Blendtec Stealth Review – Is it right for your business ?

Blendtec Stealth Review

The Stealth Blender is Blendtec’s top of the line “front of house” blender designed for high volume drink making, but is it the right blender for your business ?

In this Blendtec Stealth review I cover everything you need to know about this blender and how it compares to competing models on the market. My goal is to provide the most comprehensive review you can find.

Blendtec Stealth Features

The Blendtec Stealth comes in 2 models: 885 and 895 Nitro. They are the same blender but the 895 Nitro includes the Nitro Blending System which we will discuss later.

The key features of the Stealth blender is it is designed to handle high volumes (200+ drinks/day) and is Blendtec’s quietest blender on the market. This is the blender of choice for high volume coffee shops due to noise dampening and hands-free programmable settings.

NOTE – The Stealth 885 and 895 are designed and warrantied for commercial business use. If you are looking for quiet home blender look at the similar Blendtec Pro 800 that is designed for personal use.

Stealth Blender Product Features:

  • 3.8 Peak Horsepower motor rated for 200+ blends a day without overheating.
  • 42 blending programs with ability to upload custom new blending programs via USB.
  • Blendtec’s most advanced noise dampening airflow design and sound enclosure (80% quieter).
  • BPA-free 90 ounce WildSide jar makes drink in 14 seconds.
  • Patented dull blade design is 10x stronger than traditional blades.
  • Simple LED touch pad hands-free controls.

Here is a video overview of the Stealth blender (video shows the Stealth 875 which is the prior edition that was discontinued but it is identical in performance to the newer 885/895 models)

YouTube video

Product Specifications:

Motor :3.8 Peak HP. 1800 watts (120 or 220v)
Capacity :90oz capacity (36oz blending capacity)
Controls :42+ Programs + Pulse button. LCD display with push button controls.
Dimensions :17.3" tall x 8.6" wide x 9" deep (inches). Plus 4" room in back for lid to open.
Weight :15.8 pounds
Made in :Made in USA
Languages :Programming available in English, Spanish & French.
Warranty :3 year limited warranty


Jar and Blade

The Stealth blenders use Blendtec’s popular Wildside+ jar which uses a patented 5 side square design for better blending and easy pouring. The jar capacity is 90 ounces and it is made out of the industry standard high-impact, BPA-free Eastman Tritan copolyester material.

The jar has a handle and locking lid. The handle is mounted on a corner rather than centered for easy pouring. Jar has markings for ounces and millimeters.

The blunt stainless steel blade is integrated into the jar for easy cleaning. Compared to most blenders that use a sharp blade which can dull over time, Blendtec uses a flat blunt blade that doesn’t dull and is 10x stronger than typical blades.


Size is 17.3 inches tall x 8.5 inches wide by 9 inches deep(plus 4inches room behind for lid to swing back). Reference the manual for in-counter space requirements.

It weighs 15.8 pounds.

Noise Reduction

The Blendtec Stealth is specially designed for dampening noise through its unique air cooling configuration and thick sound enclosure. The Stealth 885 and 895 reduces noise by 80% which is ideal for locations where noise is a factor with customers.

In fact, the residential version of this blender(Blendtec Pro 800) is our top choice for quiet home blenders.

If noise is a factor in your decision making then Blendtc Stealth should be at the top of your list as it is ideal for high volume coffee shops and smoothie stores that have multiple blenders running.


The Blendtec Stealth excels at blending any drink even if you are using frozen foods, hard nuts, and ice cubes. With 3.8 horsepower it has plenty of power to quickly puree any ingredient you can imagine including raw or hard foods.

The unique blunt blade smashes and liquefies ingredients with ease provided you have enough liquid.

It is perfect as a drink blender and can puree anything for making soups, batters, and sauces. It can also blend thick recipes like batters and nut butters but might require more hands-on interaction for those tasks as the blender doesn’t use a tamper.

Blendtec Stealth Review

Blendtec 885 Stealth blenderPositives : The Stealth blender is a workhorse rated for 200+ blends a day that meets the needs of high volume businesses. It is designed for efficiency and ease of use with 1 touch hands-free preset blending programs that allow you to standardize all of your blenders at multiple locations.

It is very quiet and this blender is used by large high-volume coffee store chains like Peet’s Coffee.

The NBS 2.0 cup system on the Stealth 895 is a unique feature to have for certain businesses that make the same drinks over and over. (See NBS explanation below)

Made in the USA with a 3 year warranty.

Negatives : The large Wildside jar isn’t ideal for really thick recipes or very small batch recipes. Doesn’t have a tamper which is useful for thick food prep tasks.

Overall Opinion : This is our top choice for professional drink blenders. It is powerful and designed to handle high-volume “front of house” settings where volume and efficiency are important.

What is the Blendtec Nitro Blending System (NBS) ?

While the Blendtec 885 and 895 are the same blender, the Stealth 895 is designed with the NBS “Nitro Blending System” cup and blade system. You use single-serve cup instead of the blending jar so you can hand the cup directly to the customer after blending.

Just place the cup in the holder, add raw ingredients, and screw on the NBS micronizer blade. Blend and serve. There is also a NBS frothing blade attachment to quickly froth milk for specialty coffee drinks.

This benefit of the NBS system is no waste and no downtime with cleaning the jar.

Here is a demonstration of how the Nitro Blending System 2.0 works :

YouTube video

Hows Does It Compare to Other Blenders ?

Blendtec Stealth versus Other Blenders

Stealth 885 vs 895 Nitro

Both blenders are the same design with same motor and features but the 895 Nitro is the only model that works with Blendtec’s Nitro Blending System (NBS) which I discussed above.

Stealth 885 vs 875

The 875 Stealth blender was the original model that was discontinued. They are identical except the 885 improves on the control interface.

Blendtec 885 vs 825

The 825 is the mid-range model in Blendtec’s business drink blender lineup. They have the same motor but the Blendtec 825 Connoisseur blender is only rated for 150 drinks a day versus the Stealth’s 200+.

The Stealth 885/895 has a more advanced noise dampening design so it is 80% quieter compares to the Connoisseur 825 which is 50% quieter versus normal blenders.

Both models come with a 3 year warranty.

Blendtec Stealth vs Vitamix Quiet One

Both blenders are designed to be the quietest blenders on the market. Both are good blenders but I gave preference to the Blendtec Stealth for the extra power, controls, and features. I discuss in more details how these two blender compare in our guide to the best commercial blenders.

Common Questions

How to use the Stealth blender ?

  1. Touch power Icon to on.
  2. Raise sound enclosure lid.
  3. Place jar on motor base make sure it is secure
  4. On the control touch the desired blend cycle or pulse button.
  5. The blender will stop automatically when blend cycle is complete or touch the cancel/exit button to stop manually.

How do the Programs work ?

The blender is pre-programmed with multiple blender profiles and there are 42 preprogrammed blend cycles to choose from.

Blendtec arranges the preset programs by “Profile” to best suit specific type of buinesses/needs:

  • Multipurpose Profile
  • Smoothie Profile
  • Coffee Profile
  • Milkshake Profile.

There are 6 numbered buttons on the control panel and you can use the “down arrow” button to cycle thru “Profiles”.

If you want to customize the programs or Profiles then you use Blendtec’s Blend Wizard software and upload those custom profiles via USB flash drive to the blender. This is ideal for companies with more than one blender or multiple locations where they can standardize all of their blenders to the same programs.

Check out the manual for this blender for more specifics on programming

What are the Power Specifications ?

The 110/120 Volt Uses 15 amps and 1800 watts and should be protected by a dedicated 20 amp breaker. The 220/240 volt setup uses 8 amps and 1800 watts and should be protected by a dedicated 10 amp breaker. It can be mounted above counter (CQB) or in counter (ICB) .

Is it Certified and Safe for Businesses ?

The Stealth blender is NSF certified for commercial use and is sealed for easy cleanup. It meets all commercial certification requirements.

It also has safety features like:

  • Non-removable blunt blade so users can’t be accidentally cut when cleaning the jars.
  • You can set the blender to give a warning before using when the sound enclosure is open and the blender will turn off if the lid is opened while blending.

What is the Warranty ?

3 years on parts and labor to fix/replace broken parts but not normal maintenance. The drive socket has a lifetime warranty.

Where to Buy the Blendtec Stealth ?

You can purchase from the Stealth 885 or 895 Nitro blender from an approved dealer or there are restaurant suppliers that sell directly on Amazon for a good price.

Make sure you purchase from an authorized dealer for your country that you are located so that the warranty is valid.

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