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Best Blender for Crushing Ice – 2020 Guide

Best Blender for Crushing Ice

One of the hardest tasks for a blender is crushing ice. Finding the best blender for crushing ice can be a little confusing because the opinions for a specific blender can vary significantly. For example, a blender might do well with ice but perform poorly at blending smoothies. In this guide, I list the best […]

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Guide to the Best Blender for Vegans [2020 Guide]

Best Blender for Vegans and Raw Foods

Blenders are one of the most used appliances in vegan kitchens on a day-to-day basis. Having the right blender can make a HUGE difference as they can simplify difficult tasks such as making nut milks, blending raw food smoothies, and making nut butters. In this 2020 guide to the best vegan blenders, we give you […]

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Best Blender for Hot Liquids and Making Soups

Best Blenders for Hot Liquids and Soups

Using blenders to make hot soups and hot drinks can be a simple task, but not all blenders can do it. There are some things to consider when deciding on the best blender for hot liquids. Let cover the basics and then review what we feel are the top blender choices. Blender Criteria to Consider […]

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Best Vitamix Alternative Blender in 2020

Best Blenders under $200 - Cheaper Vitamix Alternative

Completely updated for 2020 – The biggest change is we removed the Oster Versa Pro 1400 blender due to reliability and replaced it with the Hamilton Beach Pro 1800 blender. There is a wide selection of high performance blenders in the mid-price range as is seems to be a popular price point with consumers that […]

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Best Battery Powered Blender – The Complete Guide 2019

Battery Powered Blender Guide

If you are looking for reviews of battery powered blenders then you came to the right place. With the improvement in rechargeable battery life over recent years, I thought it would be good to analyze the different battery powered blender models on the market. If you are in a hurry, here are the top recommendations: […]

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Finding the Best Mason Jar Blender in 2020

Mason Jar Blender review

You’ve probably seen an article or Pinterest post about using Mason jars with your blender for blending small recipes or for taking your smoothie on the go. Yes, there are some blenders that will fit mason jars which I will get into in a minute. If fact, old Oster blenders used to include a mason […]

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Best Baby Food Maker for 2020 – Comparing all of the choices

Best Baby Food Maker and Baby Food Blenders

What is the best way to make your own baby food ? It can be confusing comparing the best baby food makers, processors, and baby food blenders. If you are reading this article then I assume you already understand the health benefits of making homemade baby food. It really isn’t that hard to make your […]

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