Nutribullet Select Review – Is Nutribullet’s Newest Blender Any Good ?

UPDATE 2023 – The review below is for the Nutribullet Select 1.0 blender which we review in 2017. Nutribullet has updated to the Select 2.0 model. There isn’t any big difference with the new model except updated design with new containers. The 1.0 version has been discounted and we will update the information in this post shortly with the new Nutribullet Select 2.0 information. Here is a link to the new 2.0 blender


The newest innovation from Nutribullet is the Nutribullet Select blender. As Nutribullet has done in the past, they have taken popular features from past models and integrated them into a new model and then added a few new functions to create the Nutribullet Select.

I am an experienced Nutribullet user and have written detailed reviews about all the other Nutribullet models. In this Nutribullet Select review, I will explain how it compares to other Nutribullet models and if I think it is a winner or a loser.

Nutribullet Select Review

The Select model has the same look and design as their popular Nutribullet Pro series but the biggest difference is the introduction of variable speeds and preset programs. I believe Nutribullet saw how popular variable and preset program controls are with their main competitor, Ninja blenders, that Nutribullet realized they needed to offer that functionality to compete.

Typically, Nutribullet blenders do not have an on/off button and you would have to twist the jar to stop the motor. With the Nutribullet Select you can just turn the control knob to off. The change in controls is really the main differentiation of the Select model versus other Nutribullet models.

Nutribullet Select Controls

With prior models like the Nutribullet Rx, Nutribullet LEAN, and Nutribullet MAX, the company introduced its Autocycle blending program which is an all-in-one blending program that you don’t really have control over.

The Nutribullet Select is a smart addition for Nutribullet because consumers like having more control over what they are blending. The variable speeds allows you to quickly adjust for what you are blending and the three blending programs (Pulse, Blend, Crush) can provide the hands off blending for specific tasks.

  • Pulse is for chopping/dicing where you don’t want to purify.
  • Blend is for liquefying ingredients like soups and smoothies.
  • Crush is for crushing ice and making frozen drinks.

I didn’t like the Autocycle all-in-one program on the other Nutribullet models, so the controls offered by the Select are an nice improvement and well thought out.

Nutribullet Select Performance

The Select model offers 950 watts which is in the middle of their other models in terms of power. The popular Nutribullet Pro has 900 watts and works well for blending. The other models are the Nutribullet LEAN (or Max) which both have 1200 watts and the most powerful is  the 1700 watt Rx model.

Based on experience, the 950 watts that the Nutribullet Select offers is plenty of blending power for the 32oz Colossal jar that comes with this model.

When comparing any blender, it is important to understand what capacity is being blended relative to the blender power. If you have a large 60oz+ jar like on a typical countertop blender then you are going to want a more powerful motor to handle that much volume versus a small 32oz jar.

Watch this Video to see how it performs

YouTube video

Nutribullet Select Features

The Nutribullet Select offers the same accessories that are available on their other models.

The item that I like the most with the Nutribullet select is the 28 oz pitcher. It is nice that you can add ingredients through the top of the pitcher like a conventional blender. This is great if you want to add more liquid or ingredients to a smoothie or soup after you have already started.

Whereas, other Nutribullet blenders use their standard jars that you have to turn upside down to blend which means if you want to adjust a recipe then you have to unscrew the blade each time. (Side note- The standard jars work great but its a nice to have the versatility of the top loading pitcher). Up until now the pitcher was only available with the larger Nutribullet Rx model which I don’t like as much.

Nutribullet Select comes with:

  • 1  extractor blade
  • 28 oz pitcher with 3 piece lid – Great for frozen drinks, smoothies, and soups
  • 10 Short cup – ideal for dicing and chopping nuts, dips, and salsas
  • 32oz Colossal Cup – Ideal for smoothies or shakes.
  • 2 lids
  • User guide and recipe book

Nutribullet Select Review

Nutribullet SelectPositives: Despite being new on the market, the Nutribullet Select has the opportunity to be a popular Nutribullet model with its new controls and top loading pitcher. The additional of variable speeds and preset functions allow Nutribullet to compete with Ninja Auto IQ functionality.

The 950 watts is a good amount of power for the jar size and is large enough for making meal replacement smoothies. I really like the accessories offered with this model.

Negatives: This model is very new to the market (Spring 2017) so there is not a lot of feedback from long term users or from independent testing organizations like Consumer Reports. I personally like to wait to buy a new model blender until after it has been on the market for a while to make sure there aren’t any reliability issues after initial use. Other than that I don’t have any negatives. The initial reviews are very good.

Overall Opinion: I‘ve used Nutribullet blenders for years and like them. I’ve been critical of some of their recent Nutribullet models like the MAX, but initial thoughts on the Nutribullet Select are good. It is well priced relative to competitors.

The Select really offers the best features/accessories of their other models while adding the popularity of a variable speed with Pre-programmed controls.

Anna Powell

Anna is a blending expert that for years has researched, tested, and written about 100's of blenders and smoothie recipes.

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Dave H

Very helpful information for

Susan S. K.

I have been using the NUtrillo bullet select for 11 months. Thank goodness I sent in my warranty card! The rubber gasket inside the blade Kept dislodging, and the spinning motor would force the To turn, thus spilling my blended mix inside the cavity of the base! I was ready to call it a day and throw everything away, but after sleeping on it I decided to call their customer service number. I found out that I did, for a change, register this appliance, probably because I’ve had so many that have broken within one year. They cannot replace the gasket they have to give you a whole new blade. It is free within one year warranty, but I have to pay tax and shipping. Just over five dollars. They said it should be here within 7 to 10 days so I look forward to getting a little more life out of this machine! But I will always wonder, if I buy the super expensive brand, would I still be going through this?

    Anna Powell

    Hi Susan, sorry to hear about your issues. I have never have much issues with the gasket and they do suggest replacing your blade every 6 months in the manual if you are using your blender a lot. (Although, I used a Nutribullet blade daily for years without replacing).

      Jonalyn Chua

      How will I know if I bought a genuine product?

        Anna Powell

        If you are buying a Nutribullet blender then you should be fine. If you are looking to buy replacement parts or accessories then I would focus on buying from a legitimate retailer or directly from Nutribullet. (We have a post about Nutribullet replacement parts)


I bought the subject a week ago.
I do bullet coffees in the pitcher, of the bill of course. And you don’t get the pressure issue.

My keto smoothies, mincing garlic, salsa. Even crushed a sorbet with frozen mixed berries.

Is kind of a cross between the magic bullet and the nutribullet but with a pitcher. But I only need the one blender in the countertop.


i tested fruits blended in the RX1700..will this model do them that smooth..



Your thoughts on the Nutribullet Select ….. versus the Nutribullet Pro (900) ?

Also …… of those 2 Nutribullet models ….. how would they stack up against the Hamilton Beach Professional 1500W ‘Quiet Shield’ ?

    Anna Powell

    Hi John Nutribullet recently updated the design on the Nutribullet select and its has some nice features. I generally don’t have a need for multiple speeds with a personal blender so I just use the Nutribullet 900. The main advantage of the Nutribullet select is the top loading jar but I like simple and less electronics that won’t break to the Nutribullet 900 is fine for me.


Thank you Anna !!

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