Blendtec Total Blender Review

Blendtec Total blender review

The Blendtec Total Blender has been a popular model for years ever since it was featured in Blendtec’s “Will it Blend” viral videos where they blend cell phones, marbles, and whatever else they could think of.

While that original Total blender model was discontinued, Blendtec replaced it with the “Total Blender Classic” model.

In this Blendtec Total blender review I will get into the specifics of this blender model and how it compares to the rest of the Blendtec product line.


The Total blender continues to be popular due to its proven 3-HP, 1,560-watt motor and simple design. The motor and unique flat blade design can easily handle pureeing any ingredient.

The 4-inch blades are durable, and they blend any kind of fruit or vegetable quickly. As they aren’t removable – the blender arrives assembled- you won’t have to worry about them moving out of position or producing any leakage.

This blender comes with your choice of 2 jars. The newer WildSide+ jar has a wide base, and a volume capacity of 96 ounces. The manufacturers have called it “WildSide+” because it features four sides down at the base, plus, an additional narrow fifth side near the top. This jar shape guarantees that frozen fruit will actually reach the blades, even without the use of a tamper.

While Blendtec’s previous jar design, the FourSide jar, is better suited for small/medium batches and heats up liquids faster, the WildSide+ jar is still Blendtec’s top design choice for smoothies and juices.

Blendtec Fourside vs Wildside Jars

NOTE – You can get the Total blender with either jar (90oz Wildside+ or 75oz Fourside) but the Wildside+ is more popular as it can handle larger batches and produces smooth blending results.

The Total Blender model’s jar comes with a secure handle – good for both right-handed and left-handed users – and a sturdy lid with clear markings.

While the base of this blender is sturdy and features flat buttons, the markings here are lacking. Because the text is tiny, it is not that easy to read.

The six pre-programmed cycles – Ice Crush, Ice Cream, Smoothie, Whole Juice, Hot Soup and Batters are user-friendly and will help you to prepare your meal quickly.

You can choose between 10 speed settings, and there is a Pulse function for extra power. Users who love finding the perfect speed to make their meals won’t be disappointed.

Product Details :

Motor :1560 watts (Peak 3HP)
Capacity :75 or 90oz capacity(with 32-36oz blending capacity)
Controls :10 speeds, pulse, 6 programs
Accessories :Pitcher, lid, cookbook
Dimensions :15.5" tall x 8" wide x 7" deep (inches)
Weight :7.3 pounds
Colors :Black, Red, or White
Made in :USA
Warranty :8 year full warranty

Blendtec Total Review

Blendtec Total Classic BlenderPOSITIVES:

Between the strong motor and tough blades, the Blendtec Total Blender is great at turning ice into snow, or blending frozen berries or other fruit. It also excels at grinding nuts, lentils, making dough, and cocoa or coffee beans.

The jar design makes it easy to pour and easy to clean. Conveniently, the buttons on the base are flat, which means you can just wipe it clean without having to scrub around the corners. You also have the option of putting this blender into your dishwasher. Compact at only 15-inches height, you can keep it on your counter or store it away easily.

The control panel has a timer, for more precise blending work, and an LCD, illuminated display panel. Making ice cream, pudding, margaritas or whole juice, or any kind of smoothie is no problem. If you need inspiration, you can use the recipe book, or the instructional DVD. These come free with the blender.


The main downsides to this blender are it can be noisy and like all Blendtec blenders it doesn’t feature a built-in tamper. We like using a tamper for thick recipes.

A small design issue is that the buttons can be small to read.


The Blendtec Total is a professional quality blender that is simple to use and performs well across any blending task. It is made in the USA and backed by a full 8 year warranty. We prefer the Wildside+ Jar with this blender for smoothies.

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Total vs Other Blenders

Total blender vs Blendtec Designer and Vitamix

Blendtec Total vs Classic

I wrote a detailed review about the Blendtec Classic 575 which is an updated model to the Total Blender. Both are good models with the same power but the Total blender offers more controls.

The Classic 575 offers 5 speeds, 4 progammed cycles(60 second, 90 second, smoothie and clean), and a pulse button . Whereas the total blender features 6 preset controls and 10 speeds plus pulse.

Both models offer the same 8 year warranty. Each model is priced similar so go with the Total blender if you prefer the extra controls.

Blendtec Total vs Blendtec Designer

Blendtec took note of all the design of the old Total blender, and performed a series of experiments to find better design solutions. At the end of this process, the original Total blender was discontinued and replaced by a new design.

The designer series offers more features both inside and out. If you want a blender with looks to match the high-quality performance, you should look into the available Designer models. These blenders come with a touch-screen control panel, and their bases come in a variety of colors. They’re very stylish, and intuitively easy to use.

But if only care about performance, you might prefer to stick with the Blendtec Total blender. With the available discount, you can get all the performance of a Designer blender at a lower price.

Blendtec Total vs Vitamix

Vitamix has a lot of blender models but the most common comparison is the Vitamix Explorian E320 vs Blendtec Total because both blenders are sold by Costco.

The Explorian is Vitamix’s most affordable blender line with a 1400 watt motor and 64 oz jar. The Explorian uses a simple 10 speed variable dial and pulse switch compared to Blendtec Total’s touchpad controls with presets and 10 speeds.

Vitamix Explorian warranty is 5 years vs Blendtec’s 8 years.

For performance, The Vitamix with its built in tamper is easier to work with for thick recipes like dough, ice cream, and nut butters. Also Vitamix’s 4 prong blade performs a little better with chopping and food prep versus Blendtec flat blade design.

Personally, I prefer the simple controls and built in tamper of the Vitamix but the Blendtec performs very well and offers more controls.

Where to Buy the Blendtec Total blender ?

You can find the Total Classic blender with Wildside+ Jar at Blendtec directly, Amazon, or Costco.

You can also find factory refurbished models of this blender with a 3 year warranty but we would pay a little more for a new model to get the full 8 year warranty.

Final Thoughts

If you primarily want to make cold drinks, crushed ice or ice cream, this blender is all you need. The motor is strong enough to blend frozen fruit, while the jar design makes up for the lack of a tamper.

Thanks to the pre-programmed cycles and a timer – getting the exact performance you want is easy. The jar and the control panel are both simple to wipe down, and you can put the jar into your dishwasher or run the self-cleaning program for easy clean up.

For users who want to blend thick recipes like nut butter, the Blendtec Total is not the best due to the jar design. You would need to buy Blendtec’s Twister jar or consider a Vitamix blender if you plan to blend thick recipes frequently.

But when it comes to a sturdy, high-performing, fairly versatile blender, the Blendtec Total is a popular choice.

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