Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot Blender Review

Ninja Foodi HB152 blender review

The Foodi HB152 blender is Ninja’s latest creation in their blender product line. It features both a powerful blending motor as well as a built-in heating element.

It’s main selling point is its ability to handle both cold and hot recipes, but the big question is if this product really performs or is it more of a marketing gimmick ?

We have reviewed every Ninja blender on the market and in this Ninja Foodi blender review we analyze all the of pros and cons of this model to give you our honest conclusion.

Important Features


The Foodi blender features a 1400 watt peak blending motor with built in 4 prong blending blade. The built-in heating element is 800 watts.


The Foodi blender comes with the 1400 motor base, 64 oz glass pitcher (56 oz. max cold liquid capacity) with built- in blade, locking lid with removable center cap, tamper, and cleaning brush.

The 64 ounce glass pitcher can only be hand washed and is NOT dishwasher safe because it has a built-in electrical connecter in the bottom of the pitcher for the heating element.

The lid accessories are dishwasher safe and BPA free.


This blender model features Ninja’s popular Auto IQ controls with 12 preset programs split up by activity. Auto IQ is simply a preset timed blending program that will cycle through a series of blending and pulsing.

Note – Keep in mind that the preset programs don’t adjust for the amount of ingredients you are blending so it might overblend small recipes.

The blending “Crush” programs are : Smoothie, Frozen Extract, Ice Cream. The “Cook” Heat IQ programs are Saute, Sauce/Dip, Hearty Soup, Smooth Soup). It also features infuse programs for mixer, water, cocktail.

There are 2 Manual mode buttons at the bottom which are blend and cook.

  • When you select “Blend” mode the variable speed buttons are low, medium, high.
  • When you select “Cook” mode then the low, medium, high buttons refer to heat temperature

The digital timer will light up when you select an Auto IQ program and will countdown as the program is running. It will count up when you select a manual mode.

Other buttons are the on/off button, heated clean function, and pulse button for manually pulsing ingredients.

What Can the Ninja Foodi Blender Do ?

The 1400 watt motor is enough power to perform traditional blending functions like crushing ice, blending frozen drinks, making ice cream, and pureeing fruits and vegetables for smoothies. The pulse button allows you to quickly chop and dice ingredients.

The integrated 800 watt heating element adds the unique ability to cook proteins and vegetables for hot soups, melt cheese and chocolate for dips, and heat ingredients to infuse flavors for drinks.

Foodi HB152 recipe ideas

Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot Blender Review

Ninja Foodie hot and cold blenderPositives: Ninja integrated the best features from its prior blender models such as a wide pitcher for even blending, tamper for thick recipes, bottom blade (rather than their removable total crushing blade), and Auto IQ programs, but then added new features such as a glass pitcher for hot and cold ingredients, heating element, Hot IQ programs, and new lid design.

Good performance with a lot of power and the user reviews are overwhelming positive.

Negatives: The glass pitcher is heavier and can sometimes be a little difficult to remove from the base. This blender is loud but expected for this power. Isn’t as powerful as high-speed blenders like Vitamix but the lower price reflects that. Only offers a 1 year warranty.

Overall Opinion: The Ninja Foodi blender has some really nice features and the price is reasonable for the power. The performance is generally good and can offer more variety than a standard blender. Our only concern is the durability of the heating element over time since it is a new feature for Ninja.

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How to use the Foodi Blender HB152

Just place the pitcher with the Ninja logo facing forward and match up the arrows. Then attach the lid and turn the lid so that the arrows line up.

Here is a video providing an overview of how to use the controls for this blender :

YouTube video

Ninja Foodi vs Other Blenders

Foodi Blender vs Instant Pot Ace Nova Blender

Instant Pot introduced their Ace Blender in 2018 and Ninja introduced their similar Foodi blender in late 2019. The features of both blenders are very similar except the Ninja Foodi is more powerful.

The Instant Ace blender offers a glass container and similar controls(4 cold blending programs, 4 hot blending programs, 10 manual speeds, and cleaning function). Like the Ninja Foodie, Instant Ace pitcher has a heating element built in and therefore is not dishwasher safe. Both blenders use preset controls and don’t let you adjust the temperature.

Ninja Foodi BlenderInstant Ace Nova Blender
BLENDING POWER1400 peak watts600 peak watts
HEATING POWER800 watts700 watts
CAPACITY64 ounces60 ounces
CONTROLS12 presets, 3 manual speeds8 presets, 10 manual speeds
PITCHERGlass with tamperGlass with tamper

Overall, while Ninja’s blender has more power and much more experience building blenders, it is worth pointing out that the Instant Ace blender is almost HALF the price of the Ninja Foodi.

Foodi vs Vitamix blenders

A lot of people are wondering if the Foodi hot and cold blender can compete with Vitamix blenders. Well, the Vitamix is 3-4x the cost of the Ninja Foodi so it isn’t real comparison.

Vitamix blenders are built better with a metal power drive and heavy duty components versus Ninja blenders are mostly plastic. This is why Vitamix offers a 7-10 year full coverage warranty versus Ninja’s 1 year limited warranty. That isn’t to say that Ninja are poorly built but they are just not as durable.

Vitamix blenders have a wide range of variable speeds and the horsepower to blend cold ingredients into hot ingredients from friction. Whereas, Ninja Foodi offers 3 speeds and a heating element to make hot recipes. Also Vitamix can mix thick batters and doughs better than the Foodie blender.

Overall, the Foodi offers good performance and is fine for many people, but it won’t offer the same blending results and long term reliability of a Vitamix which is higher priced.

If you need a better understanding of Vitamix blenders, visit our guide.

Foodi Blender vs Other Ninja Blenders

The Ninja Foodi is Ninja’s first blender to use a glass pitcher, wide jar design, and heating element.

The Foodi 1400 watt motor base has a really similar design and controls as other Ninja blenders so the Foodi doesn’t necessarily perform better than other Ninja models.

The unique features of the Foodi vs other Ninja blenders :

  • New jar design which is wider and can handle thick recipes. It is the only Ninja glass jar blender.
  • Traditional bottom blade versus using Ninja total crushing blade.
  • Tamper and new lid design.
  • Heating element and Hot IQ programs.

Final Thoughts

The Ninja Foodi Cold and Hot blender has some nice features and lots of power. The jar design isn’t perfect for thick recipes but overall it does very well at blending recipes with enough liquid. The heating element works well and is useful for making hot soups and dips.

The Auto IQ programs are a nice feature and user feedback is really strong on this blender. In summary, the Foodi blender is worth purchasing if you think you will be using the heating element of this blender.

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Anna is a blending expert that for years has researched, tested, and written about 100's of blenders and smoothie recipes.

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I did not have such a great experience with this blender. Why? Because there is a very thin seal at the bottom of the pitcher intended to prevent water getting in between the pitcher and the base. When it was warm and I was wiping off the top, apparently the seal was flexible because of the heat. A few drops of water went down the glass to the seal. Not thinking about it I wiped the drops up. My best guess is that I accidentally pushed against that thin seal. It is like a thin rubber band and you can see it at the base. I must have pushed it down into the base. After that water gets into the base because of the seal.

I do not see that as a good or safe design. I can tell there is water because you can see the area in the corners when looking into the pitcher. You can tell there is water trapped along that edge and in one corner. It eventually evaporates, but it makes cleaning it a horrible task because I have to keep water from dripping at all costs.

I regret the purchase and the seller refused to cooperate with me on this. He was so scary and angry I wanted to return it I just said forget it and kept it.

They need to improve that part of it. Otherwise it is very nice.

    Anna Powell

    Thanks so much for the feedback.


My is less than 5 months old and is not turning on. Check the position of the arrow to be sure is been set right but still not working.pleae I need help


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