Vitamix 6500 Blender Review – How did we rate this model ?

The Vitamix 6500 is a hybrid model that mixes popular features from multiple Vitamix product lines.

We have reviewed the entire Vitamix blender lineup and in this Vitamix 6500 review we will help explain the pro’s and con’s to help you decide.

Vitamix 6500 Review

Vitamix High Performance Blender C Series 6500
Our rating:

Snapshot of the Vitamix 6500


  • Power : 1470 watts, 2.2 Peak Horsepower
  • Dimensions : 17.25 x 7.25 x 8.75 in
  • Weight : 12 Pounds
  • Capacity : 64 ounce lower profile jar.
  • Warranty : 7 years
  • Unique Features : Blend of C series motor with G series design
  • Very powerful with next generation motor.
  • New low profile jar design fits under cabinets.
  • Adjustable speed.
  • 3 Preset blending programs.
  • Low Profile Jar isn’t ideal for really small batches.
  • Premium product at a premium price.

Ease of Use

One thing we like about this blender is it’s pre-programmed settings, which specifically tailor the blending process according to what it is you wish to make.

This functionality means all the guesswork is taken away out of the blending process – no guesstimating what level of power to use or what speed to set it at.  And that really helps make it a good gadget for novice cooks.

The 6500 is identical to the Vitamix 5300 but adds in 3 pre-programmed settings which allows for hands free blending. The three programs are smoothie, hot soup, and cold desert.

While not required, most customers love having the pre-set blending programs so they can just walk away and work on other kitchen tasks. You will find pre-set programs designed into all of Vitamix’s top of the line models.

Vitamix 6500 Controls

Easy to store

If your kitchen area is a tad cramped and you find yourself with limited cabinet space the low profile container is a nice feature compared to Vitamix’s classic tall jar.

Although the Vitamix 6500 comes with a seemingly large 64-ounce blending container, which can accommodate a half-gallon smoothie, Vitamix has made this blender easier to store by making this container short and stout.

With this issue addressed, the Vitamix 6500 is a far easier blender to store than earlier Vitamix models.

Other Features

Besides automated blending programs, you also have the variable speed dial pulse button.

The pulse button is super handy when you want to blend more coarse ingredients, say if you were using pine nuts for pesto, or even chickpeas for hummus.  This function really opens up just how much you can do with it.

AUTHOR NOTE : Vitamix really excels at food prep compared to other blenders as it can blend dry ingredients without overheating and the 6500’s low profile jar is excellent for dry ingredients.

Vitamix is unique among blenders in that you can make creamy nut butters without adding oils, mill flours, pulse through the most difficult ingredients, and turn cold raw ingredients into hot soups from friction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of warranty is in place for the Vitamix 6500?

As with all Vitamix blenders, this blender comes complete with a warranty that will last you for a staggering 7 years in total!

Can Vitamix blenders be used for juicing?

A blender is not the same thing as a juicer.  When extracting the nutrients from fruit and/or vegetables, a juicer will exclude the pulp altogether to produce a result with a much thinner consistency.  Blenders on the other hand will include the pulp.

This blender however, as with all Vitamix blenders, is powerful enough to produce a drink consistency comparable to what you would get with a juicer.

Is the blender noisy?

The Vitamix 6500 can be noisy but is in-line with other high speed blenders.

The 6500 is a little louder than newer Vitamix models as it is built on the Vitamix C Series base and there therefore doesn’t have the newer noise dampening of the G series or Ascent series models.

How does the Vitamix 6500 compare to other Vitamix models ?

The 6500 is exactly the same as the Vitamix 5300 and adds in Preset blending programs. It is built on the C series classic motor base but uses the newer G-series motor that works with the low profile container.

What the Users Say

The Vitamix 6500 gets a lot of positive feedback from customers. As mentioned earlier, it performs the same as the popular 5300 sold in Costco which has very strong reviews.

There’s a lot of praise for just how versatile the machine is – after all, it’s a blender that can accomplish so many tasks, from making ice cream at one moment all the way through to making hot soup the next.

And of course they also praise how easy it is to use.  With the simple 3 pre programmed settings, making your smoothie, soup or dessert couldn’t be easier.  You just need to press the right button.

We’ve heard very little in the way of criticism for the blender, although there has been mention of overheating following extensive use.

But we don’t feel that this is in any way a design fault of the 6500, since this is generally a common occurrence with any blender that sees extensive use.  

To be honest though we find that the motor on the 6500 can really stand up to just about any blending task you can throw at it.

So overall, the customer response is quite positive.


Overall, the Vitamix 6500 really does have a lot going for it. Offering all the performance of its popular 5300 model and adding in hands-free blending programs. The proven design is this model will last many years and is backed by Vitamix’s industry leading 7 year full-coverage warranty.

Of course the higher price tag of Vitamix blender may be an issue for some but the price reflects Vitamix’s professional build quality and reliability.

The 6500 model is a great choice if you want the newer low profile container along with the most popular blending programs.

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