Finding Nutribullet Accessories Coupons

nutribullet If you use your Nutribullet blener frequently then you will eventually need to replace your Nutribullet cups and blades.

Our first piece of advice is make sure you are buying authentic cups and parts made by Nutribullet. (See our guide to Nutribullet replacement parts). There are plenty of look-a-like parts for sale on places like Ebay but we wouldn’t touch them.

The reason being is that blender cups and blades operate at a high speed and are made with a special type of high-strength material that is safety tested for use with Nutribullet blenders.

Also, some cheap imported knock-offs might be made with toxic non-food grade plastic which could cause chemicals to leech into your drinks. Stick to only using authentic Nutribullet accessories and parts.

Where to find Nutribullet Accessories Coupon Codes:

Coupon Websites

Sometimes you will find entire store percentage-off coupons that might carry Nutribullet accessories. Generally, we haven’t had much success to finding coupons that work with Nutribullet accessories because a lot of retailers only carry the new Nutribullet blender packages and not the replacement parts.



Generally, Amazon usually has the best price on accessories for Nutribullet blenders especially if you are prime member to quality for free shipping(since most Nutribullet accessories like extra cups are less than $35).  To view the top selling Nutribullet accessories on Amazon, just click on the links below for each accessory.


While you might find some store-only coupons from local retailers, the problem is that many retail stores don’t carry Nutribullet parts and accessories in stores and only sell the full blender kits in stores.

Occasionally you will usually see Nutribullet accessories listed on big retailer sites like and but they say “online only” and don’t carry them in their stores.

Best Accessories

If you are brand new to owning a Nutribullet blender then you might be wondering if you really need extra cups or not. Generally, Nutribullet blenders work well if used properly. The cups will last a long time if taken care of properly but it will depend on how much you use them.

Regarding the blade, Nutribullet suggests in their user manual to replace the blades every 6 months. I have been using Nutribullet blenders for 6 years and can easily get a couple of years out of a blade but it really depends on how often you are using it and what you blending. (The blades don’t necessarily stop working but can sometimes get louder and a little duller so I replace them).

The only thing I have noticed personally after using Nutribullet blenders is that the cups can slightly discolor after many, many uses. This just means that the cups become slightly more opaque from the vegetable/fruits juices inside but it doesn’t effect the function of the cups.

If you do decide to extra Nutribullet accessories you can usually get a better deal on them when you buy the blender initially as a package. Otherwise, tends to have the most availability for Nutribullet accessories.

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