Finding the Best Mason Jar Blender in 2023

Mason Jar Blender reviewYou’ve probably seen an article or Pinterest post about using Mason jars with your blender for blending small recipes or for taking your smoothie on the go.

Yes, there are some blenders that will fit mason jars which I will get into in a minute. In fact, old Oster blenders used to include a mason jar with the blender for blending nuts and grinding spices.

First I must give this warning ….

EDITOR WARNING: Many blenders do not use glass pitchers because of the potential for cracking and shattering. If a blender uses a glass pitcher then it is specially made with high-impact glass that meets product safety standards.

Blender manufacturers don’t sell blenders with a glass mason jar and they don’t recommend using mason jars with their blenders simply because of the risk that the shattering. This is especially true with high powered blenders.

If you do use a mason jar with your blender for small tasks then make sure you are using NEWER, CANNING STRENGTH MASON JARS like the classic Ball Jars. With the popularity of mason jars now, there are a lot of novelty glass jars that are made to look like traditional mason jars but they are not intended for blending or canning.

If you have old Mason Jars then I would suggest saving them for other uses and getting new jars if you will be using them with the blender.

For extra safety, put a towel over the mason jar when blending.

OK, I realize that warning above sounds pretty daunting but if you use real canning mason jars and blend at reasonable speeds then shouldn’t have any issues.

If  you decide to use a mason jar blender, here the are sizes of the Jars so you can evaluate if they will fit with your current blender.

Mason jar outside edge diameters are:
Standard 16oz(Pint) Jars: 2 5/8 inches  (See this jar on Amazon)
Wide Mouth 16oz(Pint) Jars: 3 1/4 inches  (See this jar on Amazon)

Blender Design with Mason Jars

Understand that many of new blenders have a different design that won’t accommodate mason jars. The newer blenders, especially personal blenders, use some type of locking design for signaling to the blender that the cup is properly secured.

Oster blenders traditionally worked well with narrow mason jars, but their designs are changing and not all Oster models with work. For example, “Oster Pro” blenders do not work with Mason jars.

Also, high speed blender like blendtec and Vitamix don’t work on these blenders. Farther down in this article I list the other blender brands that don’t work with mason jars, but first lets discuss blender that DO WORK with mason jars.

NOTE – There are a lot of blenders on the market and unfortunately there isn’t any resource that lists all the blenders that work with Mason Jars, so I put together this post. I will update this post as I find new models that fit, but if you know of any that I missed then please leave a comment below and I will update this post.

Mason Jar Blender Reviews

The following blenders can be used with mason jars. They are listed based on approximate price from lowest to highest price (* Price based on the time of publishing this post).

Oster Beehive Blender

The Oster 4093 Beehive blender is a classic, simple-to-use blender that comes with a great 5-cup capacity pitcher but will also work very well with standard mason jars.

This time-tested design has a 2-speed toggle switch with 600 watts of blending power. Well built with a 10 year drive train warranty. The negative on this blender is it is loud and a little expensive for the power and lack of blending controls. You might want to also consider the Oster the less expensive Oster BRLY07 mentioned below which has the same power but more controls.

Overall, the Oster Beehive is a simple to use basic blender with a popular retro-look. It is not meant to compete with high powered blenders that offer more versatility.

Click Here for Oster Beehive Price and Reviews

Oster Simple Blend 100

The Oster Simple Blend 100 is a basic countertop blender with 700 watts of power(450 blending watts) and push-button controls. It uses a 6 cup plastic blender pitcher and also includes a smoothie container.

It has some nice quality features at this price range with a metal-drive system and Oster’s 3 year(10 Year drivetrain) warranty.

The Oster Simple Blend blender works with regular mouth Mason jars. Overall, this blender is fine for simple blending tasks. It is very inexpensive and offers a decent value for what you get.

Click Here for Oster Simple Blend 100 Price and Reviews

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender

For the same price as the Oster Blend N Go blender above, you can get this Hamilton Beach blender which comes with a full-size 40oz pitcher and 700 watts of power.

Also, this blender’s blade and base design will fit regular mason jars.

I like this blender better than the Oster Simple Blend 100 blender I listed above even though they have similar features and power. In comparing the two models, I prefer Hamilton Beach’s performance and pitcher.

Overall, the Hamilton Beach Power Elite works fine and does work with regular mason jars. It was a top choice among low cost blenders.

Understand though that the Hamilton Beach blender is an inexpensive blender so it is not a high performance blender. In general, this blender works fine for basic blending needs, has 1000’s of quality reviews, and is well priced.

Click Here for Hamilton Beach Power Blender Price and Reviews

Oster BRLY07-B Blender

For a little bit more money than the blenders listed above the Oster BRLY07-B is a nice upgrade. It features a 600 watt blender with nice features and a good range of controls.

I reviewed this Oster blender and it rated very well for its price category.  It blends well for the price and uses a glass pitcher which is not common nowadays with blenders. It has enough power to crush ice and puree smoothies.

It uses a unique dual-direction drive system which allows the blade to blend in both directions to prevent clogging and results in better blending.

As an added bonus, this Oster blender works with regular size mason jars. If want a good budget blender that performs well but also works with mason jars then this is an excellent choice.

Click Here for Oster BRLY07 Price and Reviews

Tribest Single Serve Mason Jar PB350 Personal Blender

The Tribest is really trying to target the mason jar trend with this blender but it is really just a small personal blender with an attachment that allows for the use of mason jars. In comparison to other blenders on the market, it is kind of expensive for what you get in terms of performance and features.

It comes with a mix of jars ranging from 4oz to 16oz. The regular size mason jars attach using the conversion adapter that is included.

The Tribest Mason Jar Blender uses a 200 watt motor which is pretty weak for the high price of this blender. I question how long the blade assembly will last as the blades are pretty lightweight and the blade base is made with a lot of plastic parts.

Overall, this blender is more expensive than all the blenders listed above but has less versatility based on its low power and small jar capacity.

Click Here for Tribest Blender Reviews and Pricing

Oster Blend N Go Mason Jar Blender

Oster has a blender called “Blend N Go” Mason Jar blender but unfortunately it only works with its unique BPA-free plastic jars that come with the blender. IT DOES NOT WORK WITH STANDARD SIZE MASON JARS !

Honestly, I like Oster blenders but this blender is kind of a gimmicky to take advantage of the mason jar trend. The proprietary jars that it works with have a 20oz capacity and it only has 250 watts of power so it won’t blend very fine.

Overall, I don’t see any need for the Oster Blend N Go Mason Jar Blender and would rather just have a different personal blender or consider one of the blenders above that accommodate real mason jars.

Click Here for Oster Blend N Go Price and Reviews

Cuisinart SPB-7CHC SmartPower Blender

Our reader “Vickie” commented below that she personally owns this Cuisinart blender and confirmed that the regular mouth Mason Jars will work with this Cuisinart blender.

This blender has simple controls and a nice clean design. We typically love Cuisinart appliances but there are numerous user reviews who said the motor breaks on this model in the first year. The reviews on this model are mixed.

Click Here for Cuisinart SmartPower Price and Reviews

Blenders That Don’t work with Mason Jars

The following popular blender brands don’t have current blender designs that accommodate Mason jars :

  • Ninja Blenders
  • Vitamix
  • Blendtec
  • Nutribullet

Side Note – Another option is you can use an immersion “stick” blender with wide mouth Mason Jars but it can be a little more difficult trying to finely blend ingredients using a stick blender in a tight mason jar.

Final Thoughts

As you can see there are not a lot of blenders that accommodate mason jars. You can always use a personal blender if your focus is small portions and pour the ingredients into a mason jar.

Although, if you like the flexibility of being able to use a mason jar with a traditional blender then the above blenders should all be fine for making smoothies and normal blending tasks.

If you aren’t sure which blender to get among the ones listed above then I would go with the inexpensive Hamilton Beach or this Oster blender.

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Anna Powell

Anna is a blending expert that for years has researched, tested, and written about 100's of blenders and smoothie recipes.

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KitchenAid blenders do work with Mason Jars. However, they work with wide mouth jars. I have one that I’ve used for years with the wide mouth jars without issues. However, I do like the regular mouth jars better, and have since purchased an osterizer.

    Anna Powell

    Thanks Miguel for the feedback. I made the change to reflect your comments. Which KitchenAid blender model did you use with Mason Jars?


    Would you please let us know which specific KirtchenAid model blender works with wide-mouth jars?

eman raed

Thank you sooo much

I’m from saudi arabia

I was buying a ninja blender .. Before I read this article
I was looking for a blender compatible with the Mason jar ..
In fact, I did not find an answer in the Internet
Except this article

So I thank you very much ..
I wish you success


Just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this article. I want to make smoothies for myself and baby food for the youngest family member and was driving myself crazy trying to find a blender that could do all that with glass jars. Plastic simply isn’t safe. Thanks again!

    Anna Powell

    Thanks Staci for the kind words. Glad you found this Mason Jar blender post helpful. Have a great holidays.

Milo Jennings

Thanks for taking the time to put this together. It’s really hard to find any information about blenders that are compatible with Mason Jars.

Starr Gotzen

What about KitchenAid? We have one of those. Thank You In Advance.

    Anna Powell

    Hi Starr, another reader left a comment earlier that he was able to use wide-mouth mason jars on his kitchenaid blender. You can see measure the inside diameter of your blade where the jar screws in to see if the mason jar would fit. It would probably have to be an older Kitchenaid blender as many of the new Kitchenaid models have the blade built into the pitcher.


Will mason jars work with the magic bullet?

    Anna Powell

    No, None of the bullet blenders work with mason jars because all the bullet blenders have those little tabs built into the jars that are used to lock into the motor base. The blender doesn’t turn on with those tabs engaged.

      Rita Bennett-Davis

      I used to have a MB, and I used canning jars with it.


        How did you get that to work, Rita? Those little tabs are a significant issue; you can’t just screw a canning jar onto a MB and have it run, and Mason jars don’t even fit onto my MB — the regular size is too small, and the wide mouth too large.

        I would love to figure out how to use glass jars with my MB, because it’s so space efficient, but I’d rather not use the plastic mugs.


Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. I literally purchased the Hamilton blender because of your review. This has made my life so much easier. Prep, bland and go!

    Anna Powell

    Thanks for the the comment Viviana. I am glad you found the article helpful. -Anna


Is there a blender that can take a wide mouth mason jar?

    Anna Powell

    Hello Rick, I don’t have a specific blender model to suggest right now for wide-mouth jars but I will look into it. Another reader left a comment earlier on here that they used a wide mouth mason jar on their kitchenaid blender. It would probably have to be an older Kitchenaid blender as many of the new Kitchenaid models have the blade built into the pitcher. I would first measure the inside diameter of your blade where the jar screws in to see if the mason jar would fit.

Big Mouth

Could you or someone verify the specific model of the Kitchen aid mixers that work with LARGE MOUTH jars please.


    My Kitchen Aid KBS5 series works. 1/2 gallon jars were no problem but my blade touched the sides of smaller size jars. It may have been bent from previous use. I simply took a pair of pliers and bent the one blade up just the smallest bit and it gave me good clearance for use with all size wide mouth jars. Hope this helps.


Very few blenders support regular mouthed mason jars. The ones that do are often those 1-button sport blenders, with no option for speed adjustment. Most Oster/Osterizer blenders do (excluding classic), however, and they have plenty of speed options as well.

Mason jars are good because using a big part-empty jug sucks oxygen into itself, oxidising about a third of the nutrients. Ensure the jars aren’t cracked or chipped, because they can shatter. I’d recommend using a custom sleeve over the jar in case this happens.

    Anna Powell

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Justin.


It’s very very very SAD that all of the models that you listed above do NOT fit with on a WIDE MOUTH mason jar!

Is there anyone reading my comment who can supply me with a specific Brand and Model number where the base of the blender has fit on the WIDE MOUTH mason jar from your personal experience with it?

thank you very very very much!


    Anna Powell

    Hello Mark, I will look around and see if any new blenders will work. Most blenders have the narrow bottom because of the way blenders work(they pull ingredients down into a vortex blending motion for even blending). The wider the bottom, the more powerful a motor you would need so a wide mouth mason jar is not a common size.

Belinda Eriacho

Thank you for taking the time to research, review and post these results. My vintage Osterizer has gone to Osterizer Heaven. I was in search of a blender that I can continue to use my mason jars with.

    Anna Powell

    Thanks for reading Belinda.


Thank you so look much for this article. I recently saw a youtube video where the youtuber attached a mason jar to the blender, I was surprised.
Your article is the first one I’ve come accrossed with a list of compatible blenders. Thanks for clarifying and writing in bold letter the type of mason jars ( I have wide mouth so have to invest in some regular).
Not only did you take the time to research blenders works /doesn’t work but you also respond to comments is a blessing.
Really informative description.

    Anna Powell

    Thanks for reading Sam. We work hard to constantly keep our posts updated with the latest blender models and information.

Bee Grandison

What about using mason jars out of freezer with frozen fruit/veggie… this safe?

    Anna Powell

    Yes you should be fine Bee. When you freeze the ingredients in the mason jar just do it without liquid and then add the liquid when you are ready to blend.


My KitchenAid model #KSB5WH4 blender works perfectly with a wide mouth mason jar. My blender jar broke and this is an older blender model so they don’t make the jar anymore. I figured any other blender jar that comes from a blender that takes a wide mouth mason jar will fit (though I might need a new lid to go with it). Can you or anyone here give a specific model number for blenders that work with wide mouth? Thanks.

    Anna Powell

    Hi Cyndi, Unfortunately Kitchenaid changed their blender jar design and the newer models don’t work with Mason jars. Other older models like KSB565BU work with wide mouth jars which you might be able to find still. I will look into this more


I have used for many years a vintage Osterizer blender, which takes the regular mouth mason jars. Recently I decided to get a more modern blender on my counter, and got a Cuisinart SmartPower 7-speed blender (SPB-7CHC), which I very much like. Just out of curiosity I tried to screw a regular mouth mason jar into the jar base….AND IT WORKS!!! Who would have thought! For my morning smoothies came now one of the ‘Classico’ Pasta Sauce ATLAS mason jars to work (they can be also used for canning), these jars have also imprinted in the glass 4, 8, 12 and 16-oz measurement lines, and a perfectly fitting metal lid for to-go.

    Anna Powell

    Great information Vickie. Thanks for the feedback. We will add that model to the article.

Bob Widermouth

Could anyone who has used the old style KitchenAid blenders with wide mouth jars confirm if they work with 16oz wide mouths? Interested in “upgrading” from my standard mouth blending operation but only if I can use pint jars. The 16oz wide mouth jars have straight sides and it looks like they may be too skinny to accommodate the blades?

I can confirm that standard mouths work well on a Hamilton Beach Model 58147 Type B66, I believe same or similar to the one mentioned above. Been enjoying smoothies, mason jar style, every morning. I’ve also used the same blender pretty regularly to grind up dry dog food for my yorkie-poo who’s missing a few chiclets and can’t chew so well so I believe it’s pretty powerful and durable so far.

Also thanks Anna for putting together this awesome resource! Blending in mason jars is the greatest thing ever.

    Casey Mina Crump Kurzhal

    Also interested to know


Great article, since I already have a Mason, Ball or Kerr jars collection. Would you have any articles on any Economical Blenders that can Mix up Ice Cream at least to Soft-Serve or better Thickness? We can Freeze that a little more to serve our creations later! Thanks for your experience.

    Anna Powell

    If you aren’t in the market for a Vitamix then some economical options might be the Ninja Pro or Cleanblend (both mentioned in this post). Depending on how much ice cream you are making and frequency you have a higher liklihood of wearing out cheap blenders.


Thanks for the great article. I have a couple of questions. I Am wanting to find a blender that works with Wide Mouth Mason Jars. I scanned over your article and don’t see anywhere that it specifically mentions any of these blenders fitting wide mouth. Is this correct? Are you aware of any these, or others, that do fit wide mouth?

Also, at the top you mention “standard” and “wide mouth”, but then in the article at times you say “regular” or “regular mouth” but don’t define what you mean by “regular”. My guess is that your are referring to “standard” when you say “regular” but this is an assumption. Or maybe I just missed where you clarified that.

    Anna Powell

    Hello Richie, Yes “standard” and “regular” are the same. I don’t know of any models currently that work with wide mouth jars but I will look into it and update this article if I find any models.

Cynthia L.

I have an Oster 10 speed that works well with the regular mouth Mason jars but is so loud. Wondering what quiet version you recommend. I’m ALMOST willing to toss the convenience of this mason/blender combination for something that doesn’t kill my ears.

Ryan Zimmerman

The article is not quite clear. Which will work with wide mouth jars

    Anna Powell

    Hello Ryan, thanks for the feedback. We only found blenders will work with the “standard” and “regular” mason jars. I don’t know of any models currently that work with wide mouth jars but I update this article if I find any models.

      Angela Cuevas

      Any updates? I’m also looking for a model compatible with the wide-mouth jars…

        Anna Powell

        Hello Angela, I haven’t seen anything new but I will look around to see if there are any new models that I missed in this list.


This is a great site! I have been using my old Oster blender for years with my mason jars with frozen fruit to make smoothies and my blender is about to quit. So I ordered a new Hamilton Beach blender on your recommendation.

Casey Mina Crump Kurzhal

Thanks for this post. I am also desperately trying to find a blender compatible with wide mouth mason jars. Any luck finding one?

Casey Mina Crump Kurzhal
Has anyone tried this? It would be soo cool to use a WIDE MOUTH with a vitamix!


    @Casey, yes I purchased one of these in 2022.
    I’m not looking to blend with wide mouth mason jars,
    I merely wanted and accessory for cleaning my jars.
    I’ll make smoothies in the vitamix, the pour then into mason jars for serving.
    The jars can get pretty gunked up, so i thought i could use this just for a hot water and soap clean.
    The problem is, after screwing in the jar, the bottom inside rim is too narrow, and the silicone ring doesn’t provide an adequate seal so the soapy water leaked all over my vitamix.
    Second, to compensate for this, if i aggressively tightened the jar to clear plastic collar so that there were no leaks,… i was unable to unscrew the jar from the collar and had to break the jar to remove it.
    This is just my experience, buy at your own risk.


Hi! I would like to try to find a stainless steel mason jar to use instead of glass. Do you know of any? Thanks!

    Anna Powell

    Hi, I’ve seen some Stainless steel Mason Jars on Amazon but I haven’t personally tried them so I don’t have a specific model that I recommend.


Looks like there’s a major market for a Wide Mouth mason jar blender. It’s also why I’m here. Shame it doesn’t seem to exist.


Hello, I’m on the hunt for a blender that can fit wide mouth mason jars. Please do update this blog and let us know if you hear of anything!!

Nicole Keller

I’m so frustrated. I bought the Hamilton Beach Power Elite Wave Action Blender-for Shakes and Smoothies, Puree, Crush Ice, 40 Oz…(Model 58148A) you recommended. It does NOT work with mason jars. The glass pitcher comes with a black plastic base, which has the blade BUILT INTO IT (not removable). At the bottom of this base, there is a grey, rubber mold, which secures the blade to the base and is NOT removable … BUT the rubber mold has grooves and indents, as does the blender-motor base, so that you MAY NOT use any other attachments with this motor, such as a mason jar/blades/bases. It’s the same as the Ninja “safety feature” sort of thing, where it’s only made to fit the exact blade and container.
I purchased this blender, because of your article, and I’m very disappointed.

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