Blendtec 575 Review – How does it compare to other top blenders ?

The Blendtec Classic series of blenders has been a consumer favorite for many years and the Blendtec 575 model offers a nice mix of old and new features. The big question is if the 575 is the best choice for you versus other Blendtec models or blender brands ?

In this Blendtec 575 Classic review, we will help you make that decision as we analyze its features, performance, and compare it other blendtec blenders and competitors like Vitamix.

Blendtec 575 Classic review

Blendtec 575 Important Features

The first in the Classic series was the Total blender which was an enormous success story with its professional blending strength, unique LCD controls, modern design, and strong feature set.

The 575 model has kept some of the features of the older model but is improved with new functionality. It features:

  • Powerful 3 HP (horse power) 1575W motor with Blendtec’s unique smooth blade design.
  • Four pre-programmed cycles set to the times that consumers use the most: Smoothie cycle, 60 second cycle for raw soups and raw food blending, 90 second cycle for hot soups, and self-cleaning cycle.
  • Five incremental speeds of 50 second intervals, pulse control, and a dedicated stop button.
  • The blender features an upgraded design and an extended choice of six colors: black, poppy, Caribbean, orchid, polar white & slate gray.
  • Illuminated LCD countdown timer that displays time remaining on your blends.
  • 8 year full warranty

As you can see, the Classic 575 is a one touch blender that is designed for hand-free blending using either a popular preset program or the countdown timer.  The new self-cleaning program is a nice addition for true hands off use.

Blendtec 575 Controls

For Jars, you can find the Blendtec 575 sold with either their new Wildside+ Jar or the classic FourSide Jar.

Blendtec WildSide+ vs FourSide Classic Jars

The 90 oz WildSide jar is designed with a narrow fifth side to improve blending and can handle large or high volume blending. It works well for smoothies, green drinks, ice cream, dips/batters, and dough making. The WildSide+ Jar has a bigger blade and the jar is larger than the Fourside Jar.

The smaller 75oz Fourside Jar is Blendtec’s classic jar and works well for small and regular size blending jobs. The design generates more friction than the WidlSide jar and therefore would heat up soups faster. It works great for soups, smoothies, grinding dry ingredients, and ice cream.

Overall both are excellent jars and will be fine for most consumers. Most people choose the popular WildSide+ jar because it blends so smoothly and can handle a larger capacity.

If you want both jars then Amazon directly sells the Blendtec 575 packaged with both the Wildside & Fourside jars.

Overview of the 575 Features :

YouTube video

Classic 575 Performance

Like past Blendtec classic models, the 575 boasts a strong 3-HP motor which is enough to slice through anything.

You can see for yourself by watching some of Blendtec’s popular ‘’Will it blend“ videos. The video below is an example showing a Blendtec blender crushing an iPhone.

YouTube video

The Blendtec 575 really is designed to offer commercial blending strength for the home as it can create hot soups from raw vegetables, crush any raw or frozen ingredients, and mill flour. For smoothies, the 575 really excels which is why Blendtec is the preferred blender brand in many smoothie shops.

Blendtec 575 Review

Blendtec 575 ReviewPositives: The blendtec 575 is part of a proven blender line with a powerful motor that can handle anything. The 575 features very useful controls with 4 preset cycles and a countdown timer for hands-off blending. It is very simple to use and the ‘’self- cleaning” function is a nice new feature.

The Blendtec Classic blender series has performed well in many blender tests and carries strong consumer reviews. It is backed by a full 8-year warranty

Negatives: A small negative is that you are limited to the digital controls provided so you have less variability in speeds like the Blendtec slide speed control or the Vitamix variable dial.  The blender is loud. There were some users who mentioned issues with the blender not working but Blendtec replaced their blenders.

Overall Opinion:  Blendtec 575 reviews are very positive and Blendtec typically rates near the top in all blender comparison tests including Consumer Reports. The Classic 575 is built on their proven workhorse “Classic” motor base but adds in the most useful preset controls for ease of use.

If you want a hands-off workhorse blender then the Blendtec 575 is a good choice.

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SAVE MONEY – If you are on a budget, you can save money with a reconditioned Blendtec 575. It comes with a 3 year warranty instead of the 8 year warranty that comes with new blenders.

Blendtec 575 vs Other Models?

Blendtec 575 vs other Blendtec blenders

575 vs Blendtec Total blender

The 575 is an update to the popular Blendtec Total blender and both have similar power, automatic shutoff, digital controls, and programmed blending cycles. The 575 has less presets than the Total blender and fewer speeds. But, it has a dedicated STOP button and a self-cleaning option in the Clean cycle. The Blendtec also comes in 6 distinct colors versus the Total blender’s 3 color choices.

575 vs Blendtec 570

The Blendtec 570 and 575 are almost identical with the same power, size, and look. The only differences are controls. First, the 570 blender only has two pre-programmed buttons, smooth and hot (smoothie and soup) versus the 575 has four cycles. Second, the 570 only has 3 manual speeds and no dedicated STOP button. The final difference is the Blendtec 575 has more color options than the 570.

575 vs Blendtec 625

The 625 model is the entry level model of the Designer series of Blendtec blenders. Like the name suggests, the manufacturers designed it with style in mind. This version boasts next generation control technology through a touch screen. There are four presets but instead of the 60 sec and 90 sec presets, there are ice cream and whole juice presets. The Designer 625 has one more manual speed which you control them by gently sliding your finger along the touch screen. If you tend to be forgetful, the 625 will shut down automatically after a period of non-use. See our Designer 625 review for more details.

575 vs Blendtec 675

The Blendtec Designer 675 is similar to the 625 model that we compared above. In comparing the 575 vs 675, the 675 has a touchscreen, 8 speeds, and 5 presets. Whereas, the 575 has no touchscreen, 5 speeds, and 4 preset programs. Both models have a 3 peak horsepower motor but an important difference is the 675 has a touchscreen with slidebar to quickly adjust speed.

Blendtec 575 vs Vitamix Blenders?

Blendtec 575 vs Vitamix Blenders

The Blendtec 575 has similar features to multiple Vitamix blenders so rather than compare the Blendtec 575 to each Vitamix model we decided to just summarize the main differences of the 575 vs Vitamix brand.


Blendtec was the first with digital controls and Vitamix has added digital controls and more technology to its blenders in recent years. The digital controls are only available on Vitamix’s more expensive models like the 780, A330, and A3500. Blendtec used to have the advantage of hands off blending with their countdown time and automatic shut-off but Vitamix now offers those same features with their new Ascent blender line.

Vitamix has more flexibility with speed if you like manual controls with the variable speed knob. Vitamix variable 10 speeds range from 500 up to 37,000 RPM’s which is a wider range than than Blendtec’s. The wider range is really only apparent at the low speeds when you don’t want to puree the ingredients. Otherwise both brands have plenty of power at the high speeds.

Both brands offer preset blending programs based on time and not on the amount of ingredients so the results will be similar. There really isn’t a large difference in the preset programs between the two brands.


Both brands are very similar in performance and rank at the top of most blending tests. Vitamix really excels at food prep and heavy blending tasks using its tamper. Blendtec can blend just as well as the Vitamix but the Blendtec is most known for its ability to puree and make smooth textured smoothies. The 575 model has comparable power to the top Vitamix residential blenders.


Both brands provide industry-leading full coverage warranties with the Blendtec 575 offering an 8-year warranty and the Vitamix providing a 7-year warranty. Vitamix and Blendtec blenders are both manufactured in the USA. We do have a slight preference for Vitamix quality over time.


Blendtec’s Wildside (90oz) and FourSide (74oz) jars have more capacity than Vitamix’s 64oz jar. Blendtec’s 575 advertises more horsepower than the Vitamix but the final blending results are usually pretty even in any comparison test between the two brands. Generally the advertised horsepower is just the peak horsepower and not sustained blending horsepower.

Blendtec uses its “dull” 2 blade design versus Vitamix’s traditional 4 prong blade design. An important difference is that only Vitamix offers a tamper which is really helpful for thick recipes.

Overall opinion on the 575 vs Vitamix blenders, the 575 is lower priced than the Vitamix models that offer a digital touchpad. Both are very reputable brands and it really comes down to a personal preference.

  • Get the Blendtec 575 with Wildside jar if you really want a high-powered blender for pureeing and making smoothies as it truly excels at those tasks. Also it is simple to use and really offers hands-off blending.
  • Get a Vitamix if you want to do more food prep as well as blending, want more control over speeds (especially the lower speeds), and want more hands on control. For Vitamix models, take a look at our guide to the best Vitamix blenders. We have a slight preference for Vitamix blenders but the Blendtec 575 is a solid choice.

Final Thoughts

The Blendtec Classic 575 blender is a very functional and reliable blender and is a top choice in the “Classic” blender line. It is an awesome smoothie blender and can literally pulverize any ingredient.

The 575 model is well priced for a commercial-strength blender with useful features and a full 8-year warranty.

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OR…. Get the Blendtec 575 with a WildSide+ Jar and FourSide Jar

Let us know if you have any questions or if you are trying to compare specific blender models that we didn’t mention. We are happy to help !

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