Breville Blender Review: Comparing All Countertop Models

Breville Blender Review

This is our continually updated review of the Breville blender product line. Breville is a well known appliance brand that stands out for its beautiful design and quality reputation. The focus of this guide is Breville’s countertop blender line and not the hand blender models.

Breville has four countertop models available. In this buyer’s guide, we will look at each one based on the features that each model offers, how they differ, and how they compare to other blenders on the market.

#1 The Super Q  – Most Powerful Breville Blender

Breville The Super Q 68 Ounce BlenderThe Super Q blender (Model# BBL920BSS1BUS1) is Breville’s fully featured, high-speed blender with a commercial strength 1800 watt motor and advanced digital controls.

The Super Q BBL 920 replaces Breville’s popular BBL910XL Boss blender and adds new design features like a personal blender attachment, noise dampening, and better controls.

It comes with a 68oz pitcher, 24 ounce single serve jar with blade and travel lid, recipe book, tamper and scraper, travel lid, and recipe book. (The Vac Q pump is optional)

The controls are very well thought out with 5 preset one-touch programs, 6 manual control speeds, programmable countdown timer, and self clean function.

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Positives: Can blend anything and has a really sturdy feel to it. Well thought accessories and design features such as the hands-free preset functions, digital countdown display, easy to remove lid, integrated personal blender cup with screw on to-go lid, retractable power cord, and integrated tamper. 10 year limited warranty.

Negatives: There really aren’t any major negatives about the performance or design of this blender. The price may seem high but is in-line with comparable high-powered blenders. It is worth noting that Breville doesn’t have the same long-term warranty support of competing Vitamix and Blendtec brands at this price range.

Overall Opinion: If you want a professional blender for a wide range of blending tasks then this is the top choice from Breville. The design is really well thought out on this blender and the performance matches other high speed blenders.

The main concern with this blender is that at this price range we would seriously consider a Vitamix blender which is unparalleled for reliability, full coverage warranty, and performance.

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Note: The Super Q is also compatible with Breville’s Vacuum pump which is an optional accessory if you want to vacuum blend your smoothies.

#2 The Breville Q Blender BBL820

Breville the Q BBL820SHY1BUS1 Commercial Grade 1800-Watt Quick Super BlenderThe Breville Q Blender (Model# BBL820SHY1BUS1) was introduced in 2019 and is very similar to the Super Q blender above with the same 1800 watt motor and blender design.

The main difference in the Breville Q BBL820 vs Super Q BBL920 blender above is the Q BBL820 blender doesn’t work with the personal blender attachment, doesn’t have the LCD controls with countdown timer, and doesn’t have the noise suppression technology.

The Q blender comes with the 68oz pitcher with integrated blade, innovative ring pull lid, and tamper. This model is also compatible with Breville’s Vac Q pump (optional accessory)

The Q blender controls are simple to use with 4 preset hands-free programs (Ice Crush, Smoothie, Green Smoothie, and Soup) and 5 fixed speed buttons (Mix, Chop, Blend, Puree, and Mill). It also offers an auto-clean function where you just add water and dish soap and push to clean button.

Positives: Very powerful blender with excellent controls. Great design and look with easy to use controls. 7 year warranty.

Negatives: It is louder than the Super Q and doesn’t work with the personal container attachment. Doesn’t have a wide range of variable speeds.

Overall Opinion: The Breville Q blender is very powerful and the controls are easy to use. It is well built but loud which is to be expected for a high speed blender (This model doesn’t have the same noise suppression design of the Super Q blender above). This blender model is in middle of Breville’s blender lineup as it cheaper than the Super Q with similar power but less features, and is higher priced with more power than the Fresh & Furious blender below.

In summary, this blender is worth considering if you want the power and modern design that Breville offers but don’t need the digital controls and personal blender attachment of the higher priced Breville Super Q. A worthy blender if you can find it at a good price.

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#3 The Fresh and Furious BBL620 – Popular Model

Breville The Fresh and Furious 5-SpeedThe Fresh & Furious BBL620 blender is Breville’s most popular blender and replaces the Breville Hemisphere BBL605XL model.

The prior Hemisphere blender was very popular and ranked well in blending tests for its performance as a lower cost alternative to high priced blenders like Vitamix. The new Fresh and Furious BBL620 improves on the Hemisphere blender’s performance with 1100 watts of power.

This model has a unique jar design with a contoured bottom for a better blending vortex. The jar features convenient measurement levels and uses an easy pull lid with removable center. The jar is dishwasher safe.

The controls are 3 presets (Green Smoothie, Auto Pulse/Crush Ice, and Smoothie), 5 manual speeds, Auto Clean program, On/Off button, and countdown timer.

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Positives: Attractive design and well built. This blender has excellent consumer feedback and blends well for the size.

Negatives: Not designed for heavy duty blending tasks and therefore doesn’t have a tamper. 3 year warranty which is common for blenders in this price range. It is relatively loud for its motor strength.

Overall Opinion: The Breville BBL620 is an improvement over the prior Hemisphere BBL605XL with more power and is priced in line with competing blenders. It is designed for blending smoothies, frozen drinks, crushing ice, simple food prep and pureeing but NOT for high-powered tasks tasks like nut butters, milling, dough making, or other thick recipes.

Final thought is that the Fresh and Furious blender is a worth considering if you want a well-built modern blender for smoothies and general blending. Keep in mind that while this blender offers nice performance there are other more powerful blenders in this same price range.

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#4 Breville Boss To Go Sport – Single Serve Model

Breville Boss To Go Sport Blender and Silicone BlenderThe Breville Boss BPB610BALUSC is a powerful compact blender designed to blend single-serve drinks. It features a 1000 watt motor blender, 2 containers (23oz and 15oz) with to-go lids, and stainless steel blade.

Similar to other personal blenders, this blender only has one speed and starts/stops by twisting the container/blade on the base.

The unique “Kinetix” blade design improves blending action and the 1000 motor is plenty of power for the 23 ounce container.

Positives: Well built blender with nicely designed to-go cups. Plenty of power to puree anything. Top rated blender among consumers and in comparison tests.

Negatives: The 23 ounce container can be limiting for holding enough ingredients to blend larger smoothies. (Compared to Nutribullet Pro’s 32oz container). It is more expensive than most competing personal blenders.

Overall Opinion: The Breville Boss To Go is well built and popular among those who like the sleek minimal design and Breville brand.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully this review of Breville blenders answered all of your questions. We are always impressed by Breville’s designs and products (we use a Breville juicer). Their blenders offer quality construction and nice features but their price is higher than competing brands that offer similar performance.

In summary, the Super Q is their professional strength fully featured blender, the Q blender is similar with less features, Fresh & Furious is their mass market smoothie blender, and the Boss is their to-go portable blender.

Let us know if you have any questions in the comment section below.

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