Veggie Bullet Review – Is it Worth It ?

Veggie Bullet ReviewUpdated May 2017 – With more blender brands adding in food prep functionality, Nutribullet has joined the market and introduced their Veggie Bullet.

I personally use Nutribullet personal blenders and have reviewed all the top Nutribullet blenders so I was really interested to see how the Veggie Bullet compared in quality and performance to other food processor appliances.

The Veggie Bullet’s key focus is trying to benefit from the craze over veggie spiralizers. Veggie spiralizers are typically simple handheld kitchen tools that make noodles from raw vegetables like zucchini and potatoes. Normally, the veggie spiralizers are handheld devices where you either crank the device or turn the vegetable through the blade to make the noodle shape.

While there are multiple new electric spiralizer products on the market now, Veggie Bullet tried to differentiate itself by making it a 3-in-1 tool. It functions as a:

  1. Spiralizer : Makes vegetable noodles using zucchini.
  2. Shredder : Grates vegetables and cheese.
  3. Slicer : Slices fruits and vegetables into thin slices.

The Veggie bullet is about the size of a typical food processor and comes with two attachments:

  1. Electric shredder/slicer for vegetables, cheese, meats and nuts.
  2. Electric spiralizer for making vegetable noodles.

Veggie Bullet in Action

Professional Chef Using Veggie Bullet




Does the Veggie Bullet Work ?

After watching the above videos of the Veggie Bullet in action, it looks so easy. The big question is does it really work ?

Honestly, the product is pretty new and there aren’t many user reviews of the product yet but the reviews are mixed about performance.

From my research, the spiralizer function works pretty well with softer vegetables and Epicuious test of the Veggie bullet found that is was able to spiralize zucchini, sweet potatoes, beets, and broccoli very well with little waste. Although,  there are more recent complaints from users (See reviews #1 & #2) who found that the Veggie Bullet does not do well with hard vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots, and beets.

The slicer/shredder blade is a disc that flips over to perform its specific task(slicing on one side and shredding on the other side). The design issue that customers have with the slicer/shredder blade is that there is a small gap(under 1 inch approximately) between the lid and blade that caused food to not go thru the blade and would just sit on top of the spinning blade.

Overall the Veggie Bullet slicer/shredder blade is similar to other food processor and works okay but the design is not as ideal as other popular, low-cost food processors like this one or the ever-popular, full strength Cuisinart.

It is important to point out that typical food processors are self-contained and keep the ingredients within the container. The Veggie Bullet uses a design like a juicer and shoots the ingredients out the chute/spout when using the shredding or slicing blade. It is a neat idea to have a chute for a food processor but the design isn’t perfect for some ingredients.

From the tests I read, the Veggie bullet did an OK job slicing/shredding some hard ingredients like carrots, beets, and nuts. Soft ingredients like meat or cheese can stick on the blades.

For the spout, there were some complaints about being able to clean it because of how it is hooked downward. The hooked spout is a single piece of plastic so it can be hard to clean certain ingredients from within it.

For more in-depth details on how the Veggie bullet components are put together, below are some useful videos that show the parts up close.

Veggie Bullet Shredder Assembly 

Veggie Bullet Spiralizer Assembly

Veggie Bullet Slicer Assembly

Veggie Bullet Review

Positives: The Veggie Bullet works pretty well with spiralizing certain vegetables. The food processing works pretty well but the spout/chute isn’t perfect and you are probably better off with a proven food processor if that will be your main use.

Negatives: It is expensive at $150(some retailers have it for less) and would probably only make sense if you spiralize vegetables a lot and are tired of using the typical handheld spiralizer. Otherwise, the price is high just for the slicing/shredding function. The chute is a nice idea but might have a hard time shooting out softer ingredients like grated cheese. The recent user reviews are mixed on Amazon with people who had mixed results using the Veggie Bullet as it really depends on what vegetables you are trying to spiralize or chop.

Overall Opinion: The Veggie Bullet seems like a creative idea but might be a little expensive for some and the recent reviews are mixed. You can certainly do the same food processing functions with any food processor like the ones I mentioned above. The Oster 2-in-1 Salad Prep & Food Processor is much less and also has a similar chute as the Veggie Bullet but doesn’t do spiralizing. Another option is the popular Presto Salad shooter which shoots out sliced or shredded vegetables but doesn’t spiralize.

If you just like the spiralizer feature then there are other ones on the market for much less. The top rated manual spiralizer is this one from OXO (It scored the highest in independent tests for performance, quality and features). The second choice is this manual spiralizer which is slightly less expensive and performed a little poorer than the OXO one.

For a cheaper, automatic spiralizer than the Veggie Bullet I would consider either the Gormia or Oster as decent choices.

Another option for an all-in-one type of appliance are some of the Ninja blenders that have accessories to blend, chop, dice, puree, and food prep. The popular all-in-one Ninja models are the QB1004 and Fullsize BL773co.

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This review was very helpful. I especially liked the links to other less expensive food preparation tools.

Noreen Stewart

Tried my Veggie Bullet for the 2nd time tonight, to make curly fries, not realizing there was a special blade for those (out of stock apparently). Not bad. I did not like the price but got an Oprah special, so that was good. The first time I made a mess of the zuchinni but it wasn’t the unit’s fault…I misread instructions. I have terrible arthritis in my hands and was unable to try the hand held and hand crank spiralizer’s, so the Veggie Bullet is going to suit my needs just fine in spite of the cost. I now need to order the other blades and the blender cup.


That was very thoughtful and comprehensive. Thank you. I have radiation damage from a transplant, and my hands cramp up, so this appliance is a perfect tool for me. I don’t have to turn anything over and over, and it works just like it says. When things are sticky with any of my tools, I simply soak them and they are easier to clean. I prefer this brand as I don’t have to drag out more things from the cabinets to do more jobs. I just pop on the other tool.

    Anna Powell

    Hello, glad you found the review helpful and thanks for the comment. -Anna

Ellen Stein

I did not use the veggie bullet after I ordered it because it was too big, no place to store. However, when I went to return it, the return shipping cost $64! I am furious and will not purchase anything from this seller again!!!!!

    Anna Powell

    Hello Ellen, Was the return cost buying the Veggiebullet from Nutribullet or Amazon ? I know VeggieBullet mentioned a shipping and restocking fee for returns but they don’t say what that restocking fee is. Amazon is usually very reasonable/simple for returns.

Gloria Palladino

Extremely helpful and informative. Like the comparison shopping!

    Anna Powell

    Thanks for the feedback Gloria. I try to provide reviews like I would want to read when I am researching something specific to buy.


It seems as though you have not actually used this product so I don’t understand how you can actually write a review. Am I wrong? Was I receiving your writing incorrectly?

    Anna Powell

    Hi Sally. As mentioned I like Nutribullet products after using them for years and people asked me about the Veggie bullet so I researched it extensively. I already have a spiralizer and various kitchen appliances that did similar that I decided I didn’t need the Veggie Bullet. I think its convenient for certain vegetables but the reviews are mixed for performance.

Diane Scarcelli

I received this as a Mother’s Day gift, by choice. This was expensive and broke after 2 uses. Very disappointed in product, and will never buy any of their products again. There are much less expensive alternatives to choose from that will last.

    Anna Powell

    Wow Diane, sorry to hear about your experience with the Veggie Bullet. I appreciate you taking the time to leave feedback.

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