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Our 4 Favorite Healthy Nuts for Smoothies

Best Nuts for Smoothies

It’s easy to go nuts for nuts. These delicious and specialized tree seeds have a satisfying crunch, a handy and natural small size, a creamy texture when blended, and add a distinct flavor to smoothies. Whether you enjoy them plain or made into a smoothie, these nuts are the healthiest for filling your stomach and […]

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Guide to Keto Smoothie Recipes and Ketogenic Ingredients

Keto Smoothie Recipes

Three main dietary characteristics are the hallmarks of the Ketogenic Diet: extremely low carbohydrate, very high fat, and moderate protein intake. Fat is no longer your diet’s number one enemy; it’s now one of your primary sources of calories. In this guide we will explain how the Keto Diet works and provide you with the […]

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Awesome Smoothies to Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol Lowering Smoothie Recipes

Cholesterol has become a confusing subject because for decades people were told that all cholesterol is bad which caused millions of people to start taking statin drugs. Now medical experts are disagreeing about the widespread use of statins. One thing that all heart doctors agree on is that a healthy diet rich in fruits and […]

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15 Nutribullet Weight Loss Recipes

Nutribullet weight loss recipes

We have a lot of smoothie recipes and Nutribullet articles on this site, but we thought we would put together our favorite Nutribullet weight loss recipes to give you a little inspiration. Remember that just replacing one meal a day with any green smoothie can support weight loss but you also have to eat right […]

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Favorite Smoothie Recipes for Constipation Relief

Smoothie for Constipation

Whether it happens rarely or is a persistent issue, most people suffer from constipation. There are several potential root causes including poor diet, dehydration, inactivity, bowel obstruction, stress, genetics, or environmental change. Also, the modern Western diet of processed foods has contributed to this problem. Rather than depending on medicine and laxatives to fix the […]

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Smoothies for Anxiety and Depression

Smoothie recipes for Anxiety and Depression

Our mood and our emotional state are very sensitive to our environment and it is estimated that over 150 million people worldwide suffer from depression. While difficult life events can naturally fill us with sorrow, our daily routine and thought patterns can also dramatically affect our mood. Bad habits like negative thought cycles undermine our […]

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8 Great Flaxseed Smoothie Recipes and Their Benefits

Flaxseed Smoothie Recipes

Do you use flaxseed in your diet ? If not then you should. It is extremely beneficial and very simple to add to most meals or smoothies. In this guide, we will explain the benefits of flaxseed, how to use it properly, and give you some of our favorite flax seed smoothie recipes to get […]

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Favorite Brain Health Foods [Get 3 Brain Boost Smoothie Recipes]

Brain Boost Smoothie Recipes

Tired of dealing with brain fog ? The good news is there are simple things that can we eat to boost brain health. We’re not talking about pills. No matter how well marketed, the absorption rate of brain food in food supplements is questionable at best. The nutrient absorption through fresh foods is far superior. […]

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