Best Vacuum Blender : Does it really work ?

Best Vacuum Blender Review

Vacuum blenders are designed to remove oxygen from the jar before blending which manufacturers say is supposed to reduce nutrient loss from oxidation as well as create a smoother consistency than the likes of traditional blenders. Think less froth, more cream.

The vacuum blender market is growing quickly, with a wide variety of choices and price points, enabling consumers to whip up delicious smoothies and other blended drinks at home that rival the ones found in their favorite local smoothie spots.

Another selling point of Vacuum blenders is that that it will allow you to store blended drinks for longer. By reducing the chance that your smoothie ingredients will separate and oxidize, you end up with a result that not only looks more appealing but tastes better, too! The big question though is do these blenders really work like they claim ?

In a hurry ? Here are the best Vacuum blenders for 2019:

Best Vacuum BlenderModel
#1 TOP PICKDynaPro DPS1050A
#2 Runner UpKuvings SV500S
#3 More Affordable OptionOptimum VAC2

What Does it Mean To Oxidize and Why Do I Want to Avoid It

An example of food oxidizing is when you slice an apple and leave half of it sitting on the kitchen counter. After letting it sit out you will see that the once crisp white apple has now browned. When fruit is exposed to air (and light) it will experience some nutrient loss. Oxygen has an impact on your food, whether it’s on the counter or in the blender; while we clearly need oxygen to survive, this is one time when you might think of it as “the bad guy.”

Blending in a container can rapidly speed up the oxidation process as the oxygen in the container mixes with the ingredients when blending.

Chances are if you incorporate a smoothie into your daily routine, you care about your health and the nutritional value of your diet. This is why manufacturers have introduced vacuum blender models, reducing the chance that your smoothie will oxidize and increasing its power from nutrients!

Product Reviews

While most people still consider the Vitamix to be the holy grail of blenders (Note- Vitamix and Blendtec do not make a vacuum blender), some of the new vacuum blenders on the market are seriously worth considering. And their uses extend well beyond smoothies.

While most shoppers are focused on the benefits of Vacuum blenders for making smoothies, buyers should consider all of the ways they intend to use a blender and ensure it can meet those needs, whether it’s making doughs or soups or doing general chop and prep work for recipes.

1. Tribest Dynapro Commercial Vacuum DPS1050A Blender 

Tribest Dynapro Commercial Vacuum DPS 1050A Blender review-> Author Note: The DPS-1050A is the updated version to the original DPS-1050 model and is much more improved. The updated “A” version that we review below has an improved vacuum pump, jar and blade design. (Avoid the original DPS-1050 version) <-

This blender is by no means short on power with an 1865-watt motor. It is well built and is truly a commercial quality blender with NSF certification.

Its vacuum technology comes in the form a battery-powered vacuum pump that attaches to the blender’s top. An 64 ounce capacity means the Tribest is one of the larger blenders on the market, and it comes with a 15-year warranty.

It has a manual on/off switch, digital speed dial and 3 preset blending modes (pulse, combo, blend). To vacuum you attach the pump on top of the lid and it will automatically stop when it achieves a set pressure. The pump works off of 8 AA batteries which would last about 120 cycles (TIP – get rechargeable batteries).

The blender uses a metal scoop rather than tamper. The lid has a removable center and the wide base container makes it easier blend thick recipes as well as clean out.

Dimensions: 9.5 x 9.5 x 17.2 inches

Positives: This blender provides a lot of blending power and the vacuum function works very well. Strong sturdy motor base and overall design that should last a long time. The 15-year residential-use warranty is the longest of all the models included here (it is a 3 year warranty for commercial use) and the blender’s 64oz capacity is larger than many competing models. Company is based in the USA with good customer service.

The wide container does well with thick recipes especially when you can’t use a tamper while vacuum blending. This blender model has a nice overall design of the lid, jar, and controls for performance and use. The wide, shorter container allows this blender to fit under kitchen cabinets.

Negatives: The Tribest is loud at around 94 decibels but that is about typical for blenders with this much power. This blender is on the more expensive side among blenders butthe price also reflects the commercial-build quality.

Overall Opinion: If you want a quality blender with the added ability to do Vacuum blending then the Dynapro DPS-1050A would be our top choice. We like that this model is built to the standards of commercial use and that the company is USA-based for better support and warranty issues long term.

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2. Kuvings Vacuum SV500S 

Kuvings Vacuum SV500SWith its 1700-watt motor and auto blend technology, the Kuvings SV500S is a stylish choice among vacuum blenders. The most unique feature of this blenders is  that it will automatically adjust speed and vacuum blending time based on the density of your ingredients. This blender comes with a 7-year warranty.

With a vacuum pump built into the unit’s base and a five-cup container, the Kuvings is a favorite among blender users. It comes with a 64oz container and a 800ml smaller container. The small container works great if you want to vacuum-save your drink for later use.

Comes with a useful recipe book and user manual. It has a power button with adjustable blending speed from 2,000 up to 20,000 RPM and pulse mode. There are 3 buttons: Vacuum mix for the small tumbler, Auto vacuum and blend for the pitcher, and Auto blend.

NOTE: None of the parts are dishwasher safe. It is not recommended to use vacuum mode with dry ingredients.

Dimensions: 8.5 x 9.5 x 17.5 inches

Positives: Powerful 1700 motor 3.5 HP motor can handle all of you blending needs. Features auto detection function, noise dampening container, and travel storage jar. It can easily puree hard vegetables, make smoothies, and blend soups. Received an “excellent” score from Consumer Reports testing.

Negatives: Some user complaints about the design of this blender. The tamper has to be bought separately.

Overall Opinion: High quality blender with excellent blending results and benefits of vacuum blending. It is very simple to use with automated blending for truly hand-off use. The Kuvings will blend as well as a Vitamix and offer similar results. The external vacuum container will dampen the noise by about 10%.

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3. The Optimum Vacuum VAC2 Blender

The Optimum Vacuum BlenderAustralia-based Optimum blenders are sold worldwide but less known in the USA. The Optimum Vacuum definitely yields powerful blendering results! Its 2238-watt motor is, simply speaking, a BEAST. This blender can crush not only ice but whole fruits and vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

The motor is backed by a 5 year parts and 10 year motor warranty, and you can also test it in a 30-day trial with a money-back guarantee. This blender offers stainless steel blades, a 2-liter BPA-free jug, vacuum technology and digital controls.

Dimensions: 20.3 x 9.3 x 7.9 inches

Positives: A ten-year warranty period, high wattage motor, and great smoothie output. It offers similar blending power to popular high-speed blenders with the added benefit of vacuum technology.

Negatives: Despite the power it is not as reliable as a Vitamix if you are looking for a heavy duty blender. The narrow jar can make it difficult to blend thicker/denser mixtures. The blender is made in China and the company doesn’t have a USA-based customer support team for warranty.

Overall Opinion: Overall for the reasonable price, the Optimum VAC2 is a powerful blender with a built-in vacuum. The narrow jar design works well for blending smoothies and recipes that use a lot of liquid, but is less ideal with thicker recipes when you can’t use a tamper with the vacuum. Also the narrow jar can make it harder to clean. We would have preferred an adjustable control dial like the Kuvings or Tribest models above versus Optinum’s +/- button.

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4. Ninja Smart Screen Blender with Fresh Vac Technology

Ninja Smart Screen Blender and Food ProcessorNinja is one of the most well-known blender brands and this model packs a powerful punch. The company upgraded their prior popular Ninja Pro and added new features and controls. The most visible feature is the new FreshVac pump that integrates into their new blending containers.

Like the DynaPro above, Ninja’s FreshVac pump uses batteries and you attach it onto the container before blending to remove the oxygen.

Ninja offers multiple models within its FeshVac blender line but we link to the CT672V model in this article as it offers the most popular accessories in one package. It comes with a 72-ounce pitcher, a 20-ounce single serve cup, and a 40 oz. food processor with slicing and shredding blades.

This blender features a 1400 watt motor and uses a Smart Touchscreen which adjusts the available programs based on which container you are using. It features Pre-Set Auto-iQ Programs (smoothie, puree, ice cream, and frozen drink) as well as low, high, and pulse buttons.

Dimensions: 8.9 x 10.8 x 17.3

Positives: This blender is based on Ninja’s popular product line with its unique total crushing blade and popular accessories. Simple controls and easy to use freshvac pump.

Negatives: Ninja uses many plastic components and only offers a 1 year warranty, but keep in mind that Ninja has an “Excellent” rating according to Consumer Reports for predicted brand reliability. Ninja does change their product lineup every couple of years so it can sometimes be difficult to replace accessories later on.

Overall Opinion: The FreshVac pump work pretty well and this blender line is built on Ninja’s popular blender line so its is worth considering if like the accessories that it comes with and reasonable price. If you want a more popular and sturdier blender then we would suggest one of the top 2 blenders that we reviewed above.

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5. Dash Cold Fusion Vacuum

Dash Cold Fusion VacuumWe were excited by the look and unique design of this blender but since its introduction in 2018 the user reviews are mixed. With a vacuum pump located in the base of the unit, the Dash Cold Fusion Vacuum has a six-cup capacity blender as well as a travel container. This 800-watt blender comes with a one-year warranty.

This model is easy to operate with three basic functions: you can use the auto function to vacuum then blend, the manual function to blend to your desired consistency, or the vacuum function to prep food for storage.

Dimensions: 8.2 x 7.1 x 17.7 inches

Positives: A budget-conscious choice and easy to operate. Does well at crushing ice into snow-cone consistency.

Negatives: Multiple complaints about blending performance . No digital interface, significantly less wattage than other models. 1 year warranty.

Overall Opinion: While the Dash is the more affordable than the above blenders, the motor and design can be limiting for what you can do with this blender.

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Final Thoughts

Vacuum blending is still a new trend but there are a lot of benefits with improved nutrients and richer blending results. If you want to avoid the frustration of inconsistent blending results then we would pay more for one of the better quality Vacuum blenders that we listed at the top of this post.

Having a vacuum feature is really useful if you are mostly blending smoothies for improved nutrition and if you want to store drinks for later.  Keep in mind that you can’t remove the lid or use a tamper while vacuum blending and most manufacturers recommend not vacuum blending dry ingredients, so the vacuum feature is limited to certain uses.

Please leave any questions in the comment section below !

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Maria Bauer

I ordered the Kuvings vacuum blender from a reputable 3rd party who sent the order directly to Kuvings and was shipped to my home directly from Kuvings. It was the current model on all US websites. However, I received a model with different function buttons. I was not happy because it was not what I saw and ordered. I did a lot of research and only saw the model that they sent me on a couple of European websites. However when speaking to one of the European reps, he confirmed that the model I received was not the most current but an older model. When I spoke to a supervisor at USA Kuvings , he seemed to not be very knowledgeable denying that Kuvings sent the blender and tried to put the blame on the 3rd party. I checked again with customer service where I purchased it and they confirmed that it was sent to me directly from Kuvings and is common practice. I was eventually told by Kuvings that my model was the most current but they did not have time to update their website. This was some time ago. No updated websites yet!

The model they sent was the SV500MU. The letter M on the model is something I’ve only seen on foreign models. With this said, are you familiar with this model. I’m still feeling pretty uneasy about this.

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