Breville Fresh and Furious BBL620 Blender Review

Breville Fresh Furious BBL620 blender review
The Breville Fresh and Furious BBL620 blender is Breville’s mainstream blender replacing its popular Breville Hemisphere model. I love Breville’s products (I use their juicers) and I get a lot of questions about the Breville blender line.

The discontinued Breville Hemisphere BBL605XL blender was one of our top mid-price blender choices, so in this review of the newer Breville Fresh and Furious BBL660 I answer all of your questions and explain the pro’s and con’s of this blender to see if it is one of our favorites.


The Fresh and Furious BBL620 has a clean, relatively compact design with convenient features like power cord storage.

It comes with the motor base, pitcher with integrated blade, lid, and instruction book with recipe cards for smoothies, dressings, and sauces.


The blender base is powered by a high-torque 1100 watt motor which is an improvement over the prior 750 watt Hemisphere blender. The base is made from a high grade plastic with a brushed stainless steel / chrome finish.

The drive socket is plastic with a ribbed design to integrate with the pitcher’s gear socket.


This blender features a 50 ounce (1.5 liter/6 cups) BPA free Tritan co-polyester pitcher with measurements marked in both cups and liters. Tritan plastic is impact and shatter resistant. The container is dishwasher safe and easy to clean using the self-cleaning function.

The unique round bottom container design helps create a better blending vortex. Breville calls this contour shape with wide blade design their “Kinetix” system as the shape improves blending.

The rubber lid with unique pull ring has a removable measuring cup in the center which makes it easy to add ingredients while blending.

The jar is dishwasher safe and the rubber lid it top rack dishwasher safe.

User Tip: Don’t fill past the “MAX” line or you will get poor blending results and could trip the overload function.


Stainless steel blades are attached to the jar. The blades have a serrated edge and are designed to withstand hard ingredients.

The blade is designed to work with the rounded pitcher bottom and is unique compared to other blender blades.


The Breville BBL620 uses push button controls with an on/off button, auto clean button, three pre-set blending programs, and 5 speeds.

The digital LCD countdown timer will count DOWN with the blending programs and counts UP when using the 5 manual speeds.

Manual Speeds : 5 speeds are #1 Mix, #2 Chop, #3 Blend, #4 Puree, and #5 Liquify. MIX is the slowest speed and will fold the ingredients together when mixing wet and dry ingredients. LIQUIFY is the fastest speed for soups or fine puree consistency.

Just press one of the speeds and stop when you get the desired consistency. Otherwise, the LCD screen will count up to 120 seconds and stop automatically.

NOTE : The blender will automatically stop after 120 seconds is reached to prevent overheating. If the blender is overloaded the screen will flash and you have to unplug the blender and let it reset for 30 minutes. This is designed to keep the blender from overheating and burning out the motor.

Breville Fresh Furious BBL620 ControlsPreset Programs : The 3 programmed programs are Auto pulse/Ice crush, Green Smoothie, and Smoothie. Each of these programs automatically adjusts the blending time and speeds for proper blending.

When using the preset programs the LCD timer will countdown from 60 seconds and stop at zero second reading.

For Ice Crush function, the maximum amount of ice cubes to use at one time is 1 standard ice tray. The autopulse ice crush function works well at blending frozen drinks and crushing ice.

Auto Clean : This is a great feature that makes it easy to remove tough ingredients. Just add a little dish soap with 2 cups of warm water and press “Auto Clean”.


Motor :1100 watts
Capacity :50oz capacity (1.5 liter/6 cups)
Controls :5 speeds, 4 programs, LCD timer, On/Off
Accessories :Pitcher with built-in blade, lid, cookbook
Dimensions :17.25" tall x 7" wide x 8.5" deep (inches)
Weight :8.5 pounds
Colors :Brushed stainless steel and chrome finish
Made in :Design/engineered in Australia and made in China
Warranty :3 year limited product warranty


It performs well with smoothies, frozen drinks, pureeing cooked or softer ingredients for soups or dips, light duty chopping, and grinding.

With 1100 watts this blender isn’t the most powerful blender and is designed for medium duty blending tasks like crushing ice, green smoothies, pureeing fruits and vegetables, and mixing drinks. This is why the preset functions on this blender are designed for the common tasks of blending frozen drinks and smoothies.

It isn’t designed to compete with commercial strength blenders that can puree difficult hard ingredients (raw root vegetables) or blend thick recipes such as nut butters.

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Breville Fresh and Furious Blender Review

Breville BBL620 blenderPositives: I like the relatively compact size and design of this blender. It is lightweight but still has a sturdy feel. The controls are simple to use and well thought out.

The unique Kinetix design creates a nice consistent blend for smoothies and drinks. This blender has good overall user reviews and ratings. Consumer Reports said it rated very good in their tests.

The 3 year limited warranty is decent and in the middle of the blender market in regards to warranty time frame compared to other brands.

Negatives: It is relatively loud but similar to blenders of this power. The drive socket is plastic like their prior Breville models which can be a negative as plastic has a higher chance of stripping over time. There are some user complaints of this happening over time. In order to reduce the gear from stripping it is important to always make sure the blender has fully stopped spinning before removing the pitcher from the base.

Overall Opinion: The Breville Fresh and Furious Blender will handle easy/medium blending tasks and is a good choice if you just want to blend drinks and mix ingredients.

It is a good blender but keep in mind that it is not intended to compete with high-speed commercial blenders like Vitamix, Blendtec or Cleanblend which are designed to run at higher speeds without overheating.

I always love the design and feel of Breville appliances the Fresh and Furious BBL620 blender performs well for what it is designed to do.

You can buy this blender at most specialty home retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond or Williams Sonoma. Otherwise Amazon has a good price.

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