Vitamix vs Nutribullet – Do They Really Compete ?

Nutribullet vs Vitamix Comparison

Nutribullet and Vitamix are both well known blender-only brands with Nutribullet focused on lower-priced single serve “bullet shaped” blenders and Vitamix focused on premium, professional strength blenders.

Both blender brands have an excellent reputation for performance but they are focused on different consumer markets which we will explain in this comparison guide.

We have reviewed and used multiple Vitamix and Nutribullet blenders so this guide is to provide an easy overview on how the two brands compare and help you decide which blender is best for you. [Updated for 2023]

Vitamix vs Nutribullet Overview


Nutribullet focuses on affordable single-serve blenders that make green smoothies and are simple to use. The brand became well known for their focus on simple to make “NutriBlast” recipes which are smoothies made of healthy fruits and vegetables.

Since the introduction of their first blender (the Magic Bullet), Nutribullet has introduced a variety of different personal blenders with a similar look but different features. In late 2019 the company introduced their first full size blender called the Nutribullet Blender Combo which I compare to Vitamix in the video below.

Nutribullet is focused on the under $100 blender market so their blenders offer nice performance but are built more economically.


Started in 1921, Vitamix is well known as a top blender brand for professional chefs. Their blenders are made in the USA and the company offers one of the longest full-coverage warranties in the industry.

While Vitamix is focused on full-size blenders, the company did introduce their “space saving” personal blender line (models S30 / S50 / S55) in 2014 which competed against Nutribullet bullet blenders.

AUTHOR NOTE: Vitamix discontinued this“Space Savings S-series” product line in 2019 (probably because of Vitamix’s high price point versus other personal blenders) so your only choice now is a full-size Vitamix blender with the option to buy a personal cup adapter if you want to blend single-serve drinks.

Vitamix only offers high powered “professional” strength blenders that are built to last with price points typically above $300. (Note: I will discuss the most affordable Vitamix blender farther below)

YouTube video

Brand Comparison Table

Price :$350+ (New)
$250+ Reconditioned
Power :Average 1500watts (peak 2.2 HP)600-1700 watts
Controls: Manual or DigitalSimple On/Off
Capacity :20oz - 64oz18oz - 64oz
Versatility :Serious blending and food prep.Ideal for smoothies.
Warranty Support :Up to 10 year FULL warranty.1 year LIMITED warranty.
Build Quality :Professional quality with metal drivetrain.Plastic
Made in :USAChina

Key Differences :

Price :

Vitamix is price 2-5 times more than Nutribullet depending on the model so you have to keep cost in mind when making a fair comparison.

Vitamix is built better with heavier duty parts than Nutribullet, but Nutribullet is still a great option for many consumers and has a good reputation after selling millions of blender units.

You Should Know : For Nutribullet single serve models that use the extractor blade, Nutribullet recommends replacing its blades every 6 months depending on amount of use so that cost can add up over time. Vitamix blades last longer and typically don’t need sharpening.

Features :

Nutribullet is pretty simple when it comes to features. The controls are limited but simple to use. The accessories are mostly the different jar sizes.

Vitamix offers more options when it comes to controls and has been expanding its range of jars. The biggest visible difference between brand features is that Vitamix blenders offer a true range of speeds and programmable controls.

Warranty :

Vitamix is an industry leader in warranty support and offers full coverage for up to 10 years depending on the model. Nutribullet offers the industry standard 1 year limited warranty.

Nutribullet versus Vitamix Review

While each brand has multiple blenders, I feel the closest comparable models this year are Nutribullet’s Combo Full Size blender versus Vitamix’s Explorian E310. This is because Vitamix has discontinued its personal blender line so the only accurate comparison are the full size blenders.

I specifically chose the Vitamix Explorian E310 model in this comparison as it is the lowest cost model from Vitamix.

Nutribullet Combo blender versus Vitamix Explorian blender

Nutribullet Combo ZNBF30400ZVitamix Explorian E310
Motor Strength :1200 watts1380 watts(2.0 peak HP)
Capacity :Up to 64ozUp to 48oz
Controls :3 Speeds, Pulse10 Speeds, Pulse
Tamper : YesYes
Blend Hot Ingredients :YesYes
Metal Gear Drive :NoYes
Easy to Clean :YesYes
Warranty Support :Limited 1 year warranty.Full Coverage 5 year warranty.
NOTE: Vitamix also offers the Explorian E320 which uses a wide-body 64oz Jar instead of the E310’s narrow 48oz jar. The narrow 48oz jar design works better with small batches and is a better comparison to Nutribullet single-serve containers.

The Nutribullet Combo also offers a ZNBF30500Z model which is the same blender but adds in the 24oz and 32oz single serve cups and extraction blade for additional cost.

Nutribullet Combo vs Vitamix E310 Thoughts

The E310 is a mix of models using Vitamix’s popular 2 horsepower motor but redesigned to look like their next generation models. It is Vitamix’s most affordable blender and performs as well as their more expensive models.

It features simple controls with a 10 speed variable dial, pulse lever, and on/off switch. The 48 ounce container with built in tamper allow to handle small and large batch recipes.

When it comes to performance, the E310 will excel over the Nutribullet for all heavy-duty blending tasks like nut butters, blending hard raw foods, making dough, crushing ice, and milling dry ingredients.

Nutribullet Combo 64 ounce pitcher performs well at blending smoothies and we like that Nutribullet offers a tamper for use with thicker recipes. The controls are simple to use but limited.

An issue we have with the Nutribullet Combo is versatility as you can’t blend dry ingredients or ice without liquid due to their blade design.

Overall Opinion : If you want a simple blender for smoothies and basic blending tasks then the Nutribullet Combo is fine. While the Vitamix E310 is about 3x the price as the Nutribullet Combo, you will be getting a blender that is better built with a longer warranty and offer better performance across a wider range of food prep and blending jobs.

Click Here for Nutribullet Combo Current Price

Click Here for Explorian E310 Current Price

Other Blender Models to compare

Nutribullet vs Vitamix 750

The Vitamix Professional 750 is a fully-featured, professional quality blender compared to Nutribullet Combo. The Pro 750 is an upgrade to the Vitamix Explorian with better components, programmed controls, and larger container.

The Vitamix 750 is definitely an upgrade to any Nutribullet blender in performance, quality, and longevity. It is like comparing a high-end sports car to a Toyota Corolla in regards to performance and features.

Nutribullet vs Vitamix s30 and s50

As mentioned earlier, the Vitamix S30 and S55 have been discontinued but you can still find them available at various retailers. While the S30 is very powerful and offers good performance, the price is 3-4 times that of Nutribullet’s equally powerful Pro 900 model. We prefer the wider cups and added power of the Nutribullet Pro vs Vitamix S30 for ⅓ the price.

Overall, due to the price of the Vitamix S30 blender it makes more sense to buy the Explorian E310 blender which can make small batches as well as larger batches. Otherwise if Vitamix is beyond your budget, the Nutribullet Combo or Pro 900 personal blender are worthy options.

Nutribullet Rx vs Vitamix

The Nutribullet Rx has been a popular model for Nutribullet for years. It is their most powerful blender with 1700 watts and comes with a unique top loading 45 ounce pitcher and built in heater. It has similar features to Vitamix’s S30 that we reviewed above.

While the Rx offers plenty of blending power, it doesn’t offer the durability and features of a Vitamix blender. Vitamix offers 5-10 years full coverage warranty, variable speeds, and is built with heavy duty parts like metal drivetrain compared to the Rx’s 1 year limited warranty, simple speed motor, and plastic components.

If you just want a simple blender for making family size green smoothies, soups, and basic blending tasks them the Rx is a good choice for the price.

Otherwise, pay more for a Vitamix that will last longer and can do everything that the Nutribullet Rx can as well as more difficult blending jobs like nut butters, doughs, batters, nut milks, and ice cream.

Final Thoughts

If you are just going to make occasional green smoothie or want a portable blender then the Nutribullet 900 portable or Nutribullet Combo Full Size blender are good choices.

If you want a serious blender with more versatility (make hot soups, nut butters, dough, nut milks, etc..) then go with a powerful Vitamix. The Vitamix E310 is the most affordable Vitamix model.

For more details on Vitamix blenders visit our detailed buying guide.

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