower motor. It offers the pulse lever, on/off lever, and variable control dial.

Other design differences of the Explorian E310 blender is the container has no on/off power kill switch and the 48oz container has no rubber handle.

Positives: The E310 is the lowest priced new Vitamix blender on the market and blends as well as more expensive Vitamix models. It has simple controls with no electronics that can break. The shorter 48oz container allows you to store the blender on the countertop underneath the cabinets. The E310 model is a nice choice for those that just make small/medium size batches.

Negatives: Simple controls with no pre-sets and some people might want the 64oz container for larger recipes.

Overall Opinion: The Explorian E310 offers a nice balance of power and features for the price. It is more powerful than the S-series and offers the same performance of the popular C series 5200. The Explorian E310 is well priced but does have a shorter 5 year warranty versus Vitamix 7-year for C-series/GSeries and 10 year warranty for Ascent blenders.

The Explorian E310 is  good choice for buyers that want a new Vitamix blender with simple controls and like being able to use the popular “narrow” legacy containers.

The other option if you want either a Vitamix model with a larger container or a model with more features is to get a Vitamix certified reconditioned blender for the same(or less) price than an Explorian. Vitamix factory reconditioned blenders are “like-new” with the same 5 year warranty as the Explorian. [Here is a link to the Vitamix reconditioned models that are currently available]

–> Click here for Explorian E310 Current price

Explorian E310 vs E320 Difference ? – The E320 which is sold through certain retailers and I have seem it as much as $100 more than the E310. The E320 is built with a Vitamix Next Generation 2.2 HP motor(used on all G series blenders) and therefore works with the low-profile wide containers.

The E320 comes with a 64oz low-profile container versus the Explorian E310 comes with the narrow 48oz container. The downside of the 64oz low profile container is that it can struggle to properly blend small batches. The other main difference is the E320 comes with a 7 year warranty versus the E310’s 5 year warranty.

The E320 does not offer the full “next-generation” design features of the G series blenders such as the new cooling and noise dampening design features. Overall, the E320 is a good blender depending on the price you get it.

TIP – If you were considering the E320, then a certified refurbished 7500 might be a good alternative for less money. The 7500 has essentially the same controls but with the newest G-series design features.

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Vitamix C Series Review

Vitamix C series reviewThe C series is the traditional Vitamix design with a proven workhorse motor. This 5200 base is used in various configurations. Just remember for the C-Series that the 5200 is the standard model and the Pro 500 is the 5200 with preset programming.

The other models in the C-Series are just variations of those two blenders. You can read about every C-Series model below to compare any differences and accessories. Only 2 newer models(5300 and 6500) in the C-series have the new stronger 2.2HP motor that are used in the G series blenders.

Just click the “+” to view details about a specific model

Vitamix 5200 Standard

The 5200 model is the classic Vitamix blender that is built to last. It was introduced in 2007 as a replacement for its flagship 5000 blender model. The 5200 improved on the 5000 by providing a BPA free containers and more efficient motor. Vitamix refers to the 5200 as their “Getting Started Machine” as it is very versatile and easy for beginners. The 5200 is a workhorse that has been widely tested in independent reviews (I explain the tests farther down in the article)

Specifications: 2 horsepower motor

Controls: On/Off lever, High/variable speed lever, Variable speed dial

Container: 64 ounce with softgrip handle and Tamper

Measurements: 20.5” Tall with container. Base is 7.25in Wide x 8.75in deep. Weight 10.5 lbs Available in 5 colors (Black, White, Red, platinum, brushed stainless)

Recipe Book: Whole Foods

The 5200 Standard model comes with:

  • 5200 blender base
  • Classic “Tall” 64 ounce container with soft grip and Classic Tamper
  • Getting Started guide, DVD, and cookbook

Vitamix 5200 best price ?

The 5200 is very popular and a lot of people sell them so I like using Amazon first to see if there are deals on it. Amazon sells the 5200 directly themselves and can be slightly cheaper than other places. See current availability and pricing for 5200 New or Refurbished(aka “Standard Model”)

Vitamix 5200s

The 5200 S model is sold at Costco and is just the Vitamix 5200 with a different recipe book called “Getting Started Plus”

Vitamix Super 5200

The Vitamix Super 5200 is the 5200 blender with standard 64 ounce tall container.

Includes everything that comes with the 5200 but adds:

  • Additional Recipe book: “Whole Grains”
  • 32 ounce “Dry Grains” container with mini tamper

Vitamix is targeting the 5200 super as a “Healthy Lifestyle” model for customers that want to make their own flours which is why they package this model with the “Dry Grains” jar and “Whole Grains” recipe book.

Vitamix Deluxe 5200

The Vitamix Deluxe 5200 is referred to as the “Complete Kitchen” model. It includes everything that comes with the standard 5200 but also adds the following accessories:

  • Additional Recipe book: “Whole Grains”
  • 32 ounce “Dry Grains” container with mini tamper
  • 32 ounce wet blade container
  • 32 ounces container 2 piece lid
  • Mini Tamper
  • Flexible cutting boards (x4)
  • Spatulas (x3)

Turbo Blend 2 speed

The Vitamix TurboBlend two speed uses the C-series 5200 motor/base but only has 2 speeds and removes the variable speed dial functionality of the 5200. Does not have the ergonomic rubber grip handle that comes with the 5200.

Personally I don’t see the point of getting a Vitamix without variable speeds so not sure why someone would buy this unless you just want to puree everything quickly or just make smoothies ? For the price I would choose the 5200 standard model over the Turboblend.

Turbo Blend VS 1732

The Vitamix TurboBlend VS(VS=Variable Speed) 1732 model is the 5200 blender but is marketed to the vegetarian market with its different recipe book and accessory package and the Turboblend container comes without the rubber grip handle. Comes in Black color only.
The unique accessories with the TurboBlend VS blender are:

  • “Live Fresh”  recipe book focused on Raw/vegetarian recipes
  • Nut milk/filtration bag

NOTE : Only comes with a 5 year warranty which is 2 years less than the standard 7 year warranty on C-series and G-series blenders

My thoughts – If you can find the Turboblend VS on sale vs. the 5200 then the Turboblender is worth getting. Just keep in mind you only get a 5 year warranty on the Turboblend VS which is the same as the warranty on a refurbished 5200. The refurbished 5200 is usually cheaper than the new Turboblend Variable Speed, yet they have the same warranty and are same the blender.

CIA Professional Series

Everything in the Vitamix CIA professional Series blender is the same as what you get with the Vitamix 5200 but the CIA pro also includes
New 3-ring recipe book called “Create” with additional CIA chef recipes section

Vitamix also sells a variation of the CIA Professional Series with a 48oz Compact Container instead of the tall 64oz container.

Professional Series 200

The Vitamix Professional 200 is everything that you get with the Vitamix 5200 but the Pro 200 includes the “Create” recipe book and only comes in black color.

Vitamix also sells the Professional 200 Series with a Compact Container instead of the tall 64oz container.

Professional Series 500

The Vitamix 500 comes has the same motor and container as the 5200 but the Pro 500 adds 3 pre-programmed settings to the control interface. It also adds a “pulse” level whereas the 5200 doesn’t have a pulse feature and you toggle the on/off button to pulse on the 5200

Also the Pro 500 comes with a “Create” recipe book.

Vitamix 6000

The Vitamix 6000 is the 5200 base and designed to work with the standard containers. The big difference with the 6000 blender is it has 6 TIMED settings(different from pre-programmed settings) and no variable speed dial.

The 5200 and most Vitamix blenders have the Variable speed dial but the Vitamix 6000 removes the variable speed and instead lets you choose from 6 times settings:

  • 20 seconds = Milkshakes, frozen drinks
  • 30 seconds = Fresh fruit smoothies, frozen desserts
  • 1 minute = Nut butters, marinades and dressings
  • 1:30 (90 seconds) = Whole food juicers and whole food smoothies
  • 4:30 (4.5 minutes) = Creamy hot soups
  • 6:30 (6.5 minutes) = Thick hot soups

To emphasize, the Vitamix 6000 has ONE SPEED, which many people feel takes away from the functionality you want with Vitamix blenders. The variable speed gives you more control especially if you don’t want to puree everything. While the 6000 does have a pulse lever, that doesn’t really address the issue of not having multiple speeds.

Comes with the Creations cookbook(which is different from the “Create” recipe book) and flip-top beverage bottle.

It is sold through Vitamix website in black only or on QVC in 8 colors.

NOTE : Only comes with a 5 year warranty which is 2 years less than the standard 7 year warranty on C-series and G-series blenders.

Overall, for the $400 price tag I have seen on QVC for the Vitamix 6000 I don’t see the reason for buying this blender over a Vitamix blender with variable speeds and a full 7 year warranty. Another alternative is getting a Vitamix reconditioned blender with the same 5 year warranty as the 6000 but saving money.

For less than the 6000 model you could get the 5200 reconditioned or C-series reconditioned with presets(which is the Professional Series® 500, 6300, 6500, or Total Nutrition Center). For slightly more you could also get a G series 7500 with more functionality than the Vitamix 6000.

Vitamix 6300

Built on a 5200 base with same features as the Pro Series 500 (3 pre-programmed settings on a variable speed dial)

Only difference in Vitamix 6300 vs 500 Pro is the Vitamix 6300 has recipes book called “Savor”. When deciding between the 500 vs 6300 then just get the lower priced one.

The Vitamix 6300 is also the same as the the following models: Black 1888, White 1889, Red 1890 & Platinum 1891.

You can get the 6300 reconditioned on Amazon for a good price in different colors: Black 1888, White 1889, Red 1890 or Platinum 1891. For more details, read my Vitamix 6300 review.

Creations II

The Vitamix Creations II is a Vitamix 5200 with a smaller 48 ounce container(rather than standard 64oz container) with conventional handle.

Includes “creations recipe book. Blender comes in black or white.

NOTE : Only comes with a 5 year warranty which is 2 years less than the standard 7 year warranty on C-series and G-series blenders.

Creations GC

The Creations GC blender has a slightly enhanced motor(over 2 horsepower) than the 5200 and comes with the Creations recipe book.

NOTE : Only comes with a 5 year warranty which is 2 years less than the standard 7 year warranty on C-series and G-series blenders.

CIA Creations

CIA creations blender is the 5200 blender but no variable speed dial and comes with the shorter 48oz container.

Also comes with 32 ounce “Dry Grains container” and Creations recipe book with some additional grain recipes section.

As mentioned earlier with the Vitamix 6000, I personally don’t care for the Vitamix blenders with no variable speeds.

NOTE : Only comes with a 5 year warranty which is 2 years less than the standard 7 year warranty on C-series and G-series blenders

Vitamix 5300 - C-series base with G Series motor

The 5300 has the new 2.2HP motor that is designed for the G series blenders but is still built on the traditional 5200 C-series body. The 5300 doesn’t have the noise dampening and air cooling features of the G-series blenders so it is louder than typical G-series blenders.

The benefit of having the new 2.2 HP motor is that is can work with the new low-profile 64oz containers.

The 5300 has similar controls as the traditional 5200 with variable speed dial but adds the “pulse” function rather than the high/variable lever that the 5200 has. The pulse lever allows you to pulse at any speed you set the variable dial at.

My Opinion: A reconditioned 5300 is the most affordable Vitamix model that accommodates the new low-profile containers but it is important to remember it is still a C-series. If you would prefer an updated G-series base design with the newest cooling system and sound dampening (40% quieter than C-series according to Vitamix) then consider getting the 7500 which has same controls as the 5300. Related article: Vitamix 5300 blender review

Check pricing and availability of 5300 refurbished.

Vitamix 6500 - C-series base with G Series motor

Like the 5300 model mentioned above, the 6500 is another “new” model introduced in 2015 built on the C-series base with the new 2.2hp G Series motor. The difference in the 5300 vs 6500 is that the 6500 has 3 presets(smoothies / frozen desserts / hot soups)

The 6500 is essentially the same as the 6300 but 6500 has a stronger 2.2hp motor and low-profile container.

The 6500 comes with the “Savor” cookbook.

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G series Review

vitamix-7500-vs-750-vs-780-reviewThe G-series blender line was introduced in 2013 as an improvement to its classic C series models. The G series are called “Next Generation” and have a newly designed base with new motor (2.2 HP) and airflow design (“Enhanced Airflow Management”). The new design allows these blenders to not only be stronger than the C series blenders but also 40% quieter.

The most visible difference with the G series blender is the low-profile container that allows these Vitamix blenders to fit under normal kitchen cabinet height. The Low-profile containers are wider with longer blades than the traditional C series containers but have the same 64oz capacity.

The wider base of the new low-profile containers help make the G-series blenders the best Vitamix for nut butters and chopping but the C-series containers also do well for those tasks.

Advantages of the new “low-profile” container design:

  • Better chopping capability.
  • Less need for the tamper with the wider base.
  • Easier to scrape out thick mixtures like nut butters.
  • Fits under standard kitchen cabinets.
  • Longer blade can speed up blending of some recipes.

Disadvantage is: New container requires larger minimum size batch (at least 2 cups). Some people buy a second container that is smaller for smaller batches.

Below are the details on all the models in the G series lineup. (As a reminder, The 7500 is the base model, The Pro 750 is the 7500 with preset programming, and the 780 has preset programming & touchscreen)

Vitamix 7500

The Vitamix 7500 is the base model in the G series. Shorter and wider base than C series to accommodate the new low-profile containers. It measures about 3 inches shorter than the classic 5200 models. Comes in Black, Red, or White.

Vitamix 7500 comes with pulse lever, Variable speed dial and start/stop lever (If comparing the 5200 vs 7500 controls, the 5200 does not come with a pulse lever). Comes with “Simply Fresh” hardbound recipe guide


  • New 2.2 HP motor is very powerful and 10% stronger than the C-Series motors
  • Quieter than older Vitamix models and competing brands. (Vitamix claims G-series is 40% quieter than C series models)
  • Low profile jar fits under cabinets
  • Wider base with longer blades can chop better than traditional tall container

Negatives: Low-profile container requires larger batch size and might be hard to blend small amounts vs. the traditional C-class container

Summary – Overall the Vitamix 7500 is an excellent blender that has all the new features of the G series without the price tag of paying for the models with presets.

For more information, read our detailed Vitamix 7500 Review

Creations Elite

The Creations Elite blender is the 7500 with a different recipe book called “Creations”

NOTE : The Creations Elite is the only blender model in the G-Series that comes with a 5 year warranty which is 2 years less than the standard 7 year warranty on C-series and G-series blenders

Vitamix 750 Review

The Professional Series 750 is the 7500 blender but adds 5 preset functions for automated blending. Read our detailed Vitamix 750 review for more information on the 750.

The Vitamix 750 is a Consumer Reports Top blender pick in 2018. It performed very well across blending tasks and get high ratings for durability.

The 5 functions are:

  1. Smoothies
  2. Hot Soups
  3. Frozen Desserts
  4. Puree
  5. Self-cleaning.

Vitamix also offers a “Heritage Collection” which offers the choice of 2 metal exteriors.

Besides the presets, everything you get is the same for the Vitamix 750 vs 7500. If you want the G-series design with presets then the 750 is an excellent choice.

See latest Vitamix 750 pricing and availability (Sometimes Refurbished inventory is available)

Professional Series 300

The Vitamix 300 pro series blender is the Vitamix 7500 with a bigger cookbook called “Create”

Colors: Black or Red.

My opinion, save the money and just get the Vitamix 7500.

Vitamix 780 Review

The 780 is the Top of the line model in the G-series with touchscreen panel and 5 presets for automated blending.

It is essentially the 750 model but with a touchscreen. It seems that Vitamix wanted to offer a model that competes with the popular Blendtec touchscreen blenders.

Comes in Black or Red.


  • All the new features of the G series: quieter, low profile, stronger
  • Adds the modern convenience of a touchscreen
  • It looks cool


  • It isn’t cheap (around $700 )
  • More reliance on digital features can increase chance of breaking over the years.

My opinion – For the latest technology and features then the 780 is the right blender for you. If you want all the benefits of the Next generation models at the best price then I would say the 7500 is the best Vitamix G series for the money.

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Vitamix Ascent Review

Vitamix Ascent ReviewThe Vitamix Ascent series is Vitamix’s newest blender line. Released in 2017, Ascent blenders have a new sleek design with new features like NFC wireless connectivity to identify which blender container is being used and new digital timer capabilities. An added bonus is Ascent blenders have a 10 year warranty compared to the 5 or 7 year warranty on Vitamix’s other models.

New Features:

  • SELF DETECT Technology: The new wireless technology used on all Ascent blenders allows the blender to determine exactly which blender jar is on the blender. Vitamix says this allows for better safety and reduces user error. They also say this allows the motor to blend better for the appropriate jar size.
  • TIMER: The timer display on all models is a count up timer when using variable speed dial to show how long your have been blending (Maximum time is 6.5 minutes and then blender will shut off). 6.5 minutes is enough to do any function including making soups.
    The A2500 and A3500 models with preset programs have a countdown timer when a pre-set program is running. The A3300 and A3500 have an added timer feature that allows you to manually set a countdown time for when you want the blender to stop.
  • JARS: The new blending containers have clear plastic locking lids(compared to their traditional containers with the rubber black lid) for tighter a seal. Some people prefer the traditional rubber lid as it allows more movement for the tamper.
    All the new Ascent blenders only work with the new Smart Detect jars so nothing is interchangeable with any of the older Vitamix models or accessories. All Ascent jars are dishwasher safe versus the Legacy jars are not recommended for dishwasher cleaning. Each Ascent blender comes with just the 64oz blending jar.
  • LOOK: The Ascent blenders have a sleeker, modern look and are about the same size as the Vitamix G Series blenders. The A3500 has extra “metal” finishes to choose from.
  • ACCESSORIES: Accessories available with SMART DETECT technology for working with the Ascent models are: 48oz dry grain jar, 48oz wet blending jar, 20oz personal smoothie jar, and 8 oz blending bowl.
  • WORKS WITH PERFECT BLEND APP: The Ascent blenders integrate with Vitamix’s Perfect Blend App so the Smartphone app will adjust the recipes depending on which smart jar you are using.

Vitamix Ascent Performance

The Ascent blender has similar speed controls as the G-Series and doesn’t adjust speed based on weight but strictly on time just like the legacy blenders. The motor power and performance is about the same for Ascent models versus G series. The Ascent series are full-size machines with 64 ounce containers. You would need to purchase an additional blending jar to do small batches.

Overall, the performance for Ascent models is excellent like other Vitamix blenders with the same performance as their G series using the low profile jars.

Compare Vitamix Ascent Models:

There are 4 different Vitamix Ascent models and they are all the same blender base and jar except for the control interface and finish options.

A2300 – The lowest cost base model with no touchscreen, no countdown timer, no program settings.
– 1-10 variable speed dial
– Start/Stop Switch and Pulse Switch
– Digital Count up Timer
– Self-Detect wireless technology for jars

A2500 – Same as A2300 but adds 3 pre-programmed settings (Smoothies, Hot Soups, Frozen Desserts)
– 1-10 variable speed dial
– Start/Stop Switch and Pulse Switch
– Digital Count up Timer
– Self-Detect wireless technology for jars
– 3 Program Settings for Smoothies, Hot Soups, Frozen Desserts

A3300 – Adds the digital touchscreen and removes the switches. Adds a digital countdown timer.
– 1-10 variable speed dial
– Touch Start/Stop Switch and Touch Pulse
– Digital Count up Timer
– Self-Detect wireless technology for jars
– Digital Countdown timer that user can set

A3500 – Same as the A3300 model above but adds 5 pre-programmed settings (Smoothies, Hot Soups, Dips & Spreads, Frozen Desserts, Self-Cleaning) and has a metal base option.
– 1-10 variable speed dial
– Touch Start/Stop Switch and Touch Pulse
– Digital Count up Timer
– Self-Detect wireless technology for jars
– Digital Countdown timer that user can set
– 5 Program Settings
– Metal finish option (brushed stainless, black stainless, and graphite)

Vitamix Ascent versus Legacy C & G Series Models

The Ascent performance is very similar to the legacy models especially the G-series product line since they also use a 64oz low profile container. said in their testing that the G-series 7500 performed better in tests than the A3500 but not sure how accurate their head-to-head test was. Good Housekeeping gave the A3500 4 out of 5 stars and said it did well for performance.

Ascent blenders offer a generous 10 year warranty versus 5-7 years for their older legacy models. The 10-year warranty should relieve some concerns about the technology or digital components breaking.

The size for the Ascent vs G-series blenders is about the same. For noise, Epicuious said the A3500 was noticeably louder than their G-series blender.

Should You Get a Vitamix Ascent Blender ?

The Ascent has some new features but you really become more dependent on their new self-detect wireless technology. The self detect features can be useful with the small containers for safety. The downside of the smart detect is that you can’t use any legacy containers so it might not be worth upgrading if you already have a Vitamix blender and extra jars.

Speaking of jars, all the Ascent blenders come with a low-profile 64oz container like the G series low-profile containers. These low profile, wide-base jars don’t do that well with small batches which means you will probably need to buy an extra smart-detect container (48oz container or 20oz single serve container) for small batches.

For price, Ascent blenders are priced similar to their popular Legacy vitamix blenders despite the Ascent blenders having a longer warranty and newest features.

Overall, if you are new to Vitamix then the Ascent blender line is a good option with a longer warranty and the new smart detect features. If you already have a Vitamix blender then it might not be worth the upgrade because the performance won’t be noticeable and you can’t use any of your past accessories.

Which Ascent model should you get ?
– A2300 is the lowest cost model and a good choice if you want the basics but don’t care about touchscreen or preset blending programs.
– A2500 is a good choice if you don’t care about the touchscreen but want some presets programs.
– A3300 is you want digital touchscreen, digital speed knob, and ability to set your own countdown timer.
– A3500 is you want full digital controls with maximum number of blending programs.

Still not sure ? The A2500 is a good choice for the majority of people (Click here for A2500 current price and user reviews) that want some manual control and a couple preset programs. (The A2500 would be like getting the G series 750).

Get the A3500 if you really want all the features and prefer the touchscreen vs manual (The A3500 would be like getting the G series 780). Click here for A3500 current price and user reviews.

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Understanding Vitamix Containers

compare vitamix containers

NOTE None of the Vitamix containers listed below work with the new Ascent blenders. Ascent blenders only work with the new Self-Detect wireless containers.

Before getting in the details of Vitamix containers, understand that all the containers work good for everything whether you get a C Series or G series blender. There are just some slight advantages of the different containers that you should understand.

Understanding Vitamix Containers

First off, the portable S-series 40oz and 20oz to-go containers are proprietary to only work with the S-series blenders line so we we will mostly focus on comparing Vitamix containers for the C-Series and G-Series product line.

Vitamix’s traditional C-series blender with its “classic” tall 64oz containers has been an issue for some people. The issue is it measures over 20inches tall so you can’t fit it under a kitchen cabinet without taking the container off the blender base. You can get a shorter 48oz container for the 5200 model if you want a shorter container.

For the Next generation “G-Series”, Vitamix came out with is low profile “wide” container which has the same 64oz capacity as the classic tall jars but fits under a cabinet with 17.5 inch clearance. The next generation models are the Pro Series 750, Professional Series 300, Vitamix 7500, and Creations Elite. The low-profile 64oz containers are compatible with the G-series machines and two of the Cseries models(5300 and 6500).

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Vitamix Container Choices

The Vitamix containers available are:

Wet Containers:

32oz Smallest jar. Fits all Vitamix Cseries and Gseries blenders.

48 oz Smaller capacity container. About 17.4inch tall when on blender. Fits all Vitamix Cseries and Gseries blenders.

64oz “Classic” Tall – Standard container with narrow base used only on C-series blender. Measures 20.4 inches tall so does not fit under typical countertop cabinet.

64 oz “Low Profile” Next Generation – Newest container with wider 4 inch base and measures 17.4inches tall on blender base to fit under cabinets. Made with work only with G-series blenders and the new C-series blenders that have the new 2.2hp motor (Vitamix 5300 and 6500)

Dry Container :

There is a 32oz standard dry jar and 48oz dry grain smart jar. See our Dry Grains container review for more details.

The containers are all interchangeable between C Series and G series blenders except for the main 64oz containers. This means the 64oz “Classic” tall containers should only be used on the C-series blender and the Low-profile(wide bottom) 64oz container should only be used on the G series blenders and Cseries 5300 and 6500.

If you want a low profile container for the C-series blender then you can use the 48oz container . If you want to make smaller batches on the G-series blender then you can use the 32oz or 48oz containers.

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Do you need a dry container ?

Vitamix dry grains container reviewNot really unless you are milling hard grains and make flours a lot. You can use the wet containers for dry ingredients but the Wet container blade can make it harder as the blade pulls the ingredients down which increases heat and friction.

The increased friction of wet jar blades can make the ingredients hotter and more difficult to mix. Also dry ingredients can scratch the plastic of the wet container.

The blades in a dry container push the ingredients up which is ideal for milling vs. the blades in a wet containers that pull the ingredient down.

The new low-profile wet containers with the wider base make it a little easier to mill dry ingredients than the original narrow tall wet containers but still won’t work as well for milling as the dry container.

Overall, wet containers can work for everything but dry containers use a specific blade that is only intended for milling beans(including coffee beans) and hard grains to make flours.

Vitamix Tamper

A popular feature of Vitamix blenders is the built in tamper to help with thicker ingredients and recipes. All vitamix jars come with a tamper.

Do you need a blender with a tamper ? A tamper is convenient for thicker recipes like nut butters, spreads, frozen desserts. Typically if you add the ingredients in the right order then the Vitamix can blend just fine without a tamper for most recipes.

Overall, a tamper is a nice feature to have to add more versatility to what the blender can do.

Summary thoughts on Vitamix Jars

In the product line overviews I already mentioned some of the pro’s and con’s about using the traditional tall jars vs. the new wide-profile jars but here is the quick overview.

64oz “Classic” Tall Jar

  • 3” wide base
  • Works for any recipe
  • Easier to make smaller portions than new “low-profile” container
  • Too Tall to fit under kitchen cabinet
  • Slightly harder to clean by hand with narrow base.

64oz Low profile Jar

  • 4” wide base with longer blades
  • Works for any recipe
  • Can’t make smaller portions(<2 cups) so might need additional jar like 32oz
  • Wider base is easier for chopping and recipes like making dough.
  • Fits under typical kitchen cabinet
  • Easier to clean by hand

Best place to buy Vitamix containers ?

The containers are NOT cheap($100+ each) so do a little searching around. Personally, I think Amazon typically has best price on Vitamix jars and sometimes they have a sale on them.

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Understanding Vitamix Batch Sizes ?

Vitamix Low profile container batch sizeVitamix c-series vs g-series containersVitamix shows “Medium” as optimum batch size for the C series and “Large” batch size for the G series but they both have 64 oz containers. Why the difference ?

It sounds strange that the low-profile jars have a larger minimum batch than the tall cups since the capacities are the same. The reason is the narrow base of the tall cups keep the ingredients in a tighter area allowing the blade to blend the smaller batch amounts properly.

The wide containers with small batches can push the ingredients to the side so you have to use a tamper to push the ingredients back to the middle if the batch is too small.

The low profile containers should still be able to blend a typical single serve smoothie but smaller than say 12oz might need a little help with a spatula to move some ingredients around if it is too thick.

The other option if you bought a Vitamix with the wide container is to buy a secondary 32oz container that can properly handle small batches.

The positives of the wide container is it can heat up soup quicker than the narrow containers and it can chop up ingredients better. The wider base of the container makes it easier for the food to circulate the longer blades when chopping so you can do larger batches of chopping(3 cups) with the low profile container than you can with the tall container(1-1.5cups at a time)

In summary, both containers types work great. Some people prefer the traditional tall narrow containers because they can have been around forever and work well with all batches so you have more flexibility with the one container.

The wide “low-profile” Vitamix containers also work well especially for chopping but might take a little experimenting for smaller batches. You can also consider getting a 32oz container if all you have is the low-profile 64oz container.

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Compare Vitamix Models

Here is a growing list of popular Vitamix model comparisons. Just click the “+” next to each comparison to view the details.

Vitamix 5200 vs 5300

Vitamix 5200 vs 5300 seem similar because they are both part of the C Series product line at similar prices. The main visible difference is 5300 uses the new wide-profile pitcher that allows the blender to fit under a kitchen cabinet.

What isn’t visible is that the Vitamix 5200 uses the older generation 2hp motor while the 5300 has their next-generation 2.2hp motor which gives the 5300 a slight edge in power. The 5300 though is still built on the Cseries base so it doesn’t have the noise dampening you get with the new G-series base design.

The controls look identical between the 2 models but the 5300 has a pulse function which the 5200 does not. Some people feel that not having a pulse function is a downside of the 5200. The only way to pulse with the 5200 is to toggle the on/off button.

Instead of a pulse switch, the 5200 has a high/variable switch so you can only pulse at one speed but I don’t that it is that big of deal to be able to pulse as variable speeds

The most visible difference is the 5300 utilizes the new wide pitcher with wider blades. The new pitchers are 2.5 inches shorter than the “classic” Vitamix tall pitcher.

The 5300 is typically exclusive only at Costco if you buy it new or you can get it refurbished at Amazon for a great price.

The 5200s tall container works well with any batch size and continues to be a top choice. The 5300 is a good blender but the 64oz low-profile container struggles at blending small batches especially if you don’t have enough liquid.

Vitamix 5200 vs 6300

Vitamix 6300 is the 5200 with presets, a blue light that lights up on the front when the blender is on, and a secondary on/off switch.

The 6300 is the exact same blender as the Pro 500 model but the 6300 has a different cookbook.

If you want the presets then the 6300 is fine(or get the Pro 500 if cheaper than 6300). I personally don’t need the presets so I like the 5200.

NOTE: you can currently get the 6300  and 5200 refurbished for great prices. You can get the 6300 reconditioned online for a good price in different colors: Black 1888, White 1889, Red 1890 or Platinum 1891 (they are the same as the 6300).

Vitamix 5200 vs 7500

A lot of people have been comparing the C series 5200 vs 7500 from the G series because they are the base models for each product line.

I have explained the 5200 model earlier but many people like the 7500 G-Series because:

  • The wider pitcher means you don’t have to tamper certain recipes as much
  • 7500 fits under cabinets
  • Chops better (closer to a food processor) than the narrow C-series container
  • 7500 has stronger motor and is quieter than the 5200

The downside of the 7500 is the minimum possible batch size is larger than 5200 so you might need to get the 32-oz container to handle smaller batches.

Overall, the 7500 is a solid choice with the updated G-series features and no preset functions and is my favorite G-series model. It is built to last like the 5200 classic. See 7500 current pricing and customer reviews.

Vitamix 5300 vs 7500

The 5300 is part of the C-series and has the new 2.2 HP motor that is found in 7500 as well as the rest of the G-Series product line. The 5300 and 7500 both come with the same containers and slightly different recipes book.

The main difference between the two models is the 5300 is still built on the traditional C-series base whereas the 7500 is built on the new G series base. The 5300 does not have the new airflow design and noise reduction that the 7500 has.

Most people would just chose the updated 7500 vs the 5300.

Vitamix 750 vs 7500

In comparing the Vitamix 7500 vs 750 they look very similar. The Vitamix 7500 is the base model Gseries with no presets. The 750 pro is the 7500 blender but has 5 preset functions. Consumer Reports added the Vitamix Pro 750 as an editor’s choice in 2017.

The 7500 is a top pick for me but if you really want the presets then the 750 is a good choice. You just have to decide if the added price is worth having the presets.

If you aren’t sure if you want presets or not, then I would suggest reading customer reviews about the 750 Pro to see what they say about the presets. Also, sometimes you can get a 750 refurbished for about the same price as a new 7500 but the limited amount of refurbished Vitamix inventory sells quickly.

Vitamix 7500 vs 300

The Vitamix 7500 and Professional Series 300 have the same blender base, container, lid, and tamper. The only difference is faceplate colors and some accessories(mainly the cookbook). The Pro series 300 blender has a bigger cookbook and that is about it.

In fact, if you go to Vitamix’s factory refurbished page to buy the 7500(or Pro 300) they put then under the same page and it says “Label may reflect the following G-Series machines: Professional Series® 300, 7500, or Creations Elite “.

Conclusion, if comparing the Pro 300 vs 7500 models then I would just go with the cheaper 7500.

Vitamix 300 vs 750

As mentioned above, the Vitamix 300 is the same blender as the Vitamix 7500 with different accessories. The difference between the Vitamix 300 and 750 is that the 300 is the base model Gseries blender with no presets and the 750, which is also on the same G-series design, has 5 presets.

Both have the same base design, same motors and containers but 750 has the 5 presets. If you really want presets then go with the Vitamix 750 . The Vitamix 750 was a top blender pick by Consumer Reports.

View My Favorite Vitamix Recommendations

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Is Vitamix the Best Blender Brand ?

More and more high-powered blenders have come into the market in recent years. Brands like Oster, Blendtec, Waring, Cleantec, Breville, Omega, Ninja, and Omni all have competing high-speed blenders.

Vitamix vs other blender brands

There are lots of opinions about blender brands but overall Vitamix seems to consistently perform near the top among high-end blender comparison tests. Keep in mind that most tests only used 1 Vitamix model(usually 5200) since it has been around the longest.

I didn’t find any detailed tests using multiple Vitamix models against other brands. I assume there will be more comparison tests of the Ascent series vs other blender brands in the coming years. Here is a sampling of test results:

Vitamix was chosen as the top pick by:

  • Consumer Reports (Vitamix 5200 and 750)
  • America’s Test Kitchen (Vitamix 5200)
  • CNET (Vitamix 7500)
  • Real Simple (Vitamix 5200)
  • The Sweet Home (Vitamix 5200)
  • Serious Eats (Vitamix 5200)

Watch America Test Kitchen Blender Results :

YouTube video

Vitamix vs Blendtec

Vitamix vs Blendtec BlendersCooks Illustrated liked the Vitamix better than Blendtec and said Vitamix did a better job of crushing ice. They also said that Blendtec created air pockets which caused uneven blending.(6)

SweetHome did an extensive study(updated for multiple years) comparing various high-end blenders including Blendtec and said the Vitamix 5200 continually outperformed in every task and has the best track-record out of all the blender models they tested.(7)

Serious Eats tested and compared various high-end blender among 13 separate blending tests. They chose the Vitamix 5200 over Blendtec and other brands.(8)

Blendtec seems to be the most popular blender brand that is compared to Vitamix. Despite the differences, if you’re just making smoothies then you would probably have a hard time figuring out if it was made with a Vitamix or Blendtec and either is probably fine for smoothies.

Lots of smoothie shops use Blendtec but a lot of consumers and comparison tests found that the Vitamix performed better on a wider variety of blending tasks. Vitamix is a better choice if you are making a wider variety of food prep tasks besides just smoothies or if you don’t like relying on the presets that Blendtec blenders focus on.

When comparing Blendtec models, the popular model in tests is the Blendtec Designer Series. The other top rated Blendtec is their “Classic” model which is cheaper than the Designer Series model. I linked to Amazon so you can read the customer reviews of those models.

For a good overview of Vitamix vs Blendtec, I found a detailed Amazon review from a customer who spent a YEAR comparing blenders and has some solid information on why he chose a Vitamix instead of the other blender brands.

Vitamix vs Ninja Blenders

Lets face it, Vitamix costs more than Ninja and that is mostly reflective of quality. While Ninja blenders are pretty good for the price and will work fine for many people, Ninja blenders generally won’t last as long as Vitamix.

Ninja blenders have plastic parts and only 1 year warranty vs Vitamix 7 year comprehensive warranty. I have a detailed Ninja vs Vitamix review and Vitamix is able to blend tougher ingredients a little better BUT the Ninja does do pretty good. Overall, I like Ninja blenders especially for the price but Vitamix blenders are better quality and can literally puree anything.

If you’re looking at Ninja blenders, visit our Ninja blender review post that answers everything you would need to know about Ninja blenders.

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Is Vitamix Worth The Price ?

With a Vitamix you are paying up for their history of quality and warranty. Some people have had their Vitamix blender for 30+ years. I saw a review somewhere where the the person looked at the costs of the blender divided by the number of years someone might use the blender..

  • A $350 Vitamix that conservatively lasts 15 years for active use would cost $350/15yrs = $23 a year
  • A $40 blender replaced every three years would cost $13 a year.
  • A typical $100 blender replaced every 5 years could cost $20 a year, which is almost the same as the Vitamix.

In other words, Vitamix offers better blending performance yet ends up costing the same as low priced, weaker blenders over time. If you think you will use a Vitamix for a long time and really use it, then it is well worth it because Vitamix will normally last more than the 15 years I mentioned above.

Personally, I figure that I eat healthier foods by being able to make smoothies and I feel better. The cost of a blender is far less than the cost of doctor visits over time(I pay $225+ for a basic office visit now) and the Vitamix refurbished blenders are great deals if you are really concerned about cost.

Conclusion – Which Vitamix to Buy ?

I realize this was a long article and hopefully it has answered all of your questions. If you aren’t sure which one to get, here are my thoughts on which Vitamix to buy in 2021 :


I think the reconditioned standard 5200 blender is a great buy and is the model that has been tested the most in independent reviews and still used by many serious cooks. A terrific choice if you just want to get started but great for beginners and serious cooks. See 5200 current price and reviews .

For slightly less than the 5200 model, the Explorian E310 is lowest cost Vitamix blender with the same performance as the 5200 but the E310 comes with a smaller container and shorter warranty than the 5200 warranty.


The Ascent A2300 is the lowest cost model within the newest product line from Vitamix. It offers with the latest features and design with a long warranty. See A2300 current price and reviews. (If you want to compare Ascent models see Ascent blender line overview)

Also, the G series 7500 base model with no presets is still considered one the best Vitamix for everyday use because it is quieter, simple to use, has the newest motor, and the low-profile jar fits under the kitchen cabinet. The small downside of the G-series is you might need to buy an additional smaller container if you make small batches but it is not required. See 7500 current price and reviews.


The Vitamix Pro 750 with 5 presets is probably the most popular Vitamix with programs. Extremely popular Vitamix model among serious cooks and it is the #1 blender choice from Consumer Reports in 2018 See 750 price and reviews.

The other option is the popular, new Ascent A2500 with smart detect container and a nice balance of manual control and presets (The A2500 would be like getting the Gseries 750). See Ascent A2500 price and reviews.

Most people choose one of the preset models above but if you want the classic design with narrow container then the C-series Pro 500(same as 6300) with 3 presets is still a great choice. see Pro 500 Pricing: New or Refurbished .


The new Ascent A3500 is the top Ascent model with Vitamix’s latest features and 10 year warranty. The best choice if you want all the latest features.  A3500 has similar performance for Gseries 780. See A3500 pricing and reviews.


G series low-profile containers(base model 7500) or Ascent blenders are easier to work with for nut butters but all variable speed Vitamix models can do nut butters. 


The reconditioned models are an excellent value (Side Note – when you buy reconditioned it sometimes will have a different model number on it because the blenders are identical and only the accessories were different). See our FAQ section below for overview on Reconditioned Vitamix models.

Should you get Vitamix Ascent or legacy(C/G series) model?

The Ascent blenders are new and perform like the legacy blenders so performance isn’t really a deciding factor. The biggest benefit is the longer 10 year warranty but the Legacy models are just as good. It really is up to you so I provided options above for both Legacy and Ascent models. The main benefit of getting an Acent blender is that you will get the latest technology as they are wireless and bluetooth enabled.

Overall, all the Vitamix blenders work great for everyday use and will last for a long time. It really comes down to the features you want and your budget when determining which Vitamix to get. I would go with one of the models I mentioned this “Which Vitamix to Buy?” section.

Wow, you made it all the way to the end of this post. Below are some common Vitamix FAQ’s. Note- Since this post was getting so long I created a separate Vitamix Answer Guide that I will continue to add to as questions are asked.

If you have any questions that weren’t answered then please leave them in the comment section below. Also, if you found this post helpful then please share it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Vitamix reconditioned blenders reliable ?

A reconditioned  Vitamix is not the same as refurbished. Reconditioned machines come from returns to Vitamix and are not defects. Vitamix certified reconditioned blenders are essentially like new.

If Vitamix blenders are so great then why do they have returns ? Well, have you ever seen those amazing Vitamix demonstrations in stores or on QVC that gets people to impulsively buy a $400 Vitamix blender ? Some of those buyers get it home and decide they no longer want or can’t afford the blender so they return it.

TIP  – Many Vitamix owners don’t realize that they can trade in their old Vitamix machine and get credit to upgrade to a new model. Vitamix will recondition the best of these trade-ins and resell them 

When buying a Vitamix, the company has a generous 30 day full refund and 7 year “no questions asked” full warranty and they pay shipping.

The reconditioned blenders comes with a full 5 year warranty (vs the normal 7 year warranty).

They are essentially like new and nothing was defective when it was returned(Many reconditioned machines are barely used and returned during the initial 30day trial). I read that all certified machines go through a 17-step inspection process and every reconditioned blender comes with a new container, new lids, new tamper, and new cookbook. The certified reconditioned Vitamix blenders also must look like new to get the designation so it’s not automatic for every blender return they get.

The hard thing with reconditioned blenders is getting the exact model you want. Inventory stock of reconditioned models can change frequently especially for the popular models so you might have to wait a while until you can find a reconditioned version.

Also, since many of the models are exactly the same(just different accessories) a reconditioned blender might have a different model name on the front. That is why when you see reconditioned it just be classified as “classic” for C-series or “Next-generation” for G series.

Can I use the new wide profile G series pitchers with the older Vitamix machines ?

Vitamix does not recommend it and it would void your warranty. The low-profile containers can be used on any G series and some of the new C-series blenders(5300 & 6500) that have the new 2.2 horsepower motor.

Technically though the wide containers do fit on the C series. The reason you aren’t supposed to is that the G series have different motor and blade designs to work with the wider pitchers.

What Can You Make with Vitamix Blenders ?

For the full size models(Cseries&Gseries) you can make:

Any type of smoothie
Soups (from start to finish and will even heat it up from the speed of the blender)
Nut Butters
Sauces and Dips
Ice Cream and frozen desserts
Dough and Batters
Grind seeds and grains
Dice and chop vegetables or other dry ingredients
Crush Ice

Why doesn’t Vitamix make a glass container ?

Some people talk about how old blenders all used to use glass and it seems cheap that these expensive high speed blenders use plastic pitchers.

Vitamix used to make their containers out of stainless steel but in the 1990’s changed over to Clear high-strength Polycarbonate(plastic) for strength and also the clear plastic lets you see what you are blending. In 2007 Vitamix switched from clear polycarbonate over to BPA free Tritan copolymer.

The reason Vitamix and other high-speed blender manufacturers don’t use glass is their testing has found that glass containers don’t hold up to the impact and safety standards required by these high speeds.

At this time, there is no glass jar for any high-speed blender. I have seen some talk about people using stainless steel containers from other manufacturers that fit onto Vitamix base but I wouldn’t do that for safety and because you would void the Vitamix warranty.

How to compare the power of Vitamix to other blender brands ?

It’s confusing comparing the motor strength among blenders. Does horsepower or watts matter? How much strength do you need so just make smoothies ?

I was kind of confused by this so I did some research. In summary, actual power is dependent on what is actually being blended. From what I could find, peak horsepower isn’t really relevant and you should focus more on operating horsepower when comparing blenders. Peak horsepower is the amount of power when the motor meets resistance but it isn’t a sustainable horsepower. Operating horsepower is the strength that the blender is working at normally.

Watts is the measure of power going into the blender MOTOR and horsepower is the actual speed of the motor (blending power). Watts and amps are what limit the capacity of what a blender can do so. If you don’t have enough watts(power going in) then it doesn’t matter if you have really high horsepower motor because won’t reach that capacity.

For reference I found that:
1500 WATTS = 2.01 HP = 13 AMPS
1800 WATTS = 2.4 HP = 15 AMPS
2200 WATTS = 2.9 HP = 18 AMPS

Vitamix lists the following wattage for each product line:
S-Series: 790 W
C-Series: 1380 W
G-Series: 1440 W

For example, Blendtec 725 vs Vitamix 780 are high-end models from each company that are often compared to each other. The Blendtec 725 lists a peak Horsepower of 3.8 with 1725 watts and 15 amps. Although if you look at the watts to HP reference table above it seems it would be hard to reach the peak HP with that watt level ?

The comparable Vitamix 780 has a 2.2 horsepower motor with 1440 watts and 11.5amps so not as strong as Blendtec 780 but when you look at watts/amps which controls the power limits going into the motor then I am not sure how much stronger operating horsepower the Blendtec has vs the Vitamix ?

I guess I am just saying make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Most blender companies seem to model each other at the same price points so they are pretty similar. All the reputable brands will be find for blending anything you can put in the blender so it comes down more to features and quality when comparing similar strength blenders. Just because 2 blender brands have the same power doesn’t mean they have the same quality !

If any science experts are reading this and have additional insight to add about blender strength then please let me know. You can reference resources # (3)(4)(5) for more information  that I found about comparing blender power.

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Anna Powell

Anna is a blending expert that for years has researched, tested, and written about 100's of blenders and smoothie recipes.

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Wow. Great vitamix guide. Huge article. I appeciate you listing all the models.


I’d like to know if any of the newer container sizes will fit on the old 5000 series?

    Anna Powell

    Hi Molly,
    For “Newer containers” if you mean the G series low profile containers, then yes most of the new containers work with the legacy C series Vitamix blenders. The exception is the new 64oz Wide bottom Low profile container that has a wider bottom to accomodate a longer 4inch blade. Here is the section in the article that summarizes the containers available

    In 2017 Vitamix also introduced a cup adapter if you want to use small S-series single serve cups with a full size Vitamix.

    If you are referring to using the the new Ascent series containers with old models then NO the Vitamix Ascent containers do not work on non-Ascent Vitamix blenders.

    Let me know if I didn’t answer your question fully. Thanks for reading !


      I’m still not sure. I bought a 5000 vitamin used not knowing anything about them. I love it. Lately it cuts off and actually shuts down my electricity in the kitchen for a few hours. So I’m looking to buy a new one. I want to be above to still use the tall container as an extra. So I I’m looking at the 5300 and the 7500. Will either or both of them be compatible? Ci also want the dry grains container.
      Thanks for your help.

        Anna Powell

        Hi Molly,
        Generally the older containers will fit the G Series blenders but the newer low profile 64 and 48oz containers use different blade assemblies than the older 64/32 versions. The newest 64/48 low profile containers that come with the G series have a longer blade assembly and taller base so there’s more space between the bottom of the blade nut and the base of the machine. While some people use the older Cseries 64oz containers on the new G series, Vitamix doesn’t suggest it and I would check first with them about warranty using the older 64oz tall containers with the G series. Overall, all the containers work between the C series and G series except the 64oz containers are the ones that Vitamix recommends only using with the specific models they are are designed for (you are probably fine but worth checking first). Also on Vitamix website you will see that they don’t list the 64oz containers are being compatible with the other blender lines but the smaller containers are. Yes, you can use the Dry grains container on both C series and G series blenders including 7500. For the G series, many people buy the 32oz wet container for their 2nd container to do small batches and love it. The G series are nice but the 1 drawback as I mentioned in the review is that that wide 64oz container of the G series require more liquid to properly blend than the narrower 64oz “Classic” tall container.


Ok, thanks for all your help. Now I have a question about the two types of motors. I’ve read what you wrote about them but need to know which pulls more power from electricity?
Thanks, Molly

    Anna Powell

    Hi Molly, that might be a little beyond my expertise. LOL. I did discuss Amps/Wattage/Power at the bottom of the article in the FAQ’s section from what I read. I don’t think the AMP difference is noticable between the 2 models(probably less than 1amp difference). I would hate to give you the wrong answer about power draw(I assume you are concerned about the AMP’s used which is what triggers a breaker to trip) so I would suggest emailing/calling Vitamix for the exact answer.


Hi. I am so torn about the 6500 vs. 7500. If the 6500 is newer, why didn’t they just make it with the new airflow design!

1. Are the 3 presets the only reason why 6500 is more expensive than the 6500?
2. Is the 7500 THAT much more quieter in person than the 6500?
3. Which smaller container will fit on the 6500/7500 blender?

thanks so much!

    Anna Powell

    Hi Danielle, The performance is the same but the 6500 is quieter(although it is still loud because of the power). You can watch some Youtube videos showing the blender in action for noise and you will see that the G Series design is slightly quieter. The 7500 does have a newly designed motor design and components so it is more expensive vs the 6500 is just built on the classic base. Both models have the same warranty. The 7500 is slightly more compact base and the on’off switch is on the side vs the 6500 on/off is in front. All the legacy containers fit the 6500 and 7500 but they recommend not using the traditional tall 64 oz container(just use the low profile 64oz container that comes with the blender). The low profile 64 oz container can struggle with small batches so many people get the 48oz container for small batches. See the section above about Vitamix containers for more details. You might also want to consider the new A2500 which has a long 10 year warranty and is similarly priced.

    Let me know if you have more questions or if you need more details.


Fantastic article! Thank you so much for the very thorough reviews – I just purchased a E310 from QVC that came along with the dry container – my question is whether you had any trouble from the fact that the container is designed to NOT fit completely snug within the base – I am going to use it for the first time later today before my 30 day period is up, but I have read a few reviews where folks are complaining about that fact and how it seems to skip around a little because it’s not snug. I had written to the Vitamix company and a rep responded that that was designed to be that way on purpose…so wondered if you had any issue with it? Thanks again so much –

    Anna Powell

    Hi Melanie, That is just the way Vitamix containers are designed. The bottom gear that is attached to the blade is long enough to fit snugly in the motor base and not have any slippage so the container will stay down. If you use Vitamix correctly such as gradually ramping up speeds,etcetera…then the slight movement in the container is fine.

    Enjoy your new blender.


Great article. I plan on buying one at Costco’s next month when they do their demonstration and sale again. I should have bit the bullet last year when I drooled over their presentation and sample but just couldn’t stomach the cost. I’m ready now though! Just have to wait a month till they come around again.

    Anna Powell

    Hi Diane, Costco does have good prices on Vitamix but sometimes they can just be higher because they package them with additional accessories(like containers) which aren’t always needed. If you are really on a budget, you should consider a Vitamix Factory reconditioned blenders(they are like new and have a 5yr warranty vs 7yr new). I saw Vitamix was offering the Standard Cseries with presets(which is the Professional Series® 500, 6300, 6500 or Total Nutrition Center 3) for $299 which is a good price


I need advise. I have a blender (the one named after the green turtles) but the full size doesn’t blend smoothies well. I could buy their little guy designed just for smoothies but I would also like to be able to grind some of my own flours. I want a blender that can do the job of multiple appliances: high fiber smoothies, herbs, spices (maybe coffee beans) and grains. If I have to work a payment plan to get something truly excellent, then so be it. I would really like one machine that can multitask without needing a smoke break. What is your recommendation?

    Anna Powell

    Hi Bonni. Get a Vitamix. You will be so happy you did. It sounds like price is important to you so you can find various C series “Legacy” models for excellent prices and they work great(they just don’t have some of the fancy electronics that newer models have). The best deal on Vitamix models right right now(June 21,2018) is a 5300 model factory refurbished(which is like new but has a 5 year warranty rather than a 7 year warranty). It is priced under $270. The 5300 has been popular and was the main blender blender sold by Costco for the last couple years. The only downside is the low profile jar isn’t great for small batches(under 2 cups) so you would need to but an extra smaller pitcher to do the small batches. Read my Vitamix 5300 review post for details.

    Otherwise the classic Vitamix 5200 refurbished is a good price and has been a bestseller for many years and continues to rank highly in Consumer Reports. The 5200 can pitcher can handle any blending job size.

    Vitamix is the most widely used brand in commercial kitchens because it is powerful, full coverage warranty, and can easily do all the tasks you mentioned above (although grinding coffee can leave a taste in blender jars sometimes so I typically save coffee grinding for a separate jar or coffee grinder).


I love your article. Lots of good data. However, I am still in a limbo trying to decide amongst E320, 5200, or 7500, all at costco. I plan to make nut butters(large), hummus, use to grind grains (large) and make small amounts of nut milk. I will consider purchasing additional containers if need be. I also want one with the least amount of noise since I plan to use it daily. Could you please help?
Thank you.

    Anna Powell

    Hi Ashma, of those models I would do with the 7500 as it is quietest of the 3 and will work well for all the recipes you want to make. The Vitamix 7500 has the stronger motor, newer internal design, noise dampening, and popular low profile container. The low profile container is fine but doesn’t do that great for small batches(less that about 2 cups) so you might have to get a smaller container like the 48oz.

    It might help to watch a couple videos of the 7500 in action just to feel comfortable with your decision but the 7500 is very popular and has very strong reviews and blends the same as the Vitamix 750 pro(the 750 is Consumer Reports #1 blender pick)

Emily Kelleher

Hello, What is the reconditioned standard 5200 series vitamix blender called in Australia? We dont seem to have anything with that name, we only have NTC and Pro 500 and Pro 750

    Anna Powell

    Hi Emily the 5200 in AU would be Total Nutrition Center but I am not sure if you can get refurbished ones in AU direct from company so you would have to find refurbished models at a retailer

Lucy Tan

Hello, what’s the equivalent of E320 in Australia? Costco has Vitamix Aspire as there newest model. Thanks

    Anna Powell

    Hi Lucy. The Aspire is essentially the same as the classic 5200 that is sold in the USA. I don’t see the Explorian series for sale internationally. The Aspire is sold internationally and the only difference is that the Vitamix Aspire comes with a smaller 48oz container instead of the 64oz container. The E320 is built with the new G series 2.2 HP motor whereas the Aspire is built on the Classic 2.0 HP motor. The blending performance is the same but the E320 works with the low profile container vs the Aspire works with the standard narrow container.

    As mentioned above in the E310 vs E320 review, the E320 doesn’t have the same internal designs as the Vitamix G Series so it is kind of a Hybrid between the C series and G series. Also, the wide base low-profile 64oz container doesn’t work as well with small batches as the tall. It just comes down to which style you prefer. The Aspire/5200 is a proven design that have been around a while and continues to be very popular despite all the new models that have introduced the the 5200 was 1st launched.

    Hope that helps answer your question.


Wow what a great article and really informed my purchase! Thank you so much for the time you’ve taken to prepare it!

    Anna Powell

    Glad you found it help Angela. Shopping for a Vitamix can be confusing so we really strive to write guides so that all your questions get answered.


Hi, great info on your web, thank you 🙂 May I ask you something, please?
I have Vitamix 6300 and I am happy with that, only things I was missing was the smaller/single size smoothie containers and also small containers for guacamole, sauces and so on, so when I saw last weekend the promo at Costco, I bought the new Venturist V1200. I like the look but I hate, that it doesn’t have pre-set programs and also if I do only single portion of smoothie, then I think it was much silkier from my old 6300. I also tried to grind some flax seeds for breakfast in the small 8 oz container and I same thing. My old 6300 can do it better. So now I am thinking to return the Venturist to Costco and I am not sure if I should sell my old 6300 and buy some newer with smaller containers or if I should still keep my 6300 ( I still have warranty on ) wait for a while. I was also thinking about the Ascent3500, but I read some mixed reviews on that one, so I really don’t know. Could you please tell me, what do you think or what would you do? Thank you very much Nerti

    Anna Powell

    Hi Nerticita, Costco Vitamix models are typically a blend of various Vitamix models and sometimes stripped down to make them more economical. The Venturist is a mix between the Ascent and G series blenders. The issue it sounds like you have the Venturist is that you are used to using the legacy tall containers(like on the Vitamix 6300) but the Venturist uses the new wide low profile containers. The new low profile containers don’t do well with small batches(under 4 cups) especially thick recipes like nut butters, hummus, ice creams where you need to use a tamper. Many people who get a G series or Ascent that use the low profile wide containers will get an additional container like a 48 oz container with a tamper for small batches. Whereas, the legacy tall containers with narrow base (that you use with the Vitamix 6300) work with any batch size so you don’t need additional containers.

    The extra containers that come with the Venturist aren’t the most useful as you can’t use a tamper for thick recipes with either container and the 20oz container is small for making smoothies.

    The G series and Ascent blender will have similar performance if you compare them. It is hard because you are used to the classic narrow container so any of the new models with wide low-profile containers will blend differently especially for small batches than what you are used to with the 6300.

    The Ascent 3500 is decent and has a lot of features if you really want digital screen, extra presets, App interactivity, and longer warranty. Otherwise if don’t care for the digital touchscreen then the Ascent A2500 has similar controls to what you are used to. The A2500 is a solid choice with the same presets for Smoothies, Hot Soups, Frozen Desserts that you have on the Vitamix 6300.

    IF you want to upgrade from the 6300 then the A2500 with extra self-detect 48oz container is a good choice or the ever popular(top Consumer reports pick) Pro 750 G series with extra 48oz container are good choices. The Ascent models have a longer warranty. Otherwise, the Legacy models like the 6300 are still excellent and rank at the top of blending tests consistently. When reading reviews comparing the Legacy models vs Gseries/Ascent models just keep in mind they are using different style containers so you would need to buy an additional 48oz container with the Ascent/Gseries for small batches.

    For price don’t forget considering the factory reconditioned models. They are like new and just have a slightly shorter warranty than new but you save a lot of money. Let me know if you have more questions. All the Vitamix models will blend well but you have to make sure you compare the proper containers for comparable results to the legacy narrow containers.


THANK YOU! This is hands down the best article I’ve come across with the comparisons. I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to write this.

I have one questions, I live in New Zealand, so we would have to special order a blender through a supplier. It will be our first Vitamix, so no existing jars. I’m trying to figure out, other than the settings, is the motor the same for all series? (I’m specifically tossing up between the G Series – Pro780 and the Ascent Series A2500i). Other than the SELF-DETECT™ Technology, there’s no difference between the internal parts of the blender?

Still tossing up which one to buy 🙂

    Anna Powell

    Hi Abby, I believe they use a slightly different microprocessor for the speed controls nothing that is noticeably different for performance. The motor is essentially the same and almost identical motor performance and specifications. Some people notice that the Ascent models might have a slightly faster ramp up in speed when you increase speeds versus G series but again it is very negligible. Also the Ascent will have some new internal design integrated with the new controls.

    The main difference in the 780 vs A2500 is the controls since the 780 is all digital. Generally a lot of cooks like having a dial to quickly adjust speeds versus having the use the digital pad on the 780 so the Vitamix 750 is very popular. The Ascent 2500 is a nice model with a longer warranty. I am not sure about ordering in NZ but Vitamix does offer certified reconditioned A2500 on their website for about $120 less than new.

    Really the main difference in the Ascent vs Legacy G series are” controls/display, app connectivity, smart detect containers, longer 10 year warranty, fully dishwasher safe containers, and clear snap lid. Performance, noise, and blending results are simmilar


Any thoughts on the venturist 1200.sold at Costco ?

    Anna Powell

    Hello Jeff, see my detailed discussion with Nerticita about the Venturist in the comments section of this post. Summary is the Venturist is a mix between the Ascent and G series blenders. The Venturist uses the new wide low profile containers so not good for small batches. It is not a bad blender and just a mix of models exclusively for Costco. The extra jars aren’t really necessary as you can’t use a tamper for thick recipes with either container and the 20oz container is small for making smoothies. I would probably get a 48oz container to handle small batches. Overall, it is OK but not my favorite. I would rather have a Ascent or G series blender

tom Connor

Regarding pitchers: Can you add or provide a reference to pitcher part numbers and the blenders they fit? Amazon, ebay and other sellers list pitchers by model numbers. I cannot find a cross reference on the VM web site.

    Anna Powell

    Hello Tom, We will see if we can put that together for you. Which Vitamix blender model do you have ?


Hi Anna;I notice the newer models don’t have a “High” switch as well as a variable setting. Does this mean the new models don’t have the very fastest top speed of the 5200 models? Thanks for your help!

    Anna Powell

    Hi Dean, they all work at the same speeds. It is just that Vitamix changed their design so that there is a dedicated “Pulse” switch on the Next Generation models(like G series) compared to the 5200 which uses the on/off switch instead.


Hi Anna,
This was the best article I have found that goes into so much detail. Thank you for taking time. I am considering the Pro 750 model but not sure which smaller container to buy — the 32 oz. or the 48 oz. Which would be better. Do you have a suggestion?

    Anna Powell

    Hi Pat,
    Glad you found our guide helpful. The 750 is an excellent choice and loved by many serious Vitamix users

    Deciding on the 32oz vs 48oz is a common question and really comes down to personal preference.

    Both containers use the same 3inch blade. The 32oz jar fits inside the 4 prongs of the motor centering pad whereas the 48oz fits outside the 4 prongs.

    32oz wet container:
    The 32oz container holds 4 cups and is lightweight and “travel size”. For reference that is same size container that I use on a nutribullet personal blender for smoothies and it perfect size for that. Whereas, the 64oz low profile jar that comes with the Vitamix 750 can handle down to 2 cups but it really is for 4 cups or more to get ideal blending.

    The 32oz wet container has a smaller lid diameter and the size is good for making small batches of thick recipes. You will need to buy the Mini Tamper for the 32oz (costs about $10) but you might not need the tamper much for that size jar unless you are making thick recipes.

    48 oz wet container:
    The 48oz Vitamix container has a 6 cup capacity and is slightly wider than the 32oz jar with a wide top lid..

    Personally I think the 32oz makes more sense since you can use it for small jobs and it can handle up to 4 cups. It is great for smoothies and small food prep. After 4 cups then you can use the 64oz container.


This was very helpful! I am a blender newbie and want to make nut butters and smoothies – found this at TJMaxx and seems like a good price – howevery they don’t say which model it is for me to compare with in your article!

    Anna Powell

    Hi Colleen, that is the Vitamix Creations Gallery that was made for QVC. It is the same blender as the popular Vitamix 5200. The Vitamix creations gallery just packages in some different accessories like recipe book and smoothie container. The only difference I believe with the Creations Gallery is that Vitamix only offers a 5 year warranty versus normal 7 year warranty on the 5200. Other than that, it is a great price for a new Vitamix and the 5200(same blender) is one of our top picks.


Thank you for your article, couldn’t find info on the aspire anywhere else

    Anna Powell

    Hello Laurent, thanks for reading. Vitamix Aspire was discontinued (“retired product”) but it is essentially the 5200 but repackaged with a smaller 48 oz container and shorter 5 year warranty. It was sold on TV by various shopping channels.

David Coelho

My Gosh!!! could it be anymore confusing???..

    Anna Powell

    Hi David, Sorry if we didn’t help you make a decision. Some people want all the information and some just want the top picks so we provided the top choices section. If you have any questions let us know. All of the Vitamix blenders work well.

    The only noticeable differences for performance are the wide jars(G series and Ascent blenders) might not blend small batches as well so you eventually would want an extra small container if you make small batches. Other than that you just have to decide on looks and features/controls you want.


The best breakdown and reviews of Vitamix. Thank you!

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