Veggie Bullet Review – Is it Worth It ?

Veggie Bullet ReviewUpdated October 2017 – With more blender brands adding in food prep functionality, Nutribullet has joined the market and introduced their Veggie Bullet.

I personally own and like Nutribullet personal blenders so I was really interested to see how the Veggie Bullet compared in quality and performance to other food processor appliances.

The Veggie Bullet’s key focus is trying to benefit from the craze over veggie spiralizers. Spiralizers are handheld devices where you crank the device or turn the vegetable through a blade to make vegetable noodles.

Veggie Bullet Overview

While there are multiple new electric spiralizer products on the market now, Veggie Bullet tried to differentiate itself by making it a 3-in-1 tool. It functions as a:

  1. Spiralizer : Makes vegetable noodles using zucchini.
  2. Shredder : Grates vegetables and cheese.
  3. Slicer : Slices fruits and vegetables into thin slices.

The Veggie bullet is about the size of a standard food processor and comes with two attachments:

  1. Electric shredder/slicer for vegetables, cheese, meats and nuts.
  2. Electric spiralizer for making vegetable noodles.
NEW Fall 2017 – Depending on where you buy it, Nutribullet has added the following add-on accessories for the Veggie Bullet:

  • Angel Hair Spiralizer Blade – Creates thin noodles
  • Ribbon Spiralizer Blade – Creates thin spiral noodles
  • Curly Fry Spiralizer Blade – Creates thick wide curly noodles
  • Nutribullet blender attachment to make single serve smoothies, sauces, etcetera…

Veggie Bullet in Action

Professional Chef Using Veggie Bullet




Does the Veggie Bullet Work ?

After watching the above videos of the Veggie Bullet in action, it looks so easy. The big question is does it really work ?

Yes and No. Some tests are very positive about the Spiralizer but the user reviews are very mixed about performance.

Spiralizer Performance

From my research, the Nutribullet spiralizer function works pretty well with certain vegetables and Epicuious test of the Veggie bullet found that is was able to spiralize zucchini and cucumber very well with little waste. Although, there are some complaints from users (See reviews #1 & #2) who found that the Veggie Bullet does not do well with hard vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots, and beets.

The varying opinions about the spiralizer really come down to what vegetables you are using with the spiralizer and how you prepped the vegetables. Generally, it works with softer vegetables but will struggle if you try to spiralize hard vegetables like carrots or beets. Here is a user review from a Doctor comparing the Veggie Bullet versus a manual spiralizer. Here is another detailed Veggie Bullet review from a user that is worth reading.

Overall thoughts on the Spiralizer: The Veggie Bullet reviews on performance of the spiralizer are very mixed. Overall, it works at spiralizing certain vegetables like squash, cucumber, and zucchini but can struggle with others. Also, you will need to prepare some vegetables so they are properly sized for the feeder.

Slicer/Shredder Performance

The slicer/shredder blade is a disc that flips over to perform a specific task (slicing on one side and shredding on the other side). It is designed to shred or slice vegetables, hard cheeses and cooked meats. The slicer works pretty well at slicing hard vegetables like carrots, hard cheeses and cooked or cured meats but you have to size the ingredients to fit in the chute. If you have a lot of slicing to do then the Veggie Bullet slicer can save time but it might be easier to just do it by hand for smaller jobs.

A design issue that some customers had with the slicer/shredder blade the small gap between the lid and blade. This would cause food to not go thru the blade and therefore sit on top of the spinning blade.

The shredder blade is useful for shredding harder vegetables and I like the idea of making cauliflower rice as shown in the shredder video above. There are multiple reviews about ingredients getting easily stuck in the chute when shredding. The Veggie Bullet slicer/shredder blade is similar to other food processors but the design is not as ideal as other popular, low-cost food processors like this one or the ever-popular, full strength Cuisinart.

In regards to the design, typical food processors are self-contained and keep the ingredients within the container. The Veggie Bullet uses a design like a juicer and shoots the ingredients out the chute/spout when using the shredding or slicing blade. It is a neat idea to have a chute for a food processor but the design isn’t perfect for some ingredients as they can get stuck.

Independent tests indicated that the Veggie bullet did an okay job slicing/shredding hard ingredients like carrots, beets, and nuts. Although, certain ingredients like soft meats or cheese can stick on the blades and work inefficiently.

For the spout, there are some comments about difficulty in cleaning it because of how it is hooked downward. The hooked spout is a single piece of plastic so it can be hard to clean certain ingredients from within it.

Overall thoughts on Slicer/Shredder : The Veggie Bullet automatic slicer works better than the shredder. The slicer/shredder can use useful if you are doing large amounts and don’t mind that ingredients can get stuck, but the popular food processors I listed above will do all that as well and usually more efficiently. For slicing, I will just stick to using a manual Mandolin slicer/shredder (I’ve used this one for years) for slicing meat, cheese and vegetables because I have no waste, easy to control, compact, adjustable thickness, I don’t have to prep the vegetables to fit in a chute, and it is easy to clean.

For more in-depth details on how the Veggie bullet components are put together, below are some useful videos that show the parts up close.

Veggie Bullet Shredder Assembly 

Veggie Bullet Spiralizer Assembly

Veggie Bullet Slicer Assembly

Veggie Bullet Review

Positives: The Veggie Bullet spiralizer works reasonably well with soft vegetables and can be a time saver if you are spiralizing large amounts. The food processing works okay but the spout/chute isn’t perfect and you are probably better off with a proven food processor if that will be your main use.

Negatives: It is expensive but might be worth it if you spiralize a lot of soft vegetables and are tired of using a hand held spiralizer. The price is high just for the slicing/shredding function and a food processor will work better. The Veggie Bullet doesn’t provide any flexibility on speeds or thickness like some spiralizers provide. The chute is a nice idea but might have a hard time shooting out softer ingredients like grated cheese. Veggie Bullet reviews are very mixed from users.

Overall Opinion: The Veggie Bullet is a creative idea but user reviews are very mixed on its performance. The Nutribullet spiralizer results can really vary depending on which vegetable you use. I could see how the spiralizer would be very useful though if you have a hard time manually spiralizing vegetables. The slicing and shredding function are OK and you might find them useful if you don’t already have a food processor or other similar kitchen device but could use some improvement.

If you are still undecided on the Veggie Bullet then read the many helpful recent user reviews of the product at Amazon. Also, I provided some Veggie Bullet alternative appliance options below.

UPDATE- There are many helpful user comments from readers at the bottom of this post who share their experiences using the Veggie Bullet.

Where to Buy Veggie Bullet ?

Right now (Fall 2017) you can find the Veggie Bullet for sale at most big retailers, Amazon, or directly at Nutribullet.

Nutribullet website is currently offering the extra accessories (1. Angel Hair Blade, 2. Ribbon Spiralizer Blade, 2. Curly Fry blade, and 4. Nutribullet blender attachment to make single serve smoothies and sauces) but they charge more than Amazon for that. Nutribullet does have a 30-day money back guarantee but make sure you read the fine print. There are some user complaints that state it is very difficult to package the Veggie Bullet back up exactly to Nutribullet requirements to get the refund. Read this user review that shares their return experience. has the Veggie Bullet for a lower price but without the bonus accessories that Nutribullet direct offers. Amazon is a direct seller of the Veggie Bullet and is much more generous with its 30 day return policy.

All the top retailers like Wal-Mart, Target, Macy’s, and Bed Bath and Beyond directly carry the same Veggie Bullet package as Amazon. Last I checked (November 2017) had it priced much higher than Amazon. Some retailers might have a sale or coupon for a great price but typically they exclude appliances in their coupon promotions. Ask those retailers if they accept returns of used goods if you want to test the Veggie Bullet.

Veggie Bullet Alternatives

Update October 2017 – Ninja has integrated the spiralizer into a couple new products. The compact-size Ninja 4-in-1 with electric spiralizer is a good alternative to Veggie Bullet and the reviews are strong. Here is a a good summary user review of how it performed. The only negative is the higher price on the Ninja but I like how you can also use this as a personal blender and not just for food prep. Otherwise, Ninja added a spiralizer option with their brand new blender called Intellisense.

Slicer/Shredder Alternatives

Slice and shred food processing functions can be replicated with any food processor like the popular ones I mentioned above. Other food processor choices are the Oster 2-in-1 Salad Prep & Food Processor which is a lower cost and has a similar chute as the Veggie Bullet but doesn’t do spiralizing. Another option is the popular Presto Salad shooter which shoots out sliced or shredded vegetables but doesn’t spiralize.

Also, some of the Ninja blenders all-in-one models have accessories to blend, chop, dice, puree, and food prep but don’t spiralize. The Ninja all-in-one food processing choices that DON’T have spiralizers are the popular QB1004 and Fullsize BL770.

Spiralizer Alternatives

If you just like the spiralizer feature then there are other choices on the market for less but it depends on if you want automatic or manual and if you want features like slicing thickness and different blades. The manual spiralizers will give you more control and ability to adjust thickness.

-> For manual spiralizers, the top rated manual spiralizer is this one from OXO (It scored the highest in independent tests for performance, quality and features. Here is a thorough user review of the OXO). The second popular choice is this manual spiralizer which is slightly less expensive with strong reviews but performed a little worse than the OXO.

-> For automatic spiralizers, Kitchenaid spiralizer attachment or the Ninja blenders mentioned below are choices worth considering.

If you already have a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer, did you know that they have an automatic Spiralizer attachment that works on all of their stand mixer models? The 2 models are: Model# KSM1APC has 4 interchangeable blades and Model# KSM2APC has 6 interchangeable blades.

It has very high reviews and works well with the popular vegetables that people usually spiralize(Cucumber, zucchini, squash, apples, potatoes) but can struggle with hard vegetables like beets. It is well built and the only design issue is it is limited in the length of the vegetable/fruit that it can hold.

Ninja recently added an automatic spiralizer to two of their new blender models (There is either the compact model or full size model. Both are more expensive than Veggie Bullet but will do blending, food prep, and electric spiralizer.

Final Thoughts

While I love Nutribullet blenders, the Veggie Bullet has some areas it could improve. The user reviews are very mixed about the results and I think getting the Veggie Bullet only makes sense for those that either don’t have any other similar kitchen appliance or possibly have a hard time physically using manual spiralizers. The spiralizer works fine with certain vegetables but the results from the other components really depend on which ingredients you use.

Overall, I am “neutral” on the Veggie Bullet and prefer using separate appliances that perform better for the specific spiralize/shred/slicing tasks. If you will be spiralizing a lot of specific vegetables then the Veggie Bullet can save you time and might be a good fit for you.

I hope the information in this overview helped. Please leave any questions or comments below.

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This review was very helpful. I especially liked the links to other less expensive food preparation tools.

Noreen Stewart

Tried my Veggie Bullet for the 2nd time tonight, to make curly fries, not realizing there was a special blade for those (out of stock apparently). Not bad. I did not like the price but got an Oprah special, so that was good. The first time I made a mess of the zuchinni but it wasn’t the unit’s fault…I misread instructions. I have terrible arthritis in my hands and was unable to try the hand held and hand crank spiralizer’s, so the Veggie Bullet is going to suit my needs just fine in spite of the cost. I now need to order the other blades and the blender cup.


That was very thoughtful and comprehensive. Thank you. I have radiation damage from a transplant, and my hands cramp up, so this appliance is a perfect tool for me. I don’t have to turn anything over and over, and it works just like it says. When things are sticky with any of my tools, I simply soak them and they are easier to clean. I prefer this brand as I don’t have to drag out more things from the cabinets to do more jobs. I just pop on the other tool.

Ellen Stein

I did not use the veggie bullet after I ordered it because it was too big, no place to store. However, when I went to return it, the return shipping cost $64! I am furious and will not purchase anything from this seller again!!!!!

    Anna Powell

    Hello Ellen, Was the return cost buying the Veggiebullet from Nutribullet or Amazon ? I know VeggieBullet mentioned a shipping and restocking fee for returns but they don’t say what that restocking fee is. Amazon is usually very reasonable/simple for returns.

Gloria Palladino

Extremely helpful and informative. Like the comparison shopping!

    Anna Powell

    Thanks for the feedback Gloria. I try to provide reviews like I would want to read when I am researching something specific to buy.


It seems as though you have not actually used this product so I don’t understand how you can actually write a review. Am I wrong? Was I receiving your writing incorrectly?

    Anna Powell

    Hi Sally. As mentioned I like Nutribullet products after using them for years and people asked me about the Veggie bullet so I researched it extensively. I already have a spiralizer and various kitchen appliances that did similar that I decided I didn’t need the Veggie Bullet. I think its convenient for certain vegetables but the reviews are mixed for performance.

      Rebecca Korematsu

      I did buy from the retailer website and got multiple FREE discs for ribbon cuts, angel hair cuts, and udon cuts, besides the standard spiralizer spaghetti size cut. I used it to spiralize zucchini, green papaya, parsnips, carrots, cucumber ribbons, and made cauliflower rice. Like any appliance, it takes time to learn how to use the Veggie Bullet. Also bought the special bowl that fits under chute and shoestring fry blade. I had a hard time spiralizing carrots because they were smaller. Helps if the veggies are not cold straight from the refrigerator. Zucchini spiralized perfectly on the first try. Parsnips were really good. Green papaya was a lot of prep work, but is even when preparing by hand. Cucumber was very easy, needs to be drained. When using shredder function, make sure chute is dry otherwise food sticks. Before you publish a review, I suggest actually trying to use the appliance. I am really glad I got the Veggie Bullet, huge improvement over my hand-held spiralizer.

Diane Scarcelli

I received this as a Mother’s Day gift, by choice. This was expensive and broke after 2 uses. Very disappointed in product, and will never buy any of their products again. There are much less expensive alternatives to choose from that will last.

    Anna Powell

    Wow Diane, sorry to hear about your experience with the Veggie Bullet. I appreciate you taking the time to leave feedback.

Anna Rossi

I was disappointed that only one spiralizing blade comes with the VeggieBullet, disappointed again that all of the additional blades are out of stock on their website. The bullet works well for spiralizing, which is all I wanted it for. It is much easier to use than manual ones, and the feed tube has two pushers which made it easier to use different sizes of vegetables.


My mom recently bought one and we used it to spiralize potatoes and yams with good results. There is not much to say about the machine other than it works, so I’ll list the some things you should be aware of:

– The spiralizer blade leaves a 3/4″ slice of food that you have to remove manually.
– There is a different lid for the spiralizer and the shredder and there is only a faint clear marking on one side stating it can only be used with the spiralizer blades. The first time I accidentally used the the shredder lid with the spiralizer blade and the blade kind of “caught” and cut a chunk of plastic from the inside of the lid. At least the plastic is quite sturdy so there is no structural damage. If you don’t lock the lid down correctly, the blade and literally jump out.


Really was excited to get it, disappointing. The size of both shredder and spiraller are too fine, there should have been another blade and spiraller blades another size up, provided.
It just works. If there were choice of sizes in blades it would make it a bit better.
May be the manufacturer may provide blades a size up in the future for sale.

    Anna Powell

    Thanks Mike for the comment. I agree there are a couple design improvements that could really help the Veggie Bullet perform better.

Mike Lebon

Could do with another bigger sized blades for variety


Spiralizer makes a mess of carrots and sweet potatoes. Easily wasted a fourth of each vegetable because it gets caught between the blades and the lid. At no time is a long string produced. Way too much work.


Bought a veg bullet today my spiral vegetable noodles came out very small what am I doing wrong ( they were not long noodles

    Anna Powell

    Hello Sue, what vegetable were you spiralizing? It helps if they are cooled/refrigerated so they don’t break apart.


THIS is the WORST appliance every… Messy, vegetables don’t fit in the feeder, no matter how you slice them. Slicing is a joke. chopping… NO… vegetables get stuck in the small slicing device and the bowl… JUST a waste of money… Hate it!!!


I bought this appliance the worst mistake ever the blade did not work as suggested the price to return is too much so I ma stuck with it really bad advertisement not that easy at home.


Just purchased one for Father’s Day but it doesn’t DICE and that is what he really wants it for. Will the company come out with a blade for dicing?

Jan McGaughy

Just wanted to share with you a good point I saw made on one of your information adds. I watched a girl use your Veggiebullet then cover everything and put it away in the refrigerator. It was what she said next that really impressed me. She said that was going to be enough food for 3 or 4 people or more.
Do you know how many people would have said that was for one person. Glad to know there are people out there with common sense.
For this I will try your product.

N. Miller

Extremely helpful. Happened to see one of the info. shows and am interested in a spiralizer for hard vegetables. This review covered all the pros and cons with excellent detail. Will hold off buying anything for now and wait for a better designed more powerful model. thank you!

    Anna Powell

    Thanks Nancy, I am glad you found this Veggie Bullet review helpful. I think that is a good decision to wait.


I have only used my Veggie Bullet once it is very expensive and totally useless and a waste of money. I love the nutri bullet but would not recommend the veggie bullet. It doesn’t do what it is supposed to the opening is far too small and you don’t get spirals. I’ve gone back to my manual one and the veggie bullet is just sitting in the cupboard taking up far too much space.

    Anna Powell

    Hello Bev, I really appreciate the feedback. The reviews continue to be very mixed with the Veggie Bullet. I agree about the price and feel they could use some design improvements.


I need an automatic spiralizer (think mostly for cucumber and yellow/green squash…hate beets, already buy cheese shredded and have no interest in using it for meat ) due to joint issues cannot use manual one. I do not have any type of food processor or specialized blender (just cheap $29 blender). As a woman who was 300 lbs at age 22 and have maintained my weight since at 135-180 at 5′ 5″ and now 59 lbs, weight loss/maintenance are my primary issues. Dealing with major chronic pain issues and daily headaches/migraine (so spicy or complicated recipes are not in my life), I want to food process cauliflower for “rice” and for making pizza crusts and just adding low fat shredded cheese or Ragu pizza sauce. I do have the basic Nutri Bullet which I use to crush nuts and kept a sick cat alive crushing specialized food for her.

I don’t want to have to buy a food processor AND a auto spiralizer (for cost and space it takes up). I would find a special and would get the 3 additional blades for curly fries and lasagna vegie noodles.

Is this my best deal? Or should I wait 6 months and see if they make a better version, or someone else does or find that many reviews turn out to be negative?

Thanks sooo much!

    Anna Powell

    Hi Laura, see my response to your other comment. Although the Ninja alternative spiralizer is newer to the market than the Veggie Bullet I like the design/features better of the Ninja. Although the ninja is more expensive and it is still new so there aren’t a lot of reviews still but the early reviews are good. I haven’t used this Ninja model personally but its same design as their other All-in-One models(with the exception of the other models not having the spiralizer) which are very popular and have 1000’s of reviews so I expect it would perform well.


Does Ninja have a spiralizer and how does it compare to NutriVeggie? How about the Cuisinart Elemental 13 cup Food Processor/Spiralizer and Dicer? I know both are $100+ more expensive but if either one gets better reviews and would do a good job for spiralizing zucchini, carrots, broccoli, cucumber, yellow/green squash, etc. and make “rice” out of cauliflower with the food processor part and do it better, easier to clean and lasts longer, it might be worth it in the long run. I would like a smaller cup version if at all possible as I only cook for 1 or some times 2.


    Anna Powell

    Hi Laura, Actually Ninja just added a Spiralizer to a model that Amazon is currently selling exclusively (I just added the information about it to this review above). Here is link to a good user review on it. I personally have not tried it but I’ve written extensively on Ninja blenders and the initial reviews are very strong on it. It is a good alternative to the Veggie Bullet and I like that the Ninja model can also be used as a personal blender.


I’ve had the Veggie Bullet for a couple of months, and apart from it taking up more space on my counter top, which already had too little available space, it works pretty well. I have tried many of the manual spiralizers, which I find very uneven in their use ease of use. I also tried a handheld electric, which was better than the manual version, but still annoying. What baffles me is why Cuisinart just doesn’t come up with a blade system for their existing food processor! I have a Cuisinart FP, which I love, but they haven’t offered the spiralizer blade. I did see that they recently came out with a small electric spiralizer, but it only has a 5-cup bowl. As anyone who cuts veggies knows, it’s really easy to get to 5 cups, and not have nearly enough for a meal for several people!

The Veggie Bullet is just a food processor. It’s a pretty good one, and I actually like the shoot for doing some things. But at it’s heart, that’s all it is. I got an outstanding deal on it, for under $80 on one of the shopping networks, or I’d have never bought it. But it does work pretty well. It’s just annoying to have to have a 2nd food processor to do what the Cuisinart should be able to handle in a snap.

    Anna Powell

    Hi Maria, Thanks for the great comment. Great deal you found on the Veggie Bullet. I agree Cuisinart should just come up with a spiralizer because their food processor is terrific and well tested for many years. If you have a Kitchenaid stand mixer, many people like the spiralizer attachment because you aren’t restricted to a specific size bowl.


Got this for a gift and they bought it on amazon so it didn’t come with the extra blades. Rip off! Never worked. Had several people try it also and we couldn’t even get 2 carrots done and it would shut off. Very frustrating. Would not start back up. I have Parkinson’s so I was so excited to get this and couldn’t wait to use it after watching the TV adds. Decided to return it because it never worked liked it showed on TV. Very disappointed and frustrated. Wasn’t just me as my friends tried it and it wouldn’t work more than 20 seconds and shut off.

    Anna Powell

    Thanks Janet for the feedback. There is a lot of conflicting opinions on the Veggie Bullet. Some really love it and some are the complete opposite. I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience.

Nicole Fortune

I have the nutri bullet Rx my question is will the attachments work on that so I don’t have to buy another peice of equipment?? And if not why don’t they do that so people who buy one item don’t have to continue to buy more???

    Anna Powell

    Hello Nicole. No, unfortunately the parts aren’t interchangeable. I agree it would be convenient to allow them to fit between units but the programmed functions and motors are different between the units for different uses.


I received the veggie bullet for Mothers day and find it a cumbersome and messy unit, that doesn’t work properly and wastes a s much. Several of us have tried without success. We have a lot of spiralised veggies and cauliflower rice and I have gone back to doing by hand. Very disappointed in this product. Stay away, don’t waste your time and money. Mine just sits in a box now!


    I agree Michelle. I don’t spiralize much but wanted to try. Sadly, I didn’t check this site before buying. I had an inexpensive food processor that worked just fine but thought I’d like the spiralizer option. It works ok but it’s not the function I use the most. The slicer and shredder work almost as well as my old food processor. My biggest disappointment is the lack of puree capability which is probably what I used the most on my food processor and assumed would be available on a unit of this cost and promoted capabilities. Of course I can use the little bullet or my magic bullet for that purpose but then have to work in small batches. My overall assessment: I should have stayed with my food processor and purchased a good spiralizer.

Barbara Bing

I bought the Veggie Bullet from the TV before I looked on the Web. What a mistake. I’ve never seen such a mess. Couldn’t get the soft veggies to slice. Nothing would fit over the pin that holds the veggies. So I tried a sweet potato in the spiralizer and that broke a piece of plastic off of something. Please tell me whom to contact to return this expensive of JUNK. I have used other Bullet products since they first came out and didn’t think I would have any trouble so I didn’t even save the box cuz I knew I could never get it back together.

Tracy Kiamba

Hello My name is Tracy from Uganda. I bought the Veggie Bullet from Targets during my Visit to the USA but unfortunately when I reached home to use it.. it can not work. I do not know what to do. I tried to put every thing well in position but still, it can not work. Please advise . Thank you

    Anna Powell

    Hi Tracy, sorry to hear about that. I would contact Veggie Bullet 1st to see if they have any troubleshooting tips. Did you reference their quick start guide that comes with it?


I was so excited to get the veggie bullet home and try it out. I had been eating all vegetables – which is easier when they’re spiraled, chopped, or shredded. But it first took an hour to read all the directions, since figuring it out with the directions was impossible. There are so many pieces – which I didn’t expect, nor do I have room for in any cabinet, without getting rid of something else. I first managed to get the spiral connection and used a zucchini, which worked. Then I tried to spiral a half sweet potato, but it immediately got caught up in the blade, jammed and broke a plastic piece on the main basket. Now I need to return it. I’m bummed and don’t think it was worth the $150.00

    Anna Powell

    Thanks Hilary for leaving your thoughts. Sorry it didn’t work out for you. I agree that the Veggie Bullet can feel like it has a lot of pieces especially for cleaning.

chris russo

very good review, through , thank you. gives many options for alternatives.

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